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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd May 2021 Raghav says I know I made you helpless but so I, Pallavi says you made me helpless not hopeless, you made my brother target….

Raghav meets Jaya with sweets, Jaya asks did Pallavi says yes, Raghav says no one can deny to Raghav, she will say yes in 24 hrs, and you will be home…

Sharda tells Pallavi, Vijay is conscious now and is asking for Nikhil and not eating food, Pallavi says I will get him…

Sometime back…

Raghav meets Pallavi outside court and says why didn’t you come to me for Nikhil, I am always there for you, Pallavi holds his collar, Raghav says arent you taught manners, anyways I can get bail to your brother and also you learned about Harish, you are so intelligent and only one person can give you bail its me and for that you will have to marry me, Pallavi says why are you doing this and why you want to marry me, you hate me and so do I, so why punish us, this marriage is a deal what are you getting in return, Raghav says we are equally helpless, Pallavi says I wont give up this one, I will do anything for Nikhil and I cant expect you to understand because your family, Raghav stops her and says not a word against my family and I will wait for your call, and you unfortunately you will have to marray me and dare you tell Amma and Kirti about it, or else forget Nikhil and Raghav leaves.

Milind walks to Pallavi, Sharda calls Pallavi and says Baba….

Raghav visits Amma and Kirti with sweets, Kirti says Pallavi agreed, Raghav says she will till evening, Kirti says you again must have trapped her then why Raghav, Raghav says this is my fight to get my family back and I will do anything I dont care what others have to face, Jaya walks to them and asks did Pallavi say yes, Raghav says no one can say no to Raghav, you will be home in 24hrs, Kirti says Amma don’t do it, he doesn’t care about Pallavi, he again has surely trapped her.

Pallavi and Milind rush to Sharda, Sharda says he is collapsing again asking for Nikhil, Milind says calm down, Pallavi sees Vijay and says to Sharda don’t worry he will be fine, Doctor tells Pallavi that he had anxiety attack, he is fine just keep him away from stress, and asks Milind to get medicine, Sharda asks Pallavi about Nikhil, Pallavi says he is fine, Nikhil will be home soon. Sharda says we don’t have time in hands.

Farhad meets Raghav, he sees Raghav waiting for Pallavi’s call, Rqghav says she will call soon. Pallavi shows inspector she is running a petition and then all will know he is working for Raghav and you instead of arresting Raghav, arrested my brother, but all you care about is your bank account, Inspector stops Nikhils food and says his sister has lot to do, so let her run her petition and we will stop his food, Pallavi deletes the video and asks them to give Nikhil food and says soon I will take him away but you wait and watch.
Milind tells Pallavi they aren’t getting any help and he has to go hospital.

Raghav gets a call from inspector and tells about Pallavi’s online campaign, Raghav says relax she can’t do anything, don’t let him out, she will do nothing.

Krishna tells Pallavi, that she would ask her brother for help. Sharda calls Pallavi and says Vijay isnt eating any food, I know you are worried too, but I am a mother so I am so worried, Pallavi says don’t worry I will get Nikhil, I promise. Krishna asks Pallavi what she will do, Pallavi says only one thing left.

Raghav gets call and he says yes I will be there. Raghav meets Pallavi, Raghav says so you here to marry me… (Pallavi tells Kirshna that she has to marry Raghav to save her family, Krishna says he will ruin your life, don’t do, Pallavi says I don’t have option, Baba is in danger, Krishna says don’t do it please you always fight, Pallavi says he has bought everyone you can’t loose hope, Pallavi says this marriage is not that bad, a wife plays very important part in marriage, he wants to control me but after marriage he will know who will control whom, this marriage will be his biggest mistake)
Pallavi says yes Raghav, I accept your marriage proposal.

Pre cap:

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4th May 2021 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghav says this marriage is a torturous journey for you.Pallavi says Raghav I will break your pride with your money.

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Telecast Date:3rd May 2021
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