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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31st May 2021 Pallavi wishes morning to Jaya and gets her coffee, Jaya asks did she sleep well, Pallavi asks yes but why though, Jaya says just general, Pallavi says even Raghav is fine and he went to office, and it was late night so, Jaya says its your right, Pallavi says no it isnt I’m here for sometime, anyways tell me, Jaya says its Kirti’s birthday and I want to get a tattoo, kids make tattoo of their parents name and I want my kids name, its odd right, Pallavi says its so cool, Jaya says I told Kirti you want tattoo and we have to go to the kids house and please come with me I am scared, Pallavi says sure.

Sunny cleaning house and on call with Kirti, he drops colors over him and says will call you later.

Vijay sets his sarees in a corner. Jaya and Pallavi visit Sunny’s house, Jaya looks at Sunny all covered in paint, and says why did you bathe in ink, Sunny says I was working and dropped color, Sunny says Pallavi I have so many designs for you, Pallavi says Ibam not getting any Tattoo, Amma is she wants to surprise Kirti, Sunny says so cool and exciting you are my oldest client, Jaya says you find me old, Sunny says I mean very few people make tattoo please come, I have lot of designs, Jaya says we have design ready, Pallavi shows design, Sunny says okay.

Sharda walks to Raghav, Raghav says please sit, Sharda says I want help, the watch is not working and its not good to keep such watch, and its on height, Raghav says I will help you change battery, Raghav helps Sharda with watch, Raghav says I felt so good, you made me feel like a family, and holds Sharda’s hand and calls her Aai, Sharda gets emotional, Raghav gets call and he gets angry and leaves.

Sunny finishes tattoo, Jaya sees it and sees Sunny mispelled Raghav and wrote Raghu, Pallavi scolds Sunny, Jaya says you made fun of my gift, you spoiled my surprise, I knew looking at it you are good for nothing, Sunny says excuse me I am human too and why so judgemental, Pallavi says enough of misbehaving you are such a rude here is your charge, Sunny says I dont want it, Jaya says spoilt brat, Pallavi keeps money on table and says Amma lets go.

Pallavi and Jaya at restuarant, Jaya says I hope Kirti will like it but Raghav will feel bad, Pallavi asks what happened in past that you stayed away from Raghav, Amma gets emotional and says its your right to know but thinking about that day, Pallavi gets a call fr Nawaabs office and she gets excited and tells Jaya she got order to design saree for their daughter’s wedding.

Raghav in office how did expensive necklace get stolen, how were you all so irresponsible, and yells at staff. the girl who stole necklace and gave to Sunny’s friend is amongst the staff.
The man who kept necklace in Vijay’s bag, is waiting near Vijay.
Farhad says let me call police, Raghav says its bad for reputation and i find this suspicious, its not just robbery.

Milind asks Sharda why is she sitting with watermelon, Sharda says Pallavi fooled Raghav and sent it for me, Milind says you are missing her and so is she and Raghav is here staying with us, we don’t like him because he is rude, selfish, but he comes here everyday for Pallavi, Vijay doesn’t understand this but you do and he is our Pallavi’s husband and if you call Pallavi you won’t become small.

Police get to Vijay and start checking his bag accusing of robbery and find the necklace, Vijay says its not mine, Vijay is taken to Police station.

Pallavi buys flowers, Krishna says you looking so happy why is it, Pallavi says someone helped me get this deal and thinks I won’t understand, Krishna says Raghav did, so these flowers are for him, take these red roses. Pallavi says shut up and buys Yellow Roses for Raghav.

Raghav gets call from Farhad and tells him Vijay is caught with Necklace, Raghav sees Pallavi with roses.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav says I will come with you to police station, Pallavi keeps talking, Raghav ties her mouth and lifts her.

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Telecast Date:31st May 2021
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