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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31st August 2021 Mansi massaging Sharda’s hand and on call for a dupatta, Mansi says to Sharda, I will wash my hands and come, Sharda tries to move her hand but Mandar walks in and then Mansi, Mandar asks Mansi where is Pallavi, Mansi says she is just freshening,Sharda starts recording on the phone, Mandar asks Mansi does she know any Laptop shop near by, Mansi says why waste money use mine, Mandar says I want a new one, Mansi says I have a friend in Malak Peth he will give you, but why you want Laptop, Mandar says I am thinking if a business, Mansi says wow, Mandar leaves. Sulochana calls Mansi and asks her to give Milind dinner.

Sulochana tells Milind that tomorrow Pallavi will sign divorce papers, Milind says all this happened, Sulochana says what all is this happening and why is Pallavi doing all this, Sulochana says I am very happy and also Mandar has asked me to call all Rao’s and Pallavi will sign in front of them.

Pallavi in Sharda room and asks Pallavi did she see her phone, Pallavi says no and both start looking for her phone, Pallavi says Mansi here is your phone, Sharda tries to sign her, Pallavi closes door and says I know you want to tell me many things and we will talk a lot once you are well but till then I am worried about what is next

Raghav’s lawyer tells him that the divorce will be accepted due to mutual concept but will give 6 months gap to change decision, Raghav says any way to completely cancel, Lawyer says Pallavi shouldn’t sign then and if she does I will have to proceed with divorce.

Pallavi in kitchen, Mansi and Sulochana purposely discuss about Divorce and Sulochana says now there will be only happiness and Pallavi you wear Paithani tomorrow, Mansi says lets ask Swapnil to cook yummy sweets, Amruta says to Sulochana she will get more vessels from outside, Sulochana says okay. Amruta walks to Pallavi and asks what will we do now.

Raghav says if Pallavi signs papers, Mandar will never be punished, Jaya says all this is because of Kirti, I feel like slapping her, Raghav says I see only one option kill Mandar, Jaya says why take such decisions, Raghav says I want to save my wife and I love her and I accept going prison for her and she will be happy and free here no one can stop me. Pallavi says Amruta if Raghav doesn’t help, I will burn my hands, Raghav says tomorrow Pallavi won’t sign, Pallavi puts her hand over gas and says I swear in fire I won’t sign papers.

Raghav as Swapnil, Jaya says don’t do this, I can’t see you in jail, Raghav says I see only one thing that is Pallavi and you make me strong and think as my love won, and it is important to win because my love, marriage and wife is at stake so please support me Amma, and takes her blessings, Jaya with a heavy heart blesses him, Raghav says you and Farhad will tell nothing about this to Pallavi and Amma you will take care of Pallavi and take her away from here, from society and all taunts, promise me, Jaya promises Raghav.
Raghav says Farhad, Amma and Kirti are your responsibility now, and leaves. Farhad says what a is this Amma, Jaya says let it happen, its Janmashtami and Krishnaji won’t let anything wrong happen and he will take care.

Pallavi waiting for Raghav, Raghav in his car thinking about all good times with her, Raghav sees Pallavi and hides gun. Pallavi asks him did he find any solution, Raghav says yes we won’t get a divorce, Pallavi says I knew it, what are we doing, Raghav says I will do, you don’t worry, and before you sign papers all will be done and Mandar’s chapter will be closed permanently tomorrow and till I am alive no one will hurt you, and its all for your happiness, Pallavi says we will celebrate Janmastami and then once Mandar’s chapter is closed we will go Maldives or Australia and I need atleast one month holiday, Mansi calls Pallavi and she has to leave, she leaves giving a kiss to Raghav.

Raghav removes his gun and says Mandar now you played this signature act, I will get your death certificate signed.
Pallavi and Amruta laughing in jokes while making janmastami preparation, Mandar sees them, Sulochana asks Mandar tk take a seat and Mandar says Kaku look Pallavi is so happy, Sulochana says its happy day for her, she will be my wife and daughter in law of this house finally. Swapnil gets tea for everyone, Sulochana starts flirting with Swapnil again and says we are all fasting and your tea is helping us, you are so caring bye.

Raghav looks at Mandar and gives him tea, but keeps starring, Mandar says why do you stare like you will eat me right away, anyways I forgive you because I am happy today, I will finally get engaged to my wife so go have fun and your tea is really yummy. Raghav thinks this is your last tea.

Mandar walks to Sharda’s room abd sits beside her in a chair and purposely pokes her and says wow you can’t have this yummy tea, but you can celebrate one way and that is me and Pallavi getting back together, we are getting engaged, aren’t you happy Aai, why are you against me, am I not your son, did you pick me from dustbin, anyways tomorrow give me and my fiance blessings or else be as you are just lying and leaves. Sharda joins her hand, Pallavi sees that from window and very happy.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2021
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