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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 30th June 2021 Raghav hugging Pallavi and sleeping, Pallavi wakes up and sees Raghav hugging her, she tries to move him aside but Raghav wakes up and says I am sorry, Pallavi says it’s okay, you go to sleep. Pallavi goes to washroom and looks at herself.

Kirti gets call from Sunny, Kirti says you called at right time, I was just about to break my fast with your pasta, Sunny says its no use forget it, Kirti says why is it, you made with so much love and sees there is no pasta and asks Rajan, Rajan says may be someone ate it, Sunny heres it and gets upset at Kirti.

Pallavi sees Raghav getting cranky at staff, Pallavi asks him whats wrong, Raghav says it was your fast yesterday, Pallavi says and you realise it now, Pallavi remembers Raghav is fasting too and says you come with me, and makes him sit on dining table and gets him protein shake and says Aai says you should break your fast with your favourite thing, Raghav says okay and has it and says you have food too and about to leave, Jaya walks in says you made her breakfast now feed her food and get her a gift and leaves.

Pallavi says Raghav I don’t want any gift but promise, Raghav asks what, Pallavi says you may be in greatest difficulty, in the darkest of the phase, I am with you, Raghav feeds Pallavi breakfast and imagines his hands are covered with blood and throws food in his hand and starts looking at it and gets scared, Pallavi asks what happened, Raghav says nothing ans about to leave, Pallavi stops him and asks him to take a seat and with his hands eats foof and feeds him too and smiles.

Raghav checks his phone and has a message from person he called last night, and says I have urgent meeting and leaves. Jaya walks to Pallavi and asks did he eat, Pallavi says no but I found out what is wrong, Jaya asks what, Pallavi says office issues.Jaya says I hope everything is fine soon.

Milind asks Vijay for his share of electricity bill, Vijay says you paid bill all these years why me now, Milind says all these years even you didn’t say that you are letting me and my family are here as a favor and so why do I do something even after being not appreciated, Vijay says okay as you say and on that note pay rent and whatever comes in my share to pay reduce from that rent.

Raghav meets a woman, Raghav asks her questions, she about to leave, Raghav tries to stop her but she takes an auto and leaves.

Farhad gets a call from Pallavi, asking where is he, Farhad says I am not doing good and I went blackout last night since I ate Pasta, and spoke to doctor as well and he said its because of Pasta someone added something in pasta.
Pallavi asks Naidu who made Pasta, Naidu says Kirti got it from outside. Pallavi sees Kirti gardening and walks to her and asks did you get the pasta, Kirti says Sunny made it for me, Pallavi says sorry I didn’t knew it was yours and gave it to Farhad, Kirti says no worries. Pallavi thinks did Sunny add something in Kirti’s Pasta.

Raghav arrives at Deshmukh shop for Mandar’s photo, Raghav asks Krishna for photo, Krishna says you will get it home.
Pallavi bargaining for coconuts, Ved around disguised calls Raghav, and says you have 24 hrs to find the truth because I think I should tell Pallavi everything, Raghav hears Pallavi’s voice and says stay away from her or else I will kill you, Ved says like you killed her husband, anyways I wont even go close to her but surely will tell her the truth.

Raghav calls Pallavi and says you wont go anywhere without informing me, Pallavi thinks may be Ved is somewhere around. Raghav thinking Pallavi should never know the truth.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav has Pallavi I’m his arms, lays her on bed about to leave, Pallavi holds his hand.Pallavi falls asleep, Raghav says the whole truth which gets recorded in Pallavi’s phone by mistake.

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Telecast Date:30th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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