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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 30th August 2021 Mandar in his room adds eye drops and while removing first aid kit he realises his bills are missing, he starts looking for them everywhere and gets restless. Raghav enters Deshmukh house from back door, and asks Rama did you cook, Rama says new demand of marathi dish so seeing online, Raghav says okay, Sulochana knocks the door, Rama asks what is it, Sulochana says I want to talk to Swapnil, Rama says he is busy now, Sulochana says I have learnt sign language specially for him, Pallavi sees that and rushes to Sulochana says Kaku we know he doesn’t like disturbance, Mandar says oh we will ask as servant says, Mandar says Parkash open your door and ask your boss to come out, Pallavi says its just that we agreed to their condition, Vijay asks whats wrong, Mandar says someone has disturbed my room and its Swapnil for sure, he enters without permission and he is for sure messed my drawers, Pallavi asks what drawers, Mandar says just ask him to come out, Pallavi says Mandar calm down, you tell me what you lost, Mandar says yes my bills, Pallavi says and gou think Swapnil stole it, Sulochana says Swapnil can’t do this, Mandar says I want to talk to him right away, Raghav opens door, Mandar asks what were you doing in my room, Raghav signs I wasn’t, Sulochana says he is said he wasn’t in your room, and says Swapnil I learnt sign language for you, Raghav shows thumbs up to Sulochana, Mandar says answer me, Raghav signs I didn’t come to your room, Sulochana interprets, Mandar says I know people like you, one proof and I will kill you, Pallavi says to Mandar calm down, go to your room. Everyone leaves, Raghav says I will tear your bills now Mandar.

Kirti meets Sunny, she hands him divorce papers and says Raghav signed them, Sunny sees Kirti upset and asks whats wrong, Kirti says nothing I am late for office and leaves.

Pallavi slowly sneaks to Raghav’s room, locks it and gets him protein shake and says you must be missing it right, Raghav kisses her on her cheeks, Pallavi asks why, Raghav says just like that Sari Ka Dukan, Pallavi kisses him back and says just like that Ghamandi Rao, Raghav drinks his shake, Pallavi says Mandar made a fuss out of bills so its sure it had something important, Raghav sees the biker Mandar met and rushes out, Pallavi follows him and Raghav says here was that biker, Pallavi says are you sure, anyways no one is here and we must focus on why Mandar was mad behind bills.

Sunny hands Mandar divorce papers, and says you fulfill your promise now, Mandar says first my marriage then yours and leaves. Sunny gets angry and makes a call asks about Pallavi’s birth certificate.

Pallavi takes Raghav to meet Sharda, Sharda happy to see him, Pallavi says I wanted to get him here but didn’t get a chance earlier, Raghav asks Pallavi to move aside and sits beside Sharda says Marathi Mother in law, don’t you get bored sleeping all day, we have lot to do and don’t worry about your daughter and your family, also your mad husband, Pallavi says shhh, Raghav says she will agree too, Sharda smiles, Raghav says I promise all are safe till I am here, just get well soon Aai.

Mansi says to Sulochana we got such good cook right,lets make Janmastami dishes from him, Amruta says lets dance too in Janmastami, Sulochana says it will be fun to dance with Swapnil, I mean dance and food cooked by Swapnil and Amruta we bought Navratri Lehnga we couldn’t wear, Pallavi says and celebrate just like Aai did, Sulochana says correct. Sulochana, Amruta dictate, Prakash and Swapnil Menu, Mandar walks in and says tomorrow we wilo have 56 meal course because it will be the best, Pallavi come with me its important and takes her with him.

Mandar says Pallavi we are going to have a perfect life, Pallavi asks what are you saying, Mandar gets divorce paper and says take a look, Raghav signed divorce papers, Pallavi looks at them in shock and tears, Mandar says now you sign and get free from his forced relationship, Pallavi thinks Raghav wouldn’t sign these Mandar definitely used some bad trick to get it signed and I have to avoid signing, Pallavi holds Mandar’s hand and says thank for freeing me from those people and Raghav and its the win of good and so tomorrow with Janmashtami even our relationship will start and keep all evil aside, Mandar says very correct we will celebrate, Pallavi hands him papers.

Sunny takes look at Pallavi’s and her brother’s birth certificate and find father’s name missing in Pallavi’s birth certificate, Sunny makes a call for more details, and says I need to dig more to keep Mandar away.

Raghav meets Pallavi and tells about signed divorce papers, Raghav gets angry, says I am here how did they get signed, Pallavi says Papers are with him and they are your signature, Raghav says I signed office papers someone must have sneak into them, Pallavi says its Kirti, its hard for you to believe but Kirti is completely in Sunny’s control, Raghav remember Kirti’s words that Raghav and Amma are her enemies, Raghav says enough let me talk to her, I let soft corner because she is my sister, Pallavi says don’t fight with her, she is with them, Raghav says she is my sister why would she do that, Pallavi says stubbornness, and Mandar is waiting for my signs, I will die but not sign them, you are mine and can’t live without you, let me do something to myself so that I don’t have to sign, Raghav says dont worry I am here, I will come back soon take care and leaves.
Pallavi says if Raghav’s plan doesn’t work its only God who can help me.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav says Amma to save Pallavi I have to kill Mandar.Janmastami celebration at Deshmukh’s, Mandar asks Pallavi to sign papers.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2021
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