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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th May 2021 Pallavi wondering how is Raghav so normal after so much spicy food, Pallavi sees Jaya stressed in kitchen, Jaya says Raghav ate chillies, he is allergic to chillies god knows who gave him that, Jaya and Pallavi rush to Raghav’s room, Raghav’s mouth starts bleeding, Jaya gives him honey to calm down, Jaya asks who gave you chillies, Raghav looks at Pallavi and says I ordered from outside, Jaya asks Farhad to call Doctor asap, Farhad says I sent driver to get him. Pallavi asks Farhad to get one glass of crushed ice, Pallavi takes honey from Jaya and gives it Raghav and says please have it, Raghav looks at her in anger and has one spoon.

Farhad gets ice, Pallavi makes ice gola puts honey over it and asks Raghav to have it, Farhad gets medicine, Pallavi asks Farhad to go home and she will take care of Raghav, Jaya and Farhad leave.

Pallavi to Raghav says, I didnt know why did you eat food, Raghav says then how would you take revenge, in the first bite I understood you learned about what happened at Deshmukh house, Pallavi says I know he is difficult and just short tempered like you and his anger is valid and you have to give him time, Raghav says understood, and stop starring at me you will fall in love with me, Pallavi says no ways, go to sleep, Raghav says I dont feel sleepy I will go play video games, Pallavi says no ways and asks him to lay his head on her laps, Raghav falls asleep.

A man walks in Deshmukh house, opens bag of sarees and puts jewellery in it and keeps in another room, Sharda hears door noise and goes check finds nothing and thinks she imagined it, Sharda sees the “Akhand Diya ” is not lite, she puts it on and prays please rid off the evil and prays for Pallavi and Raghav too along with others.

Jaya walks in and sees Raghav asleep on Pallavis laps, Farhad walks in and says how is he asleep, Jaya says idiot lets go, dont disturb husband and wife, Farhad says there is important meeting, Jaya looks at Farhad and says I dont like you always around Raghav and you get a girlfriend quickly and leaves.

Pallavi wakes up and sees Raghav is still sleeping and smiles and says I can never understand this man, sometimes I am so angry at him and sometimes I love, and stops, Pallavi wakes him and says I have to go washroom, Raghav thanks Pallavi and says I will apologize to your baba, Pallavi says dont worry, you will again fight, instead take watermelon to Aai she will understand you are apologising.

Raghav at Deshmukh house with watermelon, Raghav gives it to Sharda, Sharda asks why, Raghav says its sweet, Sharda says why, Raghav says Pallavi said give watermelon to apologise and explained the situation so here is watermelon, Sharda says she fooled you, Raghav says I am thinking its werid anyways you are healthy family, Sharda asks how is my Pallavi, Raghav says she is misses you a lot, please talk to her, Vijay walks in and asks where is third bag, Raghav leaves.

Raghav sees the bag is in his room, and opens it finds there are sarees and says may be Vijay is talking about this and walks to Vijay and Milind and says your bag was in my room, Raghav trying to help, Vijay says I can manage and leaves.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi tells Krishna Raghav cracked this deal for her, Krishna says so these flowers are for him, Pallavi says yes.Raghav angry on necklace being stolen.Police find it in Vijay’s bag.

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Telecast Date:29th May 2021
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