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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th April 2021 Raghav says to Pallavi you just want money, Pallavi says you came to me with money, I didn’t ask you for it…

Jaya says to Raghav, me and Kirti will come stay with you on one condition, Raghav says agreed, Jaya says marry Pallavi…

Sometime back…

Raghav and Farhad reach Jaya’s home, Farhad says Raghav calm down, Kirti walks out and asks what’s wrong, Raghav says call her, Pallavi says he is talking about me, Jaya walks out too, Raghav says shameless woman I asked you to leave Hyderabad after taking money, Pallavi says I dont agree to you, and never had, Raghav says such a gold digger, Pallavi says dare you, and you gave me money I didn’t ask for it and you are the reason my father is in hospital and so I used it for his care and you taught me to use business mind right, never leave an opportunity and be happy that your money was used for good deal, Raghav says you are a cheap woman, Pallavi says I learnt from you, and going nowhere, Raghav says I won’t leave you, Jaya likes Pallavi’s confidence and says Raghav I asked you to apologise to her, Raghav says Amma I won’t till I die and leaves.

Sharda in hospital, Pallavi walks to her and says I spoke to doctor and they said Baba will be shifted to normal ward, Sharda says its all because of you, we are lucky to have you, even after all the mess you are with us, Pallavi says why are you treating like this, Sharda says sorry, Pallavi says go meet nurse. Sharda leaves, Sulochana says I know the truth Pallavi, Pallavi says I can’t help what you think so keep with it and Pallavi leaves.

Raghav on call discussing about Pallavi’s cheque, Farhad tells him Amma is here, Raghav rushes to Jaya, and very happy, Jaya says get me tea, Raghav asks Farhad to get tea the way Amma likes, Jaya walks to her and Pallavi’s photo and says shift it to right its not correct as per vastu and where is Tulsi we had in the entrance, and remove sofa so we can have light, Raghav says I will do everything, Jaya says me and Kirti are coming to stay here and all be as per my wish, Raghav gets very excited, and says will do everything as you say, I will call interior designer, Jaya says don’t be happy I have a condition, Raghav says all conditions agrees, Jaya says marry Pallavi, Raghav says wow she is planning against me, wants to loot me as my wife and so I didn’t want her to stay with you, look she is fooling you, she will be sure at hospital I will deal with her right away, Jaya pushes Raghav back, and says I am not born today that people will come and influence me and I just want a yes or no, Raghav says never, I won’t marry a girl who sent you jail.
Jaya scolds Farhad for allowing Raghav believe that Pallavi did it, Raghav says you want me to get married, I have a girl she is always behind me but not Pallavi, I will stop working, Apologize Akash but not Pallavi, hatred towards Pallavi is everything for me, Jaya says me and Kirti will never come here then.

Raghav removes gun and says I will kill Pallavi, Farhad says enough, you never think of result always behind Pallavi and control your anger or you will lose everything, and you have lost everything that was good in you, I don’t take your decision but think twice and Amma and Kirti are important so decide their happiness or your ego.

Raghav thinks about Pallavi’s word saying he doesn’t have family and so doesn’t understand importance of family, Raghav sees Jaya with a bowl of Phirni and feeding him, and says you are confused, Raghav says why are you doing this, I hate Pallavi a lot, don’t do this, Jaya says its your decision and no pressure and do what your father taught and listen to your heart it is never wrong, Raghav realises it was his imagination

Pallavi on call with Krishna says yes soon Baba will get discharge, Pallavi sees a car is following her, she walks towards the car, Raghav pushes her inside the car and takes her away, Pallavi asks him to stop car, Pallavi fights him says I will jump of the car, Raghav doesn’t let her go and says shut up and come with me to temple to marry. Pallavi in shock.

Pre cap;

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 30th April 2021 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav says Pallavi this marriage is a torture journey for you. Pallavi says Raghav I will break your pride with your own money.

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Telecast Date:29th April 2021
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