Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th June 2021 Raghav goes back to Pallavi. Pallavi walks to Sharda, Sharda very happy to see her and says you look so pretty, Pallavi tells her Raghav made me this Thali, Sharda says I will pray for your happiness and love today. Mansi sees Pallavi and walks to everyone and asks Sulochana when will Katha begin and today I guess Pallavi should narate her story, all should know how Pallavi is living with another Satyavan after her first one died, Sharda asks so what is wrong with it, the person who died has left this world but person who is alive has full right to live their life.

Pallavi says Mansi I know you are upset with me but why so much negativity atleast try talking to me, Mansi says you are a stranger for me who broke my marriage, Pallavi takes Mansi aside, a lady in blue saree arrives, Sulochana wearing blue too, Lady in blur slowly keeps a box and leaves.
Raghav arrives at the venue and rushes to Pallavi he sees there are many ladies in blue, Raghav says its definitely Sulochana and gets bomb detector and pulls Sulochana aside and asks very is Bomb, all get scared and run away.

Pallavi says Raghav leave her, Raghav asks Sulochana to tell the truth, Sulochana says enough of you and then sees a box and says whoes box is this, it wanst in Pallavi’s plate when she came here, Raghav throws it away, Raghav holds Sulochana neck, all try to stop him, Raghav sees a lady in blue and hiding and runs behind her.

Raghav chases the lady, she goes hides behind some bikes, but Raghav and Farhad catch her.

Sulochana yells at Sharda and says how does your son in law behaved with me, he insulated me threatened to kill me, Mansi says Pallavi you must have had fun right, yesterday robbery today terrorist, bomb seriously, he thinks my mother will carry bomb and your husband has lost it, you doing pooja here and he is running behind another woman. Pallavi says enough Mansi, just because I am not answering you doesn’t mean you keep talking nonsense,Mansi says I wont, your husband is the worst person in this world and deserves just hatred, Pallavi says dont nake me open my mouth, Vijay throws Pallavi’s plate and says how dare you insult my daughter Pallavi Raghab Rao.

Raghav asks the lady to tell the truth or he will kill her, Lady says there is no bomb there was just a note and the man who paid me to do this said it will act as a bomb, its in Pallavi’s plate in a sweet box, Raghav leaves.

Pallavi says to Vijay, I am talking to Mansi you dont need to interrupt, Sharda says what did you do this, and you had fever right, Vijay says you called her here, why, I had stopped you from going at her place and you called her and today it was for your husband and you gave this girl priority and when you can’t respect your husband why do this drama, Sharda says you need to deserve that respect so just keep quite and leave and let us perform Pooja, Sharda apologise to everyone and asks other ladies to return to pooja. Sharda helps Pallavi gather her plate.

Mansi says lets go aai, Sulochana says I will complete the pooja and come, Amruta says Mansi you go I will stay here, Mansi says do take care of her dont flip last moment.
Pallavi asks Sharda where does she bring this courage, Sharda says my faith, I trust my thought, Savitri didn’t bring her husband back just by pooja but because she had trust on her love and Pallavi if you trust your love nothing cab stop you, now come lets perform pooja. Pallavi thinks about Raghav.

Sunny preparing pasta, Kirti walks to him and says I am so hungry how do women fast, Sunny says here have something no one will knowz, Kirti says shut up, Kirti gets call from office and leaves. Sunny adds powder to Pasta and says Kirti will fall asleep for 10 hrs and then Pallavi will have no option then Pre pond engagement.

Raghav arrives back at the location and starts searching for the box with Farhad, Sharda asks Pallavi not to leave pooja and continue, Raghav finds the box and the letter, its in Telegu, Raghav reads it.

Raghav reaches the location on letter, Farhad says don’t go alone, Raghav says dont worry I will handle him and goes to into old house.

Ved says oh welcome please sit, and I ordered whiskey too, Raghav says tell me what you want, Ved says no patience at all and because of marriage look you came alone here didn’t even think logically, Raghav says if you wanted to you would have killed me long back so why did you call me and stop Playing games, Ved says not so easily and I love playing games so stop.

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Telecast Date:28th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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