Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th April 2021 Pallavi hits Raghav with stones and says because of you my father is in ICU, and if there was no law, I would have killed you…

Sulochana says to Sharda infront of Jaya and Kirti, Jaya and Kirti are not unknown people, she is Raghav’s mother and you are his so called lovers mothers.

Sometime back…

Pallavi walks out of house and starts crying, says why me.
Raghav gets gifts gor Kirti and Jaya, says I got you new clothes, Microwave, flowers, Jaya asks what new mistake you have done now, Kirti gets a call and says we will come soon and tells Jaya, Vijay is very critical he is in ICU, Jaya says okay lets go call taxi, Raghav says I will drop you, and Kirti don’t be scared I will be there with you.

Sulochana grabs Adhar card from Pallavi and goes inside. Raghav drops Kirti and Amma, Pallavi stands in front, picks stone and starts hitting him, Raghav says are you mad, if my car gets scratch I wont leave you, Raghav holds her hand, and says why are you creating a scene, Pallavi asks where was this fear when you destroyed my character, my life, my father is in ICU, I just wish I could murder you, Jaya and Raghav hear that and walk to Pallavi, Jaya asks what did he do, Pallavi says he destroyed my life, my family and my character.

Sharda asks Nikhil to get medicines,Mansi gets food, Nurse rushes to them says Patient is collapsing we need to shift him to emergency ward.

Pallavi says to Jaya, I am thrown out of house, Jaya says my son is uncultured but when I saw him helping you I thought he has some good left in him, I saw my son after so long in him, and I saw him helping you, he was changing, Pallavi says so did I, but it was all a lie, Pallavi says Raghav tell your Amma what you did, why are you silent, Raghav says Amma ignore her, Jaya says is this true, Raghav says yes but, Jaya says get lost from here, Raghav leaves, Jaya says sorry Pallavi, this boy again broke my trust, and remember I am always with you, and hugs Pallavi, Nikhil rushes to Pallavi and says Baba is being shifted to emergency ward.

Farhad discussing with Harish regarding Pallavi, Raghav says you think I am villan and so is Amma, she again spoilt my day again, it was a big today for me, I had decided to buy that house, which was mine and my family broke and apologize to Amma, and become family again and give Amma the house keys but Pallavi again ruined the day again, she broke my dream again.

Jaya apologize to Sharda, and says he did wrong, Sharda says why are you apologizing, just please take care of my daughter, Kirti says don’t worry Pallavi will be fine with us, Sulochana says wow, very modern of you, you are letting Pallavi stay at your house, Sharda says shut up Sulochana, Sulochana says you can’t quiet me and if I stop helping you wont be liking that, and be strong enough to bare all this, and her son said he slept with Pallavi, and very good upbringing Jaya you gave Raghav, Jaya slaps Sulochana and says you don’t care about Pallavi but I care and respect Pallavi, she is far more better than you, and dare you say a word, Raghav is my son, and before a word with me think twice, Sulochana says what about people, they are discussing Pallavi and Raghav go shut them and leaves.

Sulochana home says my legs, Amruta walks to her and says I am worried what if we get caught, Sulochana says what, Amruta says Pallavi is staying with Kirti, if she finds about Kirtis incident what then, and then Raghav finds its us, Sulochana says shut up no one will.know anything, Pallavi will leave this city and go.

Raghav sees Jaya and Kirti at his house, Jaya says Raghav you can’t runaway from your mistakes, Raghav says I bought our old house Amma, Jaya says I wont go to that house, Raghav says you believe Pallavi not me, never trust me, Jaya says Raghav you have always insulted us and now its Pallavi, and her own Aunt calls her a sl*t, Raghav says Amma she lies to her father, Kirti says I know because I make those accounts and its because Vijay id heart patient and look he is in ICU now, how can you sleep after ruining her life, Raghav says Amma Pallavi sent you jail, Jaya says what, Raghav says yes and this is why I punished her, Jaya says you need to apologise her, she can never do this, please listen to your mother, so that she can be in peace.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th April 2021 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jaya says me and Kirti will stay with you on one condition, Raghav says all conditions agreed, Jaya says marry Pallavi.

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Telecast Date:27th April 2021
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