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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 24th June 2021 Pallavi looks at saree says yes fantastic, Raghav says I know I would be best at selecting sarees, I waa nervous at first but look I am the Best and I know this is your favourite color and I have bangles too for you, Pallavi says yes very best, Jaya says unbelievable I can’t believe you are my son, Raghav says I have a call and leaves.
Pallavi and Jaya start laughing on Raghav’s choice, Jaya says I think he lies about choosing Jewellery designs, Pallavi says no Amma he has very good eye in Jewellery but this is first time so poor thing, I will wear these in Pooja and leaves.

Pallavi goes to her room and looks at Saree gifted by Raghav and sees how it looks on her, Pallavi says Raghav has no idea about sarees but he deserves a Thank you.

Vansh says I will take leave, Sunny says where will you go, Ved says let’s see, company will give hotel next week and Hotel I can’t afford, Sunny says you are not going anywhere, stay here even my guilt will reduce a little, Vansh says but your girlfriend and her family, Sunny says Kirti does come and at times Pallavi and Raghav and if you feel comfortable you can be in other room mean time, Sunny asks what is your name, Ved says Sher Singh.

Vijay asks Sharda when did she come from Kolhapur, Sharda says just now, Vijay says oh I see you got pickle and laddus but why so much quantity, Sharda says one box for us, one for Milind and onw for Pallavi. Vijay says not required to give her, Sharda says I need to and I will and I know you have not allowed me to go to her house but I can see her somewhere out and If even that is your problem then as you were going to throw Milind out of this house, you can throw me too. Sharda leaves.

Pallavi walks to Raghav and says I want to talk to you, Raghav says I am busy I will talk to you later, I have done all family related works now let me focus on work, Pallavi says dont talk, I will talk to this mirror then, Raghav doesn’t pay attending, Pallavi says Vatsavitri shopping is done but does the person know the reason and value behind it, Pallavi tries to tell story, Raghav says Pallavi don’t disturb me, Pallavi keeps talking and says wives fast for their husband, Raghav says not required dont do this in society pressure, I have troubled you a lot then why fast for me, Pallavi says you have done good too, Raghav says so will you fast, Pallavi says I don’t know Amma said I can if I feel something for you, Raghav asks so do you feel something then, Farhad calls Raghav, Pallavi gets scared and hugs Raghav, Raghav whiles leaving, Pallavi;s hand gets stuck and Raghav’s shirt geta torn, Pallavi says sorry I will stitch it give me, Raghav removes his shirt, Farhad sees Raghav without shirt, Pallavi and Raghav get awkward, Farhad says sorry wrong timing I will.come later, Raghav picks another shirt and says waot Farhad and goes behind him.

Pallavi gets call from Sharda, Sharda says Kanchan Mami sent you your fav pickle, Pallavi says thank you, I will send driver you come here,Sharda says I can’t come to your place you know your Baba right, Pallavi says okay we will meet on road next to Janak Amma’s house. Sharda says okay.

Sunny and Vansh in car, Sunny says I will get a payment you stay here and leaves, Ved sees Sharda and says she is Mandar’s mother, what is she doing here, Pallavi walks to Sharda and hugs her, Ved says what is Raghav’s wife Pallavi doing with them and how are they related.

Pallavi says to Sharda Kanchan Mami makes so giod pickle, Sharda says I miss talking to you like this, and is Raghav good does he trouble you, Pallavi says he is good, a little troublesome but very caring and tells Raghav’s funny stories, Sharda asks and do you do well with Jaya, Pallavi says she is nice too, Sharda says better than me, Pallavi says she is my mother in law and you are my mother, Sharda says I wanted to see you like this with Mandar but I am happy to see you like this and Vatsavitri Pooja is very important, you and Raghav started on bad note but now you can do things right.

Pallavi says to Sharda I wanted to talk to you about Kirti’s boyfriend.
Sunny gets to his car and sees Ved isnt in car.

Farhad tells Raghav that Ved is realised from Jail, Raghav says how, Farhad says good behaviour, Raghav says nonsense he will do anything to taks revenge get all information about him, I don’t want any risk and Pallavi knows Ved dont tell her anything, its her first Vatsavitri pooja.

Ved follows Sharda, Ved follows her with his injured leg in pain and with help of a stick, Sharda feels someone is following her, turns around finds no one, Sharda leaves home in hurry thinking their might be some chain snatcher. Ved trying to follow her falls down, he gets call from Sunny but ignores it, Ved finds difficult to get Sharda with inhured leg, Sunny calls back, Ved says sorry Sunny was out to get water will come in 2 min.
Ved says I saw Mandar’s mother after so long and does Pallavi know connection between Mandar and Raghav.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav gets Pallavi a gift, Pallavi says one more gift, Raghav says my choice is not bad, Pallavi says I know, you chose me.Ved says oh so Pallavi is Mandar’s ex wife and Raghav’s present this is going to be a big bomb

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Telecast Date:24th June 2021
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