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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23rd September 2021 Pallavi arranges dinner, Jaya says you take care of everyone’s need. Raghav walks in asks Rajan to serve dinner, Jaya asks are you too busy, Raghav says yes because I want to earn money I can’t live limited life like others and money is everything, it gives you status, respect and every problem can be solved by money, Sunny and Keerti walk in, Raghav says ask him he is here for money, he will know importance of money.
Sunny says it’s your family matter don’t drag me.

Jaya says Pallavi what will you have, Pallavi says Amma my food will be here, Raghav says what drama is this, Pallavi ignores, Raghav asks can’t you hear, Pallavi says you said drama si I thought you talking to someone else, and I am just having my food this is what I can afford, Raghav says why you want old angry Raghav, don’t you like this calm version, is your life so boring, Media rushes in and start asking questions that is it true he and Pallavi have differences now,

media starts picturing things like Pallavi being middle class is ill treated at Rao’s, Pallavi starts scolding media calls them unprofessional for trying to sneak into her personal life, she says shenis very happy with Raghav and both love each other a lot, media tells they got call from Rao house that she is tortured, Pallavi says that is not true and even if it was would you get me new house l, job, better life, no then why come here, next time you enter my house again I will file a case against you.

Media leaves, Raghav says let me call and shut their house, Pallavi says that won’t help you, you need right words and thoughts to stop them, your money couldn’t handle this situation, lets have food.

Keerti says to Sunny, she loved how Pallavi handled Media, but who called media. Keerti sees Sunny lost and says your wife is here don’t you have time for her, Sunny pulls her close says I have a beautiful wife all my time ia her, Pallavi walks in, Sunny says how dare you can’t you knock, Pallavi says how dare you, and if you are so concerned lock your room,and last warning stop your cheap games or else it will be bad,Sunny says don’t remove your husbands frustration here,

Pallavi says this is my houss you don’t tell me what to do, keep getting insulted and insults your wife too, I surely know Keerti doesn’t want to stay here, Keerti tries to interrupt, Pallavi scolds her, Pallavi says to Sunny, you can’t afford yourself a house, so don’t utter a word you are a guest be like one and if you cross limits, you will have no place for all thia romance and leaves. Sunny thinks Pallavi you and your husband will have to repay for this.

Pallavi trying to get clothes from shelf stumbles, Raghav holds her, he helps her and then leaves. Pallavi changes and goes to bed and sews ice cream on side table says this is my favourite, Raghav says Farhad got it for everyone, Pallavi says but it has melted, Raghav says Farhad bought it from salary I give him so may be it melted in your hands. Pallavi saya things go bad but that doesn’t mean throw them, like this ice cream I will put in freezer and it will be fine, it will take time but become as I want and I apply same principle with people that helps them grow into better person.
Raghav goes to bed.

Pallavi applies for a job at a weaving company, Pallavi tells Jyogi that she wants to get into saree design and shows her designs and tells about experience, he asks her full name, she says Pallavi Raghav Rao, He says we can’t give you job, your husband can buy us and why would you want job, thank you for reaching us, and I am sorry to deny you offer, Pallavi says its okay.

Pallavi tells about her application to Nikhil, Nikhil says if you want to work, work here, Pallavi says its Raghav’s shop and you handle it so well, I have an interview I will see you later.
Jyogi calls Raghav introduce himself and apologise for denying Pallavi job and not suing his company.

Sharda and Milind together, Sulochana asks Amurta tell me what did you talk to Farhad, did you give him CV, Amruta says I mailed CV, Sulochana says meet him talk to him that is fun. Vijay walks in, Sharda asks what is wrong, Vijay says Farhad called offer a job, Sulochana says look I told you Farhad is nice guy, Vijay says I don’t know much about job but he told me it’s a good job and has decent salary, and will go for interview soon, Milind says thats good but why are you upset. Vijay leaves. Milind asks Sharda will he do something wrong again, Sharda says I don’t know I just pray he takes right decision.

Pallavi walks in happy in Rao house and tells Jaya she got a job, Jaya happy for her. Raghav walks in says you won’t work, Pallavi says I don’t need your permission I can’t live like this, I want money earned by hardwork and legal deeds, Raghav says what you think I don’t work hard, Pallavi says your foundation is illegal, Raghav says you won’t listen and prove that I am not competent, Pallavi says I am not stopping you, I won’t let you do anything for me till you go on right track, Raghav says then even I will see how you work outside, Pallavi says do whatever you want I will do this job.

Raghav asks Farhad to get Pallavi’s job full details, Sunny walks in, Raghav asks him to leave, before he hits him, Sunny says I have a man to man suggestion, you love Pallavi a lot, you did so much for her, gave her luxury and standard and she doesn’t even listen to you, and tries to enter that part of your life where she has no right, its your business, and anyways its all for her and my wife is better than yours, you all do so much bad with her but still is with me, I have better life with my wife, Raghav gets angry and says I can make my sister widow too, so leave.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi is shot.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
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