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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 20th September 2021 Sunny walks to Pallavi and says these diamonds are of Raghav and Abhishek worked for him and see luck he threw diamonds in your shop, these diamonds are smuggled. Pallavi says do you know why I accepted challenge, because I knew about this, but it was old thing and now Raghav pays customs and he has promised me he won’t do anything illegal. Sunny starts laughing, and says he is playing with you because he still smuggles, here is diamond pouch go ask Raghav about it.

Keerti asks Sunny what did he give Pallavi, Sunny says its their love stories the end. Pallavi thinking about Raghav’s promise. Pallavi sees Farhad rush to Raghav in tension and follows him, she sees Raghav worried and thinks why keeps Sunny repeating about smuggling he is so confident.

Raghav walks in his room and sees red pouch on the bed, Pallavi hiding and looking at him. Raghav opens pouch and finds diamonds in them, and says these looks our diamonds, Pallavi hears that and in shock. Raghav puts diamonds back in pouch, and calls Farhad says diamonds lost by Abhishek are found I don’t know how but they are in my room, I am keeping them in locker, I don’t want smuggled diamonds to be found especially by Pallavi. Raghav sees Pallavi.

Pallavi walks to Raghav says Abhishek worked for you, he smuggled the diamonds for you, Raghav says let me explain, Pallavi says what will you explain, you killed a 21 yr old, Raghav says he did work for me and these diamonds are not mine but I didn’t kill him, Pallavi says stop yelling, you are reason he was shot and why did you do this, Raghav says my business I will run it as I want, Pallavi says it killed someone, and I was stupid to trust you,

I could see everything but trusted you so much that I turned blind to you, your goodness was all an act, you did wrong with Abhishek and me, you took advantage if my trust, you think by doing something good you can hide this smuggling and wrong is wrong, Sunny walks in and says fulfill the challenge and slap him, I want to see his pride break.

Raghav attacks Sunny, Pallavi and Keerti stop them, Jaya walks in too. Sunny says you are smuggler and I am the bad person and you are not god that all is allowed for you, and mother in law meet your smuggler son, I did mistakes but he has an empire based on wrong deeds. Raghav says I will re marry my sister but will kill you,

Jaya stops Raghav and Sunny I know this truth, and he isnt bad like you, Sunny says I don’t care what you think about me and I want Pallavi’s reaction and now will she send Raghav jail, or just not talk for 5 days and then forget everything, Pallavi picks diamonds and leaves, Raghav about to follow her, Sunny stops him and says your love is your biggest enemy.

Pallavi in tears visit Sharda with diamonds, Sharda asks whats wrong, why is she crying, Pallavi says I have to choose between me and my love, Sharda sats first stop crying. Keerti says to Jaya, look you trust Pallavi so much but she is on her way to send your son to prison, and your son deserves this, you were behind my husband and now look.

Pallavi asks Sharda that she was so proud of Raghav but now he is reason behind someone’s death, he was a lie, I feel like I was dreaming, I hated his way of thinking but I thought he changed but he still is that Raghav who loves nothing more than money, should I let everything as it is or go police station what should I do.

Sharda even I am confused but I know one thing give him chance and try understand what is he thinking, just look at how me and your Baba are, when I think about things I don’t like about him his decision, I look at them from their perspective and then realise the way why they do it. Pallavi says then Raghav isnt doing wrong and Abhishek knew what he was doing and not forced. Sharda says see you know why now and now its upto you accept the way it is or change it and it ks easy to break relations, but to understand the person and move ahead is upto you.

Pallavi says I don’t want to loose Raghav, but I want him to understand money is not everything and if I give diamonds to police Raghav will never understand that, and if he is in prison because of me, his ego won’t let him think clearly, Sharda says we a know how Raghav is but what will you do. Pallavi says I don’t want the reason that he lost his pride and business but the love that got him his self back, and I want that Raghav who I think he is and you taught me never show the world what is happening and I will do like you, how you try to deal with Raghav, Sharda says let me tell you its hard and needs time, Pallavi says if my love is real my Raghav will change.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav drunk, Raghav says to Pallavi your plan is set to send your husband jail right, Pallavi says you are hurting me, Pallavi says I knew if you have to choose between you and Pallavi you will choose money.Laxmi walks in Rao Mansion.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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