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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st September 2021 Pallavi sees Sharda and rushes to her in happiness and says I am very happy because Raghav said I will not need to sign divorce papers and on other side look you are improving.

Sunny visits Rao Mansion and greets Jaya says I am here to see Kirti, Jaya leaves with Farhad, Kirti walks to Sunny, Sunny asks Kirti why is she not ready, Kirti says I don’t feel like, I feel so weird, I asked Amma to, why is Mandar calling us and what if Mandar tells anyone it was me, Sunny says all will be fine and Raghav already has suspicion someone from his house is with Mandar now go get ready, Sunny sees Raghav’s photo and says my photo will be here and this will be called SA mansion.

Sulochana looks at Mansi and says you look so pretty, Amruta gets Sharda out, Milind says very good you two looking veey pretty and asks where is Pallavi.
Raghav opens kitchen door and sees Pallavi all ready standing in front of it, Raghav looks at her in confusion, Pallavi pushes him inside and locks door, Rama walks out. Pallavi asks how am I looking, Raghav says perfect, Pallavi says today’s Mandar chapter will end and so I am very happy, and we will be together, Raghav says I will do everything right and promise me you will always ne happy, Pallavi says we will be happy together. Raghav says if you are happy so am I and kisses her on forehead and hugs her.
Milind calls Pallavi, Pallavi says Raghav, Kaka is calling I should leave, Raghav holds her hand and stops her, Raghav touches his lip to say I love you, Pallavi says I love you too and leaves.
Raghav says today when I will kill Mandar, Law will punish me but Raghavi will always be one.

Mandar stops Pallavi, and looks at her says wow you look so pretty, I feel like, Pallavi says thank you, its my happiness I will be getting what I want. Mandar says I am so happy, we are getting together so soon, Jaya walks in, Pallavi asks Mandar what is she doing here, Mandar says I called her, you were close to her right, Jaya looks at Pallavi and blinks her eye, Mandar says welcome aunty you are alone, where is your son, is he scared and can’t hide sorrow, Milind says to Jaya lets meet Sharda, she will be very happy. Mandar says wait there is whole night for that and don’t you want to know why I called you here, actually Pallavi is signing divorce Papers with Raghav and then we will get engaged and I want you to see end of your son marriage, Jaya says let the divorce happen then we will talk, its just a advice, we should never celebrate before work is done, because God can twist anytime, so lets see if negativity ends or divorce. Mandar says now I know where Raghav got this attitude and I do what I want and that is what happens, no one can change my plans, not your son or God.

Sunny and Kirti walk in, Mandar says Pallavi you take care of her I will be back. Mandar leaves, Milind apologise to Jaya, Jaya says not required lets meet Sharda.
Pallavi starrs worrying.

Sulochana starts Janmastami function and says my two pretty daughters will perform. Mansi and Amruta perform. Pallavi joins them dance. Pallavi looks at Raghav when she finishes performance.
Mandar thanks Kirti and Sunny for their support, Sunny says how come so sweet today, Mandar says I know I was very rude, sorry and I promise in within one week even you two will be married, Mandar sees the guy on bike and thinks why did he come now and goes out.

Mandar says what are you doing here, and gives him laptop and says get lost, He says you are not in situation to say no and there are new headphones in market get me those and leaves.
Pallavi tells Amruta about how Mandar misbehaved and Raghav is going to finish Mandar’s chapter, Pallavi seez Raghav and Jaya tensed and finds it fishy and thinks why they are not happy is there something serious.
Pallavi goes to Raghav but Mandar stops her and says here divorce papers and I want to show you something special, Pallavi asks what, Mandar says our engagement ring, Pallavi says very pretty, Mandar says I couldn’t get expensive one now, but will in future. Pallavi thinks I want to talk to Raghav but this Mandar.

Jaya says Raghav don’t look at Pallavi, she is looking straight at us and it is clear that she has learned we are behind something, Raghav says don’t tell anything.
Mandar says Pallavi sign and then we will exchange rings after function. Pallavi thinks Raghav didn’t take any action what will she do next.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sunny and Kirti dancing.Sharda signs Pallavi that Raghav has gun. Pallavi says this means Raghav is going to kill Mandar, Pallavi creates a diversion.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2021
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