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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st June 2021 Sharda about to dial Pallavi’s number but gets a call that Vijay is arrested.Pallavi walks to Raghav with roses and says I know you are shocked seeing roses and I know helped me with Nawab family order and so Thank you, I needed it, Pallavi asks whats wrong, Raghav says Pallavi your father is arrested. Pallavi panics and says I have to go, Raghav pulls her hugs her and calms her down, Farhad walks in and tells Raghav that inspector is here and wants to talk to you, Raghav asks Pallavi to call Sharda.

Raghav is told my inspector that they found a jewellery with Vijay and it was of Jayanti Jewels, Raghav says someone is trying to frame my father in law, Pallavi asks what is it, Raghav says don’t worry your father will be fine, Pallavi asks why Jayanti Jewels.

Kirti scolds Sunny, Sunny says I said sorry, Kirti says wow , Sunny says cmon stop overacting, she was at fault too, Kirti says enough first you spoil surprise and then insult her, you are so arrogant, and rude, Sunny says then why stay with me just leave me and go, Kirti says I will.

Amruta on Video Call with Sulochana, Sulochana says thank god I am not there but I would be blamed and you be alert and you two help your aunt bye.

Raghav tells Pallavi about jewellery theft, Pallavi says because of your nonsense Baba is in trouble, Pallavi says you should take anger management classes, and leaves angry. Raghav asks Farhad to call lawyer who helped in Kirti’s case and he doesn’t want Vijay to be in jail for even a minute more.

Pallavi gets angry because there is no car to drop her police station, Raghav walks to her says come I will drop you, Pallavi says I don’t need your favour, you go look after your shop reputation, I will manage myself, Raghav asks guard to get his car and ties Pallavi’s mouth, and says stop talking doesn’t your mouth pain now come, Pallavi nods no, Raghav lifts her and takes her to car, The man whi trapped Vijay keeping an eye on them.
Raghav and Pallavi leave.

Sunny tells his friend Rocky about Kirti’s anger, his friend says chill you will find another one, Sunny checks his friends phone on message that says call diamond necklace girl and I will pay 15000, Sunny asks Rocky what is it, Rocky stay in your business and I will be in mine.

Pallavi talks even in mouth covered, Raghav says god you talk so much this is why your husband left you and we boys don’t want to marry, if I knew you talk so much I would say no to Amma.
Raghav stops car at a restaurant, Pallavi asks why are we here, Raghav says because we are first meeting your aai here and then go police station, and behave properly, Pallavi says first open my mouth, Raghav says I tied mouth not hands now lets go.

Pallavi sees Sharda and Milind, Pallavi hugs Sharda, Raghav says I wanted these two to meet but in normal situation not like this and smiles, Milind thanks Raghav, Sharda says sorry to Pallavi says I was very angry at you, I promised to be with you, but you always take wrong decisions, Pallavi says forget past we are here now, lets look ahead, Pallavi calls Raghav to join them, Milind asks we don’t understand how all this happened, Sharda says your father is very broken, Raghav says Farhad is talking to lawyer and he will look after it, Raghav gets call from Farhad and says I will meet you all at Police station and I have to go meet Lawyer.

Mab who trapped Vijay keeping eye at Deshmukh in restuarant. Farhad tells Raghav the only option to save is to sign papers that say it was mistake and necklace was never stolen and it was just misunderstanding. Raghav says okay and signs it to save Vijay.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi takes stand for Raghav and says he didnt do anything.Raghav gets hime drunk, Pallavi has arranged surprise for him to say thank you, Pallavi pushes Raghav in shower, Raghav says dont leave me alone.

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Telecast Date:1st June 2021
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