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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 18th September 2021 Jaya performs Aarti, Keerti tries reaching Sunny, Jaya signs Keerti to take Aarti she denies, Sunny takes Aarti thal from Raghav, Jaya doesn’t like it, Keerti smiles seeing him. Keerti goes join Sunny. Panditji asks everyone toake wish to Bappa in his ears and then we will perform visarjan.Pallavi prays for her family and keep them safe from hardships. Sunny prays to help him find diamonds. Jaya asks Raghav to pray, Raghav says Bappa knows my wish.

Pallavi on her way to shop, tells Amma on call that Nikhil is alone at shop and disturbed too and so Pallavi will spend some time with him.Pallavi reaches shop and says Nikhil look take break I got you ice cream, and I am not asking you to move on quickly but I will cheer you until you feel better. Nikhil picks ice cream and says its all melted. Pallavi says it spoilt her mood. Nikhil help Pallavi wash her hand and she drops her ring, Pallavi starts looking for it and finds it near red pouch, Pallavi picks the pouch and asks whoes is this, Nikhil says this isnt ours, let me check. Nikhil checks finds diamonds in it.

Pallavi asks are they real, Nikhil checks it and says they are real. Pallavi says these must be expensive, Nikhil says in crores, but whose are these, Pallavi says may be some customer, Nikhil says how will we understand that, Pallavi says correct, and says lets give it to Police, Sunny sees Pallavi and Nikhil talk and remembers inspector tell him that Laxmi wants that diamond pouch and says may be this is it, I want that but how.

Mansi sees Amruta’s chat with Farhad, Amruta walks in and sees her phone is not in place she kept and asks Mansi did she check her phone, Mansi says I didn’t, Amruta says just tell me why, Mansi says I have no interest in you, and your wife and you can think whatever you want.

Pallavi walks in house and hears Jaya and Sharda fight and quickly rush to them and see them fighting and asks whats wrong, Jaya says she is cheating in Ludo, Pallavi says you two calm down, both keep arguing, Pallavi yells at them and asks Sharda to play again, Pallavi says you two calm down now and play properly. Pallavi asks how come you here, Sharda says I got Puran Poli, and wanted to talk something important, Jaya says I will leave, Pallavi says wait don’t leave, and asks Sharda to share her problem, Sharda says

Vijay isnt listening to anyone, his stubbornness is increasing day by day, he sells saree somewhere on streets, Nikhil also keeps asking him to come to shop, his health is affecting day by day, he won’t get job anywhere in government like he used to before saree shop, so can you talk to Raghav and get him job in private company, Pallavi says yes I will. Sharda says I will leave, Jaya says wait lets finish game, Sharda says I don’t play with cheater, Jaya says lets start fresh and see who wins, Sharda says done and both start playing.

Sunny and Keerti at Deshmukh emporium, Nikhil showing them saree, Keerti thanks Sunny for saree shopping surprise. Keerti asks Nikhil to pack some sarees, Nikhil gets busy making bill, Sunny sees pouch in drawer, Sunny drops glass of water, Nikhil goes to get broom, Sunny exchange the pouch.

Raghav in his study says there is no unique design. Pallavi walks in with lunch, Raghav says I am in meeting, Pallavi says and its lunch time, Farhad says yes we are hungry and leave with others. Pallavi serves lunch to Raghav, and says today you will feed me too, Raghav says aren’t you expecting more, Pallavi says it’s penalty for all the anger, Raghav says okay madam what else and starts feeding her, Pallavi says long drive after lunch. Raghav says done but I have a meeting to finalise design will do that and then lets go. Pallavi says that reminds me today we found diamond pouch in shop, even Nikhil doesn’t know about it, are they yours, do you steal and hide in my shop. Rajan walks in and says Pallavi madam Amma and Aai are fighting again, Pallavi says okay and leaves. Raghav tells Farhad to find about diamond pouch found in Pallavi’s shop.

Raghav on call with Farhad says stop Nikhil from giving diamonds to Police. Sunny and Keerti walk in, Sunny loves at Raghav and says I know why are you in trouble, I thought I will give it to Laxmi but now will give it to Pallavi, that will be more fun.

Pallavi with Sharda and Jaya, Keerti walks in and says me and Sunny went to shop for Sarees at Pallavi’s shop, Sunny says here Amma we bought this for you, Jaya says would never accept anything from you but since this is from Pallavi’s shop I will, Sunny says Pallavi bhabhi this is for you, Pallavi thinks why did he go to shop to get me saree.

Laxmi doesn’t find diamonds in pouch and yells at Nikhil, Nikhil says sorry but there were diamonds trust me, Laxmi says just leave.

Sunny walks to Pallavi in kitchen and asks can he have a cup of tea. Pallavi gets call from Nikhil, he tells her about diamonds, she looks at Sunny and says Nikhil I will call you later. Pallavi says I knew Sunny you would do something bad, you are just the worst, Sunny says I know I stole diamonds but I gave all money for saree. Pallavi says now you are stolen go sell why here, Sunny says these are Raghav’s diamond and I want to win the challenge.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav sees diamonds.Pallavi asks Raghav is he behind Abhishek’s death, Raghav says let me explain, Pallavi says what explanation will you give for .21 yr olds death Sunny walks in and says slap him and send Raghav Rao the smuggler Jail. Pallavi takes diamonds from Raghav.

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Telecast Date:18th September 2021
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