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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17th September 2021 Pallavi tells Raghav that she will visit Abhishek’s house with Nikhil, Raghav says I am coming with you, Pallavi says okay. Raghav gets a call he asks Pallavi to go ahead. Farhad on call tells Raghav, he has sent money to Abhishek’s house. Raghav says okay keep me updated.Farhad says I know Raghav is not worried about diamonds now but if Laxmi finds it we will be in trouble, I have to go find them, Abhishek I remember use to keep diamonds in red pouch, so I need to find that pouch.

Nikhil, Raghav and Pallavi visit Abhishek’s house. Guests see Pallavi and says Abhishek was killed in front of her, Abhishek’s mother Kalpana asks Pallavi what happened and why, Pallavi says I don’t know but I am sure he didn’t do anything wrong, Kalpana says why did police kill him and look sometime back a boy came and gave us this money and said Abhishek has kepts it near him and said give it to his mother, if something happens to him, how did he have so much money, what was he doing, who will answer all my questions. Nikhil walks to Kalpana and says did you ask Abhishek who was he working for, Kalpana says I did but he never told me and I didn’t suspect anything wrong too and I curse whoever made him do wrong things, God will destroy that person too. Kalpana burns all the money. Raghav in shock.

Sunny having fruits in his bed and sees news that Abhishek is dead, Sunny says if police has found him, Raghav is next and this will be fun. Keerti walks to Sunny says get ready it’s Aarti time, Pallavi Raghav home too, Sunny asks where were they, Keerti says Abhishek was Nikhil’s friend and you know that boys mother burnt all the money sent to her. Sunny says not weird you won’t understand it.

Pallavi making Aarti arrangements and lost thinking about Abhishek’s mother, Raghav walks to her and asks whats wrong, Pallavi says thinking about Kalpana aunty, says being a mother she has so many questions and even I think Abhishek was doing something wrong, Pallavi says lets help Kalpana aunty, find what was Abhishek doing you have so many contacts, lets find truth for aunty give her some peace and also the culprit will be punished, Pallavi says I will do whatever I can, Pallavi thanks him. Jaya walks to them.

Laxmi sees Abhishek’s call details, Inspector tells that all calls are normal except on call which was many times before encounter and is registered with fake number, Laxmi says find diamonds and also call Abhishek’s girlfriend Chitra.

Farhad tells Raghav, he has managed to get Abhishek’s sister Jyoti job. Raghav says I hope she accepts it, we need to help thek indirectly, Farhad tells Laxmi has Abhishek’s call details but I am safe and we need to find diamonds because Laxmi won’t spare us and our boys are in search. Farhad says can’t you make calls and transfer Laxmi, Raghav says not now and also she killed innocent and so let this matter calm and little and I will punish her myself. Pallavi walks in and asks who will you punish, Farhad says talking about staff. Pallavi says later lets go we have lot of work tomorrow.

Pallavi Raghav in their room, Pallavi saya it was so disturbing today, and such situation make you feel that present is everything and Thank you Raghav for coming to my life, showing me true meaning of honesty and love, you are unique I like that about you, Raghav says what if we cant support truth, Pallavi says there will be many moments but our trust will fight with all, I remember listening you talk to Ved and made you promise me that you will pay custom duty and you promised and so when Sunny calls you smuggler I get so angry, Raghav says you trust me so much, Pallavi says more than myself and now go change

Raghav in washroom says ao disgusting Pallavi trusts you so much but you are making fun of her, white Raghav says what after Pallavi knows the truth, she will never see your face or will leave you, so tell me guilt or without Pallavi.

Pallavi sees Raghav worried and asks whats wrong do you have to tell me something, Raghav says no and goes to bed.

Pallavi Jaya making visarjan arrangements, Jaya asks where are we doing visarjan, Pallavi says Raghav made a water tank outside, Jaya asks where is he, Pallavi says he is coming.

Inspector tells Laxmi she has visitor, Sunny meets Laxmi, Laxmi asks him why is he here, Lamxi says I know your Raghav’s sisters husband, why are you here, Sunny says I am your fan, fan of your work too and I am here to help you even if it is going against my family, and will do everything you say, and I had seen Abhishek with Raghav and Farhad, Laxmi says what were you doing there, Sunny says just passing by, Laxmi says you could be sent by Raghav to keep an eye on me, Sunny says me and Raghav don’t get along, Laxmi says get me proofs and then we shall talk, Sunny says okay thank you.

Sunny walks out and says these girls are so complicated, first Pallavi now her. Inspector walks to Sunny and says I have an idea but first, Sunny says will give whatever required, Inspector says diamonds bag is missing Raghav is also looking for it, if you find it first, Laxmi will welcome you.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sunny tells Pallavi, Abhishek worked for Raghav.Pallavi finds red puch in shop, she and Nikhil open it and find diamonds.Raghav feeding Pallavi, Pallavi tells him she and Nikhil found diamond pouch in shop and asks are they his.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2021
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