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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th June 2021 Vijay asks Rqghav to wash his feet and drink the water, Raghav says have you lost it, its not a movie to keep making scenes, Vijay says call it drama but you just claimed you will do anything for Pallavi so cmon.

Kirti worries about Sunny, calls Rocky, Rocky says Sunny’s phone is off.

Vijay says Raghav you didnt do anything for your parents and will do for Pallavi no chance, they are shamed to have a son like you and I will break your this ego and anger, I will show the power of a poor, you will beg for Pallavi in my feet, beg and I will bring Pallavi home but your ego won’t let you bend in front of me.
Amruta says Kaka this isnt fair, you can’t behave this way, Mansi says shut up don’t interrupt.
Vijay says to Raghav if you are finished with your drama you can get out because you can do nothing, Raghav stops Vijay, and says go sit on chair, Vijay sits on chair, Raghav takes of his coat and bends in front of Vijay to wash his feet, Milind says Raghav dont do this and Vijay Dada this is not the way to behave, Vijay says Milind stop talking.

Vijay keeps his foot in plate, Sulochana and Mansi liking it, Pallavi throws away the plate, all shocked, Milind smiles seeing Pallavi. Pallavi asks Vijay what all is this, Vijay says your husband was here to fix things, Pallavi says this way, he is son in law here, Vijay says he is nothing to me, Pallavi says how can you fall so low, he might be nothing for you but is a human I called you father but you don’t deserve calling even a father in law, enough Vijay Deshmukh, I am ashamed to say you were related to me, enough of taking advantage of my trust, and Raghav how stupid of you, you can break but not bend, and for whom these people who have no humanity, Vijay says Pallavi not a word against my family, Pallavi says the family full of liars, I am sorry Milind Kaka but the whole jewellery steal was by Sulochana Kaku, Sulochana says she is lying, I was in Kolhapur, Raghav says don’t Pallavi, Pallavi says no Raghav not anymore, I will show him the truth and he has to agree and Baba go ask Abdul Chacha who bought wigs and mustaches from him, she was not in Kolhapur but here destroying everything, Milind says Sulochana how low you will fall, Pallavi says Raghav changed even after so many mistakes but is doing for this families welfare and think on it and no one has right here to insult my husband.

Pallavi says to Vijay, I have onky two people here its my Aai and Milind Kaka and no one can stop me from seeing them not even you Vijay Deshmukh and others I have no relation with you, you don’t deserve my love and respect and I don’t want to be Deshmukh I am happy as Pallavi Raghav Rao, Raghav smiles at Pallavi, Pallavi holds his hand takes Raghav away with her.

Raghav says Pallavi I made deal with Sulochana why did you do that, Pallavi scolds Raghav says have you lost it, how can you allow someone to behave this way and who told you to become kindness, Shri asks maam dinner, Pallavi scolds him too, Raghav says go make Sambar rice, Pallavi gives Raghav cold look and leaves.

Kirti sees Pallavi and says Pallavi you are responsible for all this, Raghav has done something to Sunny he is missing. Pallavi yells at Kirti and says enough of Raghav blame, your boyfriend promised to run away with you and ranaway himself, come out of fairy land problem is Sunny and not Raghav, get out of it enough of always blaming Raghav and think why Sunny did this.
Farhad asks Raghav what happened to Pallavi, Raghav says she is possessed today all are under Radar.

Raghav visits Pallavi and asks is she fine, Pallavi says no I am not, Raghav asks Pallavi what happened, Pallavi says I am so angry at you, how did you allow someone to behave this way, I dont want you to do all this, your problem was no one is your priority but look you are mine, I am choosing you and not my family, Raghav in tears, Pallavi says dont behave this way, as a widow people have always made me feel weak and so I started standing for myself or else people will take advantage of you. Pallavi keeps ranting, Raghav in tears.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav hands Pallavi tickets and says it’s for Kolhapur your train is in an hour, you are free now.Pallavi hugs Raghav and says take care.

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Telecast Date:16th June 2021
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