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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th April 2021 Raghav says to Pallavi this shop is now closed for 2 days and after that your 15 days eviction notice will also finish, this is my shop get out….
Harish tells Raghav that Pallavi found model for photoshoot, Raghav says how is that possible all models are at my photoshoot, Harish says she is no model…

Sometime back…

Pallavi gets a call from Krishna that Raghav is at shop messing everything please come soon, Pallavi rushes to shop sees Vijay and remembers his words and says let me talk to baba, she walks to Vijay and says Raghav is again at shop messing I have to go, Krishna can’t manage alone, please let me go, he is owner, please understand, Vijay says go with Nikhil, Pallavi says thank you and leaves.

Nikhil and Pallavi reach shop, Nikhil gets call from Akash for photoshoot lighting, Pallavi says you talk to him I will talk to Raghav.
Krishna scolding Raghav and Farhad for spoiling everything, Pallavi walks in and asks what all is this and how dare you come in, Raghav says its my shop, Pallavi says I rent it, and you don’t have any other work first my family now again here, some new notice to throw me out, Raghav says I don’t need that I am here for photoshoot set up, customer walks in asking for shop, Raghav says its shut permanently leave. Raghav writes on a paper shop closed and hangs it on shop and says this shop is closed for 2 days and after that your eviction notice will also end, this is my shop now, get out.

Pallavi says I had never accepted your legal notice, do your photoshoot, I can manage my business online as well, you can steal my offline presence but not online, Nikhil walks in and informs that photoshoot set up done, Pallavi says very good, and says Raghav lock the shop properly and don’t touch my sarees and if you do I will send bill to Jayti Jewels and leaves. Raghav asks Farhad to pre pond photoshoot.

Sharda and Vijay come home, Sharda says why people stare as if there are never breakups, Vijay says forget people they are here to pin point, Vijay sees Mansi busy and happy. Sharda says Pallavi found good thing, Vijay says I am worried about Amruta not Mansi, what about that boy does he love her do they want to be together, Sulochana walks to them and says stay away from my daughter’s life, I will decide what she will do, Amruta wont abort again, Sharda says if you don’t show her right path you might need that, and we can also speak nonsense like you but we are cultured unlike you.

Amruta gets ready, Sulochana walks to her and says what all is this, Amruta says what have I done, I am going out to enjoy with my friends, Sulochana says shut up stay here, if you are so bored think about revenge Pallavi and Raghav, Amruta says its not your cup of tea, you can’t even stand in front of Pallavi, Sulochana says this Pallavi showed how far she can go and now just wait and watch how I play, they will be no where, Amruta says I want them to face this but how, Sulochana says get Raghav’s all details, even his weakness.

Pallavi and Mansi arranging for shoot, Pallavi asks Krishna for a black saree, Krishna hands her, Nikhil walks in and informs Pallavi that model has denied and all models are booked I tried everywhere, Pallavi says who would do that.

Farhad says to Raghav, I called all models what are we doing now, Raghav says ask photographer to shoot with which one he likes, and others let them just timepass, Farhad asks why call them then, Raghav says so that they dont go to Pallavi, Pallavi asks Nikhil where did they go, Nikhil says Jayti Jewels. Pallavi says who else then Raghav, Mansi says what will we do now, Kirti walks in and asks where are you I am calling you since long, shop is shut too, Pallavi smiles looking at her and says we have our model.

Harish tells Raghav that Pallavi found model, Raghav says how is that possible, all professionals are with me, Harish says she isnt professional.

Kirti gets dressed but gets nervous, Pallavi says don’t worry you are very photogenic and natural, Mansi starts clicking Kirti, Milind walks in with Sharda and Vijay and praise girls, Pallavi asks them to leave as Kirti is getting nervous, Kirti says Pallavi I can’t I am so over dressed and conscious, Pallavi says its fine go stroll around in garden and come, Kirti leaves, Pallavi asks everyone to go get dressed for Kirti to feel normal.

Raghav reaches Pallavi’s house, with photoshoot setup, and says if my sister is having photoshoot everything should be the best.
Pallavi gets dressed, Raghav sees her and keeps looking at her and smiling, he enters her room, Pallavi thinks its Mansi and asks her to give safety pin, Raghav hands her pin, Raghav slowly leaves.

Nikhil calls Pallavi out, Mansi and photographer fighting, Pallavi sees Raghav in room, Pallavi asks Raghav what nonsense is this, Raghav says you are using my sister, and so all should be best, and you should be happy I am getting you the best equipments.

Pre cap: 

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17th April 2021 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Harish tells Raghav, police has arrested Kirti and Amma.Vijay throws Pallavi out of house.Farhad says to Raghav you spoilt innocent girls life, Raghav says she started first, she pointed at Amma and Kirti’s character.

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