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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th June 2021 Sunny sees Raghav at door and is surprised, Sunny asks how is he here is there any work, Raghav says won’t you invite me in, Sunny says I am leaving somewhere, Raghav walks in and says I wont waste time, Sunny says someone is waiting for me, Raghav says I know it is Kirti, Sunny says why will she, Raghav says I hate drama, straight forward, so just sit and answer, since when you know her and what relation, Sunny says 2 years and what you mean relation, Raghav says don’t make me do bad, I know you were running away with Kirti, and picks his bag and says just this much stuff, Sunny says who told you this, Raghav says no reason raising voice and attitude, I had tapped your phone, Sunny says its illegal I will lodge a complaint, Raghav says shall I give comissioners number, Raghav says let me finish my work and then you can do whatever you want.

Pallavi scolds Kirti for acting illogical, Kirti says you dont understand he cant marry me and Amma and Raghav wont accept live in, Pallavi says have you gone nuts, have you thought about thinking of Amma and Raghav, Kirti says Raghav, he is selfish and just thinks about money, he has taken away everything from me and will also do this, Pallavi says I know everything, he has always done everything for his family, Kirti says he just wants sympathy he just knows to manipulate things, and do you know him better than me, Pallavi says yes.

Raghav says I smelled Kirti’s perfume when I came here last time and checked Kirti too and I was right, and I am Hyderabad’s don and won’t let her marry anyone, so tell me how much money you want, Sunny says you think I am here for money, okay how much will you pay me, what is your amount, Raghav says 1 Cr, Sunny says its less for Kirti, I want 5 Cr. Raghav says will be in your hand and I dont want to see you here or with Kirti. Sunny says sure. Raghav leaves.
Sunny gets call from Kirti and ge disconnects it and says not anymore Kirti.

Pallavi trying to stop Kirti, Amma walks out and asks what is it and asks Kirti where are you going, Kirti says sorry I hide this from you but I love someone and wants to go with him and I can’t live without him, Jaya slaps her and says is this a film, Kirti says I love Sunny he is my life, Jaya asks Pallavi to call Raghav, Kirti says so that he can kill me too, Jaya slaps her again, Pallavi says Amma calm down she is not sma anymore. Amma loses calm, Raghav walks in and says stop it, and asks what all is this, Jaya says she wants to run away, Raghav says I know everything, and Kirti no one is coming and shut up and go to your room, Sunny left this city, Kirti says why can’t you stay away from my life, may be your wife told you everything, you all are liars,I am going to Sunny, Raghav slaps her and says shut up and go to your room, enough of this love nonsense go inside, Jaya takes Kirti to her room forcefully, Raghav asks did you know about this, Pallavi says yes, Raghav gets angry and leavea, Pallavi says how do you know, Raghav says I understand why Kirti does this but you, oh right its a deal right so you dont share, I was stupid to keep expectations, Pallavi says I didn’t want to break Kirtis trust, Raghav says oh friendship, you are a good friend but not wife..Raghav leaves the room.

Mansi sees Rahul’s engagement pics on internet and gets shocked, Amruta walks to her, Mansi tells her about it and starts crying, Amruta says he was not good anyways we will find someone good. Sulochana hears Mansi say, Raghav and Pallavi ruined my life, he will never be happy.
Sulochana thinks because of Pallavi and Raghav my daughter’s are in pain, I want to destroy them but how, I will surely do something even if Raghav kills me, I will make sure I ruin their life.

Kirti has meltdown seeing Sunny doesn’t receiving phone, Jaya says calm down, Kirti says he killed my one happiness, Raghab just tortures us, my family, my love and Pallavi even you are responsible for this, Pallavi says I dont know how Raghav knows, Kirti says liar you broke my trust I am going to Sunny and if your don husband has done something to him, I will kill Raghav, I am going to Sunny, Pallavi says enough stop this childishness, Kirti says I curse Raghav for snatching my love, he will never be happy, Jaya says Kirti calm down, Kirti faints.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi tells Raghav she was widow and people have always insulted me for same.Vijay says to Raghav he will forgive Pallavi if Raghav washes his feet and drinks that water.

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Telecast Date:14th June 2021
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