Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th April 2021 Amruta says to Pallavi I will do what I want, you keep spending nights at Raghav’s house..

Raghav says to Pallavi sorry I dashed the bike by mistake should I keep crying about that, Pallavi says you will cry, I will make you cry for all the problems and pain you gave my family…

Sulochana says Raghav and Pallavi I won’t spare you..

Sometime back…

Sulochana asks Pallavi to kill her and enough of her drama, Milind slaps Sulochana, and sayd enough of your drama, we have the truth you have spoiled my daughter’s life, and now you won’t stay in this house get out.

Farhad says to Raghav, you saved Pallavi today, Raghav says I didn’t I just cleared my name and enough of Pallavi, Farhad says calm down. Rama asks Farhad why does Raghav look happy, Farhad says he saved Pallavi today, Rama says has he fallen for her, Farhad says I don’t know but she can bring the truth in front of everyone. Raghav gets call from Harish regarding Jaya and he leaves.

Pallavi asks Milind to forgive Sulochana, Milind says its sin and not mistake, Milind pushes Pallavi and she hurts her head, Pallavi asks Milind to calm down, Milind says she will destory the family if I stop today and you are begging for this woman who spoiled everything she wont stay thats it, Milind collapses, Vijay says Sulochana look you kept blaming her and today she is only one who is standing for you, Siddhesh says our Pallavi always has her family first, Sharda says Sulochana by hiding kids mistakes you think you are saving them then that’s your biggest fault, Sulochana says enough my Mansi is fine and I will talk to Asha, dont give me lecture. Mansi walks to Sulochana and throws her wedding saree cut into pieces, Mansi says nothing can be sorted like this Lehenga, and you are only responsible for ruining my life, just you.

Pallavi thinks Raghav I wont spare you, you ruined my families happiness.

Raghav reaches Jaya’s house, Jaya walks to him sweet, Raghav says Harish said you had fracture, Jaya sais it was just a sprain, Raghav scolds Harish for wrong information, Raghav calls doctor, Kirti looks oh kheer, is it for Raghav, Jaya says no nothing of such kind, Raghav sees Kheer and smiles, and says Amma for me, Jaya says no, Raghav says he helped Pallavi today, and tells whole story.

Pallavi sees Amruta sitting alone in dark and walks to her and says I had doubt it was you and so I was trying to keep things inside, and I understand things have changed in today’s generation but few things also aren’t ethical, you have to be limits and not take advantage of freedom.
Amruta says you are not my mother and don’t be, my s*x life my body, you keep spending nights at Raghav’s house dont teach me, Pallavi says Amruta stay in your limits, Amruta says I won’t do whatever you want to, stupid and leaves.

Raghav tells Jaya yes he called Rahul’s family too, Jaya says how could you share personal matter with in laws, people will judge and break marriage, Kirti says Amma Pallavi isnt picking call, Jaya says Raghav you will go apologize to them. Raghav says I did good thing, Jaya says good thing at wrong time is wrong, Raghav says okay I will you take care.

Pallavi sees Sulochana and Milind sleep away from eachother, Vijay and Sharda tensed too and Mansi sitting alone, Pallavi says today was Mansi’s wedding she should have tears of bidai and not pain, I have to do something and bring back smile.

Sweets arrive at Mansi’s house, Pallavi says I will manage, Milind says to Vijay distribute this in poor and inform everyone wedding is called off, Vijay hugs Milind. Pallavi thinks if this wedding is called off Milind will never be at peace and Sulochana will be questioned I have to talk to Asha.

Raghab dashes Pallavi’s bike, Pallavi scolds him, Raghav says it was mistake, here is money repair it, Pallavi says for you it’s very easy right, because of your selfishness Amruta has to face this and Mansi’s wedding is called off, and you will understand this pain when something same will happen to you. Raghav says I came here for something else, and I will punish you for this and not wait for Karma. Pallavi says right why wait for Karma when I myself can do something and puts mud on his car by her bike and says clean it here is money.

Sulochana remembers whole scenario, and says Raghav and Pallavi because of you two whole family is against me, and from today my only motto is revenge from you two.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th April 2021 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav says to Farhad if it’s Pallavi I will destory her and her family.Vijay throws Pallavi out of house.Farhad says to Raghav you crossed the limits you spoilt innocent Pallavi’s life. Raghav says she started first, she took a bate at Amma and Kirti.

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Telecast Date:14th April 2021
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