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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th October 2021 Sumit hits Raghav, aays how dare you touch her, Raghav says how dare you touch her, Raghav and Sumit get into fight. Esha gains consious and sees them fight and says stop it, he is my husband Sumit. Sumit asks who are you, Esha says Sumit don’t you understand, stay away from me, Sumit says you came here to complain about me and now threatening me too, don’t awake the evil in me, just take the complain away, and how dare you talk to me like this,

what did you do wity him, you booked same hotels right, Raghav says mind your language, Esha says I am handling this keep quiet and you Sumit think before you speak, and now go away, my lawyer will talk to you, Sumit says tell me who is this. Raghav says I am Raghav Rao, Sumit says wow you gave me divorce and runited with him, this must be your long planning, Raghav pushes Sumit says stay away, Sumit says you stay away this is our personal matter. Raghav holds Esha’s hand says lets go.

Farhad at commissioner waiting to see him to get info about Raghav, he informs Pallavi, Commissioner hasn’t called him yet, Pallavi says to Farhad stay there he has good connection with Raghav and will surely help us.

Pallavi gets worried about Raghav, the weather gets bad too. Pallavi says I can’t sit idle.
Raghav gets Esha to his room. Esha says thankyou, Raghav asks that man was your husband, you married him for money, you had so much greed you married him. Esha says I don’t want to talk to him, Raghav says I want to, you did wrong to me, you gave me lot of pain and now I need to know the answers, what did you get by doing this. Esha says my father made me do this, if I would marry you instead of Sumit, he would kill you.

Pallavi worried, Keerti says my friends husband suggested not going Varangal now, Pallavi says there is no information about Raghav, I am very worried. Keerti says I will come with me, Pallavi says you are pregnant you can’t, Keerti says but I can’t let you go alone, Pallavi says what can I do, Farhad is at commissioner and no one else is available, Sunny chilling. Keerti says go with Sunny, its better to go with family then strangers,

Pallavi says not required, Keerti says you will go with Sunny, Keerti calls Sunny, Sunny asked what happened, Keerti says go help Pallavi find Raghav, Sunny says I care about my life, Sunny says I won’t, Keerti forces him, Pallavi says I wouldn’t go with you if it wasn’t emergency, I am waiting in car and leaves. Sunny says I am not her driver, Keerti says please.

Esha says I would never marry anyone then you and you knew my father how dangerous you are and so I told you I am marrying Sumit for money, Raghav asks why the divorce, Esha says he is a very cheap man, he has lot of money but no humanity, he did domestic violence and so I gave him divorce 3 years back and he keeps threatening me and so I came here to lodge a complaint and so he kidnap me and force me to take away the complain, anyways its life all this happens.

Esha tries to aid her own, Raghav sees she is in pain and goes help her. Esha says I shall leave, says I want to go because I don’t want the only good memories I have to ruin, memories with you give me strength, Raghav looks at Esha, Esha saya I am not flirting just telling, Raghav says I am married have a beautiful awesome wife and love eachother, Esha says I have seen that, never thought we will meet again like this and I am so proud of you, you achieved all that you said, Raghav says but you why did you do that,

Esha saya lets not talk about that guy and spoil our mood, I am hungry lets order, Raghav says let’s order your chinese, Esha says yes chinese and whiskey, Raghav says where will you get whiskey now, Esha says in my bag, Raghav says you still do that like college days, Esha gets yhe bottel and says yes. Raghav makes her a drink. Esha says where is your peg, Raghav says I had so much I don’t anymore, Esha says even I won’t then, Raghav says only one peg then and makes him a drink and both have it.

Sunny and Pallavi in car, Sunny says I have no interest in going in that strike and if anything happens to me even a scratch I will rake compensation from you and Raghav, Pallavi says you can leave right away, I can manage. Sunny says you think all are mad, I know you doing this so that I don’t get a ride home, and why didn’t you talk in front of Keerti, and I know your nonsense. Pallavi ignores him.

At Deshmukh house. Milind sees Sharda praying and says have food you iust returned again you are praying, Sharda tells him about Raghav stuck in Varangal strike, and there us no info about Raghav. Milind says God is with us don’t worry. Esha gets drunk and says I have so much fun with you and never loved anyone like I did to you,

why are you so special, Raghav says its enough Esha you drank a lot. Esha says I haven’t forgotten you and I still think of you everyday why Raghav, Raghav says Esha go to sleep, Esha stops Raghav and says remember I love you message you sent Pallavi, I thought you messaged me, and it was so painful to know the truth, I don’t have right over you, this makes me feel week, I cry everyday since our break up but Raghu I can’t live like this anymore, and hugs Raghav.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav drunk falls on bed. He wakes up and finds Esha in his bed. Pallavi reaches the hotel.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2021
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