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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 10th September 2021 Keerti says I know you are shocked, Jatin I never wanted to marry you but Amma and Raghav were forcing me too because my brother Raghav the richest man in Hyderabad and my Sunny is just an tattoo artist and so he never accepted him and today first time Raghav Rao lost and I am now Mrs. Keerti Sunny Ahuja, Jatin says Keerti is not at fault but Raghav you are, you thought forced marriages will work, even I won’t marry someone I don’t love, you are so disgusting with your thoughts, Jatins parents blame Jaya, Raghav asks them to leave, Jatin and parents leave

Raghav says what new nonsense is this, Keerti says stop he is my husband, Sunny smiles as Raghav, Keerti pushes Raghav, Sunny says we have married in temple and if you want shall I call the pandit, Keerti says if you dare harm my husband I won’t spare you, Jaya stumble, Keerti rushes to her, Jaya pushes her away and says what have you done, Keerti says I am sorry I didn’t want to do it this way, please accept us and bless us, Jaya steps back. Keerti says I knew you will react this way, and Pallavi thank you so much, Keerti hugs Pallavi, Raghav and Jaya in shock. Keerti says this wouldn’t be possible without you and sorry it happened this way, and Sunny lets go in our room, Keerti and Sunny leave

Raghav yells at Pallavi why did she thank you, Pallavi says I went to see Keerti in her room, Raghav says why did you open the door, Pallavi says I went to give her Jewellery and saree, Jaya says I asked you to give stuff and not let Keerti out, Pallavi says I know, Keerti pushed me and locked me in room and left, Raghav says why did you open door, you did it on purpose, you always thought I was wrong, Jaya says he is right, Pallavi says it was wrong, but I didn’t know Keerti would do it, Jaya says but we knew but you and your stubbornness, and why didn’t you tell us, Pallavi says I tired so many times, Jaya says just excuses and Keerti said she will come back, Raghav says you trusted her, Jaya says Pallavi because if you, Keerti married a bad guy and she isn’t realising it now but when she will you will be responsible for it, Jaya and Raghav angry leave

Amruta with Sharda, Sharda and her discussing about Ganpati decoration, Abhishek gets kheer, Sharda says I am upset with you, you aren’t here since Nikhil went, Abhishek says Nikhil told me about your accident and Nikhil is also coming, Sharda says when, Abhishek says oh I guess it was a surprise, Abhishek gets a message and he says aunty I will leave now, I have work, Sharda says go carefully and do come with your mother for Ganpati, Amruta says Kaku if Nikhil comes to Ganpati we will all be back together whole family, Vijay says Pallavi won’t be part of our whole family, my son is coming back, she spoiled my one son and I want her to stay away from my other

Pallavi tries to convince Raghav, he says leave it, no discussion will change the fact that Keerti is married to Sunny, I understand that the way I was handling was wrong, but I wanted to save my brother which I didn’t do for my brother and father, Sunny got what he wanted, and now I can never break him, I took his help but it was my helpless situation and I couldn’t save my sister I failed, I couldn’t give her the best life and its because of the person I loved the most you, you are my strength and today you made me fail, Raghav gets call from Farhad and he calls him in Den and leaves.

Pallavi walks to Keertis room, Pallavi says I want to talk to you, Sunny says she is busy with her husband, Pallavi says why did you do this Keerti, Sunny says Pallavi Bhabhi its our first night, I don’t know about yours but I want to make it special for my wife, Sunny tries to close door, Pallavi stops and says this man is bad for you, and someday you will find it and its on me now and will never get out of this guilt, Sunny says okay go with your guilt we don’t want it and closes the door.

Keerti says Sunny why does everyone hate you, Sunny says relax and I don’t care about others till you are with me, Keerti says I am with you and I have no one else other than you, Sunny this you wull get me Raghav’s property, he kisses Keerti on her neck, picks hee takes her to bed.

Pallavi sees Jaya sitting alone, in tears looking at her husband’s photo and says I am sorry, I couldn’t stop our daughter, I wish I could change time and stop her, Pallavi walks to her, Amma looks in anger at her and turns away, Pallavi leaves.

Pallavi in her room, she calls Sharda, Sharda asleep wakes up seeing Pallavi’s call, Sharda picks it up and asks whats wrong, why did she call so late, Pallavi tells Sharda about whole Keerti situation.

Farhad tells Raghav their man is caught by Police as Murli had warned. Sharda says Pallavi listen to me, we all do mistakes and you didn’t so it on purpose and its not your fault and one day they will understand and keep Keerti away from Sunny, Jaya and Raghav will understand too some day.

Raghav says Farhad send everyone underground, and get the boy out send ministry recommendation, Sunny hears Raghav talk and thinks what does he do, staff he made leave and trying to get someone out of jail, what work does he do, anyways he is two faced guy, hypocrite and I need all info to win over him.

Pallavi tries to talk to Raghav, Raghav ignores her, changes and goes to sleep. Pallavi thinks about Sharda’s words and thinks Aai was right I don’t give up, I will do everything right and keep my family safe from Sunny.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganpati celebration at Rao Mansion.Sunny says to Pallavi,your husband doesn’t pay custom on his diamonds, he smuggles diamonds, your husband is a smuggler.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2021
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