Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 10th April 2021 Pallavi says to Raghav you arw attacking me from behind and think you are a hero, so scared of me, Raghav says I am scared of no one and tell your family even if you are last girl on this planet I won’t touch you…

Pallavi says to everyone my own people misunderstand me and so I have decided I won’t attend Mansi’s wedding…
Mansi in tears…
Pallavi says I am going to Kolhapur with Siddesh Dada…

Somtime back…

Farhad says to Raghav I am not able to understand why Pallavi blamed you in hospital, she is not amongst the one who unnecessary will create havoc, Raghav says her father slapped you on one cheek you want me to slap on other, Farhad says something is wrong I can’t let it go. Raghav says focus on your work let that go.

Amruta hugs Sulochna, Mansi there too, Sulochana asks Amruta why is she so scared, Amruta asks what happened in hospital, Sulochana says the truth that Pallavi had abortion, and now I will throw her out, Mansi asks Milind and Nikhil all confused. Doctor on call says you had big favour on me and so I risked my license and blamed Pallavi and not anymore dont ever call me and Pallavi thinks Raghav has done it.

Pallavi says Krishna I will find the truth, Pallavi sees all the women starring at her near shop carrying plate and dirty water, they throw water on Pallavi, Krishna asks them to step back they put Krishna aside and circle Pallavi and ill talk about her for aborting child, Pallavi says listen to me this is wrong, they ask Pallavi to leave Hyderabad and about to put chappals garland, Raghav steps in between, and says this is my shop, women say that was your child, Raghav says what nonsense, this is my property just get out, women say Pallavi you will be punished and leave.
Raghav asks what all is this, can’t you live without drama, Pallavi says shut up and I know you got them and made that fake abortion report too and I saw you paying doctor Kanika, how could you fall so low, are you scared of me, Raghav says I am scared of no one and tell your family even if you are last girl on this planet I won’t touch you and I am alone enough for you and dont need these people to fight you, Pallavi says stop shouting and takes his hanky and wipes dirt and puts back in her pocket, Pallavi opens her shop.

Raghav looks at the hanky and thinks about all happened, and says Farhad today first time I saw disgust in her eyes, Farhad says I told you last night there is something serious, Raghav says get Kanika’s details, I can’t stand Pallavi’s name with me.
Sulochana gets call from Samaj Morcha ladies that they failed and Raghav stoped them. Sulochana says I won’t let Sharda go so easily she pointed at my daughter and Pallavi has to face that. Pallavi walking on road hear people talking about her.

Pallavi walks in house looks at everyone and walks to Vijay says look at this mandap its telgu style, Vijay ignores her, Pallavi shows to Milind lights decor he ignores too, Pallavi says I am talking to you all but you are ignoring me, people talk behind my back since long but that never affected me because I had my family but not now so I have decided I wont attend Mansi’s wedding I am going Kolhapur with Siddesh Dada, all aligations made on me are false but without proofs no one will believe and so I will come back when I have some truth, Siddhes says let’s leave today, Mansi tries to stop, Pallavi says you won’t say a word, Sharda says you don’t need to say a word, Pallavi says I have to fight for my truth, Rahul must be coming I will leave before that and leaves, Sharda says you all must be very happy, we are such good family that we are asking our own child to prove herself we should have died, and leaves.

Raghav acts as Kanika’s driver and with Farhad, Kanika asks what are you two doing here, Raghav makes her wear drivers cap and says don’t let it off and if you do I will throw you out, and now be ready for most adventurous ride.

Pallavi packs her stuff, and gets ready to leave with Siddesh, Nikhil takes hee aside and asks her not to leave, he wont enjoy without her, Nikhil says here is some money please keep it and hugs her, Pallavi sees Rahul and Asha at door, Sulochana stops her and says go from door behind before they see you, Pallavi nods okay and leaves looking at everyone and remembering all happy moment’s.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav to all Deshmukh’s I have proof on who has done the abortion.Vijay throws Pallavi out of the house.

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Telecast Date:10th April 2021
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