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Meet 9th November 2022 Neelu making Rangoli. Barfi looks at her and remember deleting message from Laila’s phone thinks what is he send someo other message to Laila and she reads it, I have to stop her from going. She walks in kitchen heat milk and mix sleeping pills in her glass. She walks to Neelu says you look weak have some milk. Neelu says I don’t wish to drink. Barfi says it’s for your health have it.

Ragini in her bedroom with Isha’s photo in her hand says why did you left, I’m missing you a lot today, I know you will understand my condition and know why I did everything. Ishani says I also want to know why you did this, why did you tell everyone I’m your daughter,

I’m use to of listening all things, what do you think that I’ll forgive you after this, if you like to tell truth then must have told everything about me, you cannot because you don’t have strength that’s why I hate you and she walks out of room. Ragini says I wish I could tell everything to everyone.

Ram in corridor see Ragini. Ragini looks at him. Ram calls servant says keep this inside it’s for pooja. Ishani walk in between. Ram look at her walks out of house. Ishani walks to Ragini says I want to write my father’s name in my collage form, so tell me who is my father what is his name. Ragini says you were worried about your identity and now I told everyone you are my daughter now what you want. Ishani says I want my father’s name that too with all rights.

Meet Ahlawat in godown, working late. Meet Ahlawat receive a message he open door. Meet walks in says are you ready to know the reality. Meet Ahlawat says yes and after knowing everything it feels like Neelu is involved in everything. Meet says now I have to hide so that nobody would see me or else family would know I didn’t go to Banaras.

Meet Ahlawat ask but where will you hide. Meet says I’ll hide in cartain box so that she don’t see me with you and we both will be connected through phone. Meet Ahlawat says she is clever, she could hurt you. Meet says she challenged me to take you away from me, you are in more danger so you won’t come to me until I call you promise me.

Meet Ahlawat with his employes in godown, he calls everyone says today is Dhanteras so go and celebrate with your family. Everyone leaves.

Neelu sleeping. Barfi looking at her says because of sleeping pills she will wake up in morning directly. Barfi looks at her phone says Meet is not here still Meet Ahlawat didn’t message to postpone meeting, no worries today you will wait because Neelu will be sleeping till morning. Barfi switch off light and go to sleep.

Meet hiding inside cartain box. Meet Ahlawat looking at his watch waiting for Neelu. Meet thinks after some more time we will know the truth. Meet yhear footsteps. An employee walks to him apologies for scaring him and tell I left my keys here. Meet Ahlawat says 2:45 and ask Meet to come out. Meet says what are you doing.

Meet Ahlawat says we don’t have to wait anymore she would have come till now. Meet says we can wait. Meet Ahlawat says don’t think much go to home I have some work here, till that time Shaam will drop you home and after that I’ll go with him. He calls Shaam. Meet says my heart is saying no it’s pumping hard, she hugs him. Laila walking towards them. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet to leave but Meet’s bracelet get stuck in his watch.

(Laila remembers asking Barfi to get more flowers for rangoli. Barfi walks away and she pour milk inside a vessel filled with flower and water. Barfi turn around give thali to Neelu and take empty glass from her. Neelu says I’m feeling tiered. Barfi says go take rest I’ll complete the rangoli. Laila thinks what did you thought you are smart, I already saw that message when he was sending me. Meet Ahlawat reading the message he wrote for Laila and she hear them talking.)
Laila says today is the last night of Meet and Meet Ahlawat together because from tonight Meet Ahlawat will be of Laila.


Meet 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet Ahlawat waiting for Neelu in godown. Meet hiding inside a cardboard box. Laila cover her face with vail. Meet get out of box says I will bring this face of yours in front of everyone.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2022
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