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Meet 7th October 2021 Meet gets inside house after following ritual. Meets Grah pravesh ritual begins, Sunaina asks Meet to walk 7 steps forward. Meet begins ritual with kumkum water on a cloth. Meet Ahlawat stumble while walking. Meet catches him. Babitas friend says Babita daughter in law made a new ritual.

Meet Ahlawat gets up and steps on Meet’s saarie by mistake. Everyone gets shocked Masum says jeans inside saari. Babitas friend says you daughter in law has new fashion sense who was your exclusive designer and makes fun of her and mocks her. Meet Ahlawat asks Ragini how much more time. Ragini says just let her take kalash to mandir and its over and ask Sunaina to bring kalash.

Masum says to Sunaina mom brought small kalash for her delicate daughter in law, she is already in pain and you want to give her more after giving that small kalash, more over she saved my brother from falling so she can handle traditional kalash too and ask shyam to bring traditional kalash from upstairs. Raj says to Masum why are you doing your mom has done arrangement already.

Babita says Masum is right all the ritual will be followed. Sunaina says to Masum this is heavy two people are handling it. Masum says why can’t she her mom said she was bearing everything over there so why can’t she handle things here. Raj says to Masum this is risky she might get injury, she will not carry this much weight. Babita says then let it be don’t do it. Meet says I can handle it. Masum asks Shyam to put kalash on her head.

Meet walks with Kalash carefully. Everyone in shock. Duggu says yes ustaad mami you can do it, ustaad mami is brave and strong. Babitas friend make fun of Babita. Meet keep kalash in fron of god statue and greets them. Babita says to her friend all ritual are done thanks for coming. Friends mock her and go.

Sunaina ask Meet to put your handprint on board and sees Manushi name on board and remember shat Babita said to Meet Ahlawat for hand impression. Ragini walks and cut Manushi name from board and write Meet name. Meet dips her hand and put on her impression. Ragini takes them to god and asks them to take blessings. Meet Ahlawat walks away in anger and throws Meet duppata.

Ragini goes and put that duppata on Meet, says don’t feel bad he is not bad from his heart he is hurt I hope you understand, everything will be fine. Meet says I know that and thinks he should get happiness that he deserve. Ragini says according to our house ritual you have to be whole night in mandir and me and Sunaina will be here, if you want to sleep let us and ask Sunaina to bring mattress.

Ragini says to Meet tomorrow you can go to your room. Sunaina bring mattress and says mummy was on fast today which she was going to break after welcoming daughter in law but she is not ready to eat anything and is very angry says how can I break my fast when my daughter in law didn’t came. Ragini asks Sunaina stay here I’ll go and look Babita. Meet says it’s already late night you both can go and sleep I’ll sleep don’t worry much. Ragini says okay let us know if you need anything.

Manushi and Kunal in hotel room. Manushi excited and thinks Kunal has decided classic hotel for me, best decision I took of marrying him and calls Kunal and says your room will be more lavish then this. Kunal says ofcourse and I’m sure your bedroom must be big then this. Masum says yes I’m missing my room, I’m doing this because of you can manage it for some days. Kunal says you must be tiered I’ll go change you take rest and leaves. Manushi says someone must have got my letter and Ahlawat family must have gone back and this week will me heavyfor both Meet.

Meet says to god I know Meet Ahlawat is not bad but being married to me is hurting him please stay with him and help him, God had found such good house for Manushi but she didn’t do good.

Meet Ahlawat breaks his and Manushi’s picture in the room and tears off all the decorations. Meet and Meet Ahlawat in tears.

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Meet 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet Ahlawat says to Meet this is my room not yours.Babita remembers her pride she had in front of her friends and says to Raj because of your decision I will have to face consequences and do as said in bet. Meet Ahlawat says you won’t do anything of that

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Telecast Date:7th October 2021
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