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Meet 7th July 2022 Deep with Isha . Deep says you mean because of Manjari now Raj will be fine. Isha says for so many time our family was praying to be things normal now that everyone is happy and things are getting normal so I’m planning to tell everyone about we both getting married and make everyone more happy but for that first you have to talk to your mom about our relation.

Deep get’s serious. Isha ask is there any problem whenever I ask about your mom you always gets tensed, I want to meet your mom. Deep says my mom live in village and she have different thoughts and says anything and I don’t want that my mom hurt you. Isha says this is the problem I thought it’s something else,

I promise I’ll try my best to impress you and change myself according to her, I’ll even learn cooking and don’t worry if she say anything to me because Meet Bhabhi taught me how to change anger into love so don’t be worried we sill start practicing today, I’ll make tea for you. Deep says you will make tea. Isha says I can try.

Ram Lakhan Duggu brings Manjari out of house to show something. She ask where are you taking me. They show her bike say it’s your favorite please give us a ride on it. Manjari says what are you talking I never ride a bike.

Ram says it’s a piece of cake for you. Lakhan says what are you thinking start bike. Duggu says yes then we have to do our homework too so please let’s go on a round. Manjari walks toward bike. Meet Ahlawat talking on phone see Manjari walking towards bike from window. Meet Ahlawat says she will surely ride bike.

Manjari talk to bike and hurt herself. Duggu explain her what to do. Manjari I never in my life ride a cycle how can I ride a bike and I can click good pictures on bike to post on social media, she ask boy’s to click her picture.

Ram thinks I have to make her sit on bike, he says these pictures are not good and tell her to sit on bike and explain everything. Manjari says so should I sit. She sit on bike Meet Ahlawat says now your true face will come out when you will ride tgis bike like earlier. Manjari fall down says this is not my kind of work please forgive me kids,

girls look good while sitting on bike not riding it and ask them to send her pictures and she leaves. Ram says to Duggu your father was right she is not same Duggu says yes but we should feel disheartened, one time Dadu told me story about a superhero where he loose his powers. Ram Lakhan says so this could be out Meet.

Manjari learning her lines. Popat cough and ask her to bring water. Manjari says wait I’ll bring and she leaves. Manjari walking in corridor. Meet Ahlawat walks to her says atleast for kids you could have ride a bike after all you live to ride a bike. Manjari says yes I’m Meet Hooda, I’m from Shabaadh and love my family in gujrati and realise she did mistake and start praying to god.

Meet Ahlawat says she was using earplugs that’s why she didn’t listen me. Manjari stumble into meet Ahlawat while praying and fall. Meet Ahlawat fall with her when he was saving. Manjari ask him what are you thinking. Meet Ahlawat says I saved ypu from hurting yourself. Manjari says okay I’ll go now and she leaves.

Manjari trying to remember her lines. Masum return from her trip. Manjaris duppata fall on Masum from upstairs. Masum remove duppata and see Manjari, Masum in shock ask who are you. She says I’m Meet, I didn’t forget anything and now when I’m here everyone will be in line. Masum fall down.

Babita sprinkling water at Masum. Masum wakes up and see Manjari, she gets scared. Manjari says drink lemon water you will feel good. Masum ask Babita how is she back. Manjari says let me tell you I’m not the person you are thinking.

Masum says you are same and complaint about her to Meet Ahlawat, she is same she even talked to me in haryanvi. Manjari get’s happy and start dancing says now I’m ready to act. Everyone gets happy for her. Isha says to Masum yes she was practising since morning. Masum says you were trying to scare me. Manjari says a person is scared when he do something wrong, did you do something with your younger bhabhi.

Masum remembers….
… Masum bumps into Manushi with Baby. Nurse says to Manushi I did as you asked now guve me my money, you promised me to give me my money and says Masum so you are the who is buying this kid you must have given her lot of money and says after all I give her dead baby in place of alive one.

Manushi says go from here or I’ll pay you nothing. She leaves. Masum says so you replaced Meet’s baby, you betrayed your own sister, you are so shallow, I have to tell everyone and calls Babita. Manushi says fine tell them but what you think everyone will praise you and make this baby the only owner of Ahlawat property, you made his life but what you will get, think one time what your kid Duggu will get, so in future this will be a good deal for you,

if you let me go then everything can be yours, I’m taking revenge sister but this will benifit you because according to my plan there will ne Meet and her son in Ahlawat family, now it’s your decision. Masum nods her head. Manushi says trust me you won’t regret this…
Meet Ahlawat scolding Manjari says let Masum rest she just came, go do whatever you want to do. Masum thinks I know she is Meet and I’ll bring her true identity infront of everyone.


Meet 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Masum on call with Manushi. Manushi says after a big blast meet is back. Masum says I’m also thinking same. Manushi says what is she is Meet.Ragini says to Meet Ahlawat come have jalebi with us. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want to have. Manjari says I’ll make him eat. Manjari ask him to say loudly and put two jalebi in his mouth.

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