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Meet 6th September 2021 Meet thinking about 15lakh how she will get. Sees at her father’s photo says I’m your daughter I’ll face the situation

Meet asking her boss for 15 lakh. Her boss says that’s too much. Meet says give me extra time bonus I’ll not take any leave. Boss says are you gone crazy you already doing 10hrs job plus 4hrs overtime. Meet says its about family matter so I need to do. Boss says I respect you and your job don’t worry I’ll try to help you and boss gets call from customer says will see you later.
Meet’s friend playing cricket. Meet says to her friend what was that why didn’t you caught the ball. I’m not mad that we will go there to catch ball. Meet sees police beating someone. Friend says they come daily to take bribe and they beat kids badly and you know they are same goons you had fight and today they are back in police dress. Meet says lets play life game today and goes to them.
One og the goon says she is the same girl. Meet says I didn’t forget you guys so says should I tell your secret, if I told to everyone they all will beat you and even police will beat you too, so lets play a cricket match of 6 balls if you get one wicket then I’ll leave you, why are you scared cricket is gentle man game I know you are not gentle but I’m lets play. One of the goon says we are ready.

Meet Ahlawat and his friend in market. His friend says so did you make plan to meet bhabhi. Meet Ahlawat says can you hear what my heart says, honestly saying I want to meet her but first date must be fixed after that dating start. His friend says then there is no olan to meet bhabhi, then why are we wasting time from last 3 hrs. Meet Ahlawat says make it your habit I’ll buy gift daily and when we will start dating I’ll gift her everything. Friend says you never gifted anything to anyone and now you are going mad because of you bhabhi will vome on road because you gonna fill her house with gifts and ask him to show teddy. They both gets in car and leave.

Meet doing batting and hits goon with ball says I’m sorry my bat slipped and hits each goon on every ball, last balls hits Meet Ahlawat car’s side mirror and break it. Meet Ahlawat stops and look for the culprit. Meet says to goon what was the bet and everyone start beating them. Meet says stop and says to everyone go to your work
Goons says sorry to the. Meet says you are troubling everyone and police dress is not any fancy dress, that uniform is worth something and you are disrespecting it, police will beat you now. Goons try to run away. Meet warn them and says if you try to run I’ll throw this bat on you. Meet Ahlawat and his friend come and sees Meet. Meet Ahlawat friend says she got bat in her hand and talking to us. Meet Ahlawat got scared and says last she was with sweet and now with bat. His friend says you are getting married soon so you need to be safe and says lets leave. Meet says goon run away but why did they both ran away I didn’t know that. Meet friend says I didn’t know why they run but I have idea why did they come. Other friend says because that last boll hit there side view mirror and break it. Meet says oh god, need to say sorry to them and run after them. Meet Ahlawat and his friend drive away. Meet come shouting let me say sorry atleast. Meet friend come and says you are real, you made goon run away and this duplicate Meet is coward. Meet says from now on his name will be daudu ram.

Manu on date with Kunal. Kunal says I was waiting for your call yesterday and I tried to reach you but no response from your end. Manu shows him bangle and says my mom took me Dubai to gift this. Kunal says to himself Dubai journey will be of 1 or 1.5 lakh and this bracelet would be of atleast 2 lakh in future everything will be mine. Manu says my mom is such a sweetheart she told me to buy every matching jewelry with this then I thought of you, you also think of giving me jewelry and then you will say that I don’t wear what you give. Kunal nods his hand. Manu says what you said yes or no, you also have rights to gift me so next Tuesday you will gift me matching earrings and necklace or else you I’ll not talk. Kunal sees waiter getting bill. Manu gets up and Kunal says to her last night I got cramp in my neck so I was making it move and you thought I was saying no to you. Manu says yes. Kunal says come sit and says to waiter I’ll clear it later. Kunal says in my family we buy gold after seeing good time, we got lots of money in our house that if we stackup it will touch sky but my family is traditional and they think gold should be bought at good time. Meet sees Manu. Kunal says I’ll go to pandit and ask him for good time will be back in half an hour and leaves. Meet sees Kunal going and goes to Manu give cold look, asks who was he. Manu says classmates and he was friend we are doing project together so was discussing about that, you always rome dressed as boy and you have objection with my friend. Meet says if your friend then call him home with full respect, they will also get card of your marriage. Waiter come and says is check clear and Meet gets call from Mummy.

Anubha says how will this happen. Meet asks what is wrong. Manu come and says must be dowry demand because I saw there ladies were all decked up I saw them. Anubha says its not about dowry, when I talked to them about dates then they said…. Raj says on call that our pandit gas fixed wedding date after 15days. Meet and Manu gets shocked. Meet says you should have told them and try to shift days. Anubha says I tried, Raj said that they don’t say no to Guruji and so we will have to abide by that, Meet says there might be many Muharats give me my phone, Ammaji scolds her and says Raj said marriage in 15 days thats it, Manu thinks God I haven’t thought yet who is richer, Anubha says there is one way, letz do Samuhik Vivaha, Amma says shut up, they have a status, Manu says enough of it, its my special day I don’t want all this, Anubha says I can’t manage all this, Amma says Meet will manage, Anubha says enough, she has done all her responsibility how will she manage this, Manu gets frustrated and says you gave me nothing, no multiplex, no english school, no bike, and Mummy I will marry once and you want me to compromise now, why did you give me birth and kill me, Meet says enough, can’t you see her love, thank her, Manu says I didn’t ask her too, I want to marry in a grand way and you want ke to compromise that, Meet says you won’t I will work for you, I will manage money for you, Amma pushes her back, and says do you have any way just keeps talking, Meet says I said I will, just like Papa would do.

Meet Ahlawat working out, Manu calls him, Meet Ahlawat happy to see her call, Manu says I hope I didn’t disturb you, Meet says I was thinking about you, I mean was working, Manu says even I was thinking about you, its our wedding in 15 days, I wanted us to spend time together before wedding, so lets have fun these 15 days, Meet Ahlawat says done, all what you want, Manu says I had imagined a proposal and a gift which I would have lifelong and can you do something like this, Meet says ofcourse Moonshine, Manu says I like it, Manu says lets meet on Tuesday.

Meet prays and says this I am doing without Mummy’s knowledge so bless me.

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