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Meet 4th November 2022 Neelu tells Meet she is fine and says I did it so that I can delete photos from the phone. Meet says to her you shouldn’t your baby could be at risk. Neelu says I have no right to love Meet Ahlawat and I said that because I saw Babita walk in, Meet says this you didn’t keep cake and flowers. Neelu says no I didn’t and here are my keys

(Laila keeps flowers and cake when Meet was asleep, Barfi had seen her keep it. Laila says Laila just love you Meet Ahlawat, you celebrated Karwachauth with Meet and I am still furious about it)

Meet Ahlawat says Neelam we wanted to speak to you about your past. Meet says Neelu you can share your feelings with us. Barfi walks in and asks whats wrong os Neelam fine, how did she fall come with me. Meet says no wait, we need to talk to Neelu. Barfi says not now, she isn’t fine and leaves. Meet thinks why do they keep hiding truth and who must have kept the cake and flowers.

Ram asks Ishani’s suitcase to keep in guestroom. Ishani walks to him and says I will stay here, ehats your problem and this room is Isha’s and not yours. Ishani says this room is my right too. Ragini walks to her and says enough Ishani please and Ram what all is this, open the room. Ram says I won’t and leaves with keys.

Ishani says to Ragini why didn’t you let me tell the truth, everyone should know and will know who I am and how I am related to this house. Ragini says I beg you please don’t, everything will be destroyed. Ishani says you have 24hrs.

Meet asks Barfi why do they not reveal the culprit. Barfi says because I don’t know about him and will punishing him change Neelus pain, and now stop digging the past and leave. Meet sees rose flower, Barfi locks cupboard but the keys fall and she leaves.

Ragini asks Ram to return keys, Ram says that girl is brat, she threw Isha’s belongings how can she. Ragini says let it be, give keys. Ram says tell me truth who exactly she is. Ragini says the truth is, forget it I know you love Isha but can you share some with Mishri and Ishani. Ram says don’t drag Mishri into this, I will do anything for the little one but not this brat Ishani. Ragini says Ishani is my friends daughter and we have to help Ishani and if you don’t help I will break the lock. Ram thinks for first time Ragini has used this tone what could be the reason.

Meet looks at flower and says if Neelam ordered these flowers I am find a receipt here. Barfi trips of on toys and she sees her keys are missing and starts looking for them and says no one can find these keys are they in my room and Meet is there.

Meet starts looking for things around. Laila’s clothes under the bed. Meet opens the cupboard. Barfi rushes to the room. Meet starts looking in the cupboard and finds a file, Barfi walks in and sees Meet with file and thinks if she reads it she will find about split personality and I have to stop her indirectly or else she will get more suspicious. Barfi brings Mishri in his pram and pushes her pram. Barfi shouts save Mishri.

Meet hears that and rushes to sace Mishri. Ishani saves Mishri from falling of the stairs. Meet asks what happened. Barfi says I saw the oran God knows who pushed her. Ram looks at Ishani and says this is pram and Ishani was near it. Barfi sneaks out to her room and closes the door.

Ishani says I saved the pram. Ram says who will believe you, Ragini says enough Ram. Meet says I saw her she saved her and why would Ishani do something. Ram says some people are just brat, looks like her parents never taught her how to respect elders and behave properly. Ragini asks Ram to leave. Meet says Ishani I am sorry, Ram is really sweet he is just concerned about Mishri. Ishani says whatever and leaves. Meet says to Ragini, I think you should give your love to her.

Meet walks to Neelam and says I found rose in your cupboard. Neelam says I would never lie to you and I don’t know how the flower came there and you are sacrificing your relation for me and I would never do anything against you and I can leave if you want. Meet says not required and thinks who must be behind all this.

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