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Meet 4th July 2022 Meet Ahlawat says to Manjari my dad is sick and as I told your face matches my wife that’s why I want you to come with me to my house. Hoshiyar says please help us. Popat ask them tell me one thing how Manjari can help you.

Manjari says they want me to act as his wife. Popat says what are you talking and why will she do, I’m very sorry we can’t help you.

Meet Ahlawat show her money says it’s advance and you will get how much you want after this you don’t have to do anything stupid to earn nor she have to take dance class, you have 2 minutes get ready and meet me down.

Manjari says how did he think that we will be ready soon and looks at Popat and ask her are you listening to me. Popat says yes and please accept we will get money don’t think too much we don’t get offer’s easily and we are here to earn money so accept it and I believe you will think that you were right in taking this decision.

Hoshiyar says what were yoi talking to them. Meet Ahlawat wait for sometime she will be here with her luggage. Manjari walks to them with her luggage, give money to Hoshiyar says I’m not going in greed but going because I’m scared of you god knows what all you will do to me I don’t come, I know how important family is that’s why I’m coming and ask him not to stare and I don’t believe you all that’s why.

Popat walks yo them says that’s why I’m also coming with you guys, she walks to them. Manjari says I won’t take risk of leaving Popat here if you accept tell me. Meet Ahlawat says okay. Manjari says I have few conditions first you won’t raise your voice and talk to me. Meet Ahlawat okay let’s go now. They leave

Ammaji counting money says there is something wrong with amount check one time. Manushi thinks if she is Meet then they will know about her let’s find out and she walks to them. Manushi ask Dadi to stop working and relax. Ammaji says Anubha is my daughter and son just like my Meet boy and girl.

Manushi ask did she ever try to call you or know about you, Meet has run away from her responsibility. Anubha says she always ask how are we. Manushi get’s scared and ask what do you mean is she in touch with you. Anubha says she is in my heart and I believe she cannot run away. Manushi ask her did you ever try to find out why did she run. Anubha says keep your questions with you when she will come ask her directly.

Manushi ask what do you mean by that, did she called you or messaged you. Ammaji says she is always in our heart. Anubha says yes and my hearts says she will return and tell us answers of every question even yours. Manushi ask I want the answer atleast who is she Meet or Manjari.

Everyone reaches Ahlawat mansion. Popat in shock. Meet Ahlawat looks at Manjari and says let’s go inside. Manjari ask why are you staring at me, whenever you start a new thing you always pray to god and I’m going to start a new acting job here. Manjari open door. Everyone looks at them.

Babita run towards Manjari and hugs her, Isha Ragini and Sunaina also joins. Ram Lakhan and Duggu rush to her and hugs her. Manjari says I’m not any ustaad I’m Manjari. Duggu says for me you are Ustaad. Babita ask Ragini to bring pooja thali. Meet Ahlawat shouts enough she is Manjari, she will live here for Dad’s recovery,

no need to get emotional. Manjari shouts at him and says you considered me as Meet after meeting me multiple times and they are meeting me for the first time they have right to get emotional and they both argue. Everyone looks at them and smile.

Hoshiyar introduce Manjari to everyone. Manjari says you must be Tej his elder brother, you look nice man not like Meet Ahlawat and says to Sunaina that we both will have fun together it feels like we are already connected to eachother, it’s god’s blessings that I got you two as my friend. Tej get’s excited says I use to call her friend.

Manjari says you can call me friend and says Sunaina you look so good, I’ll teach you garba. Hoshiyar says to Manjari come I’ll introduce you rest of family members and introduce her to Ragini.

Manjari touch her feets and take blessings. Ragini says you are our daughter don’t touch feet, come I’ll make you meet my daughter. Isha walks to her and hugs her. Hoshiyar introduce her to Raj. Manjari greet him. Hoshiyar introduce her to Babita. Manjari greet her. Babita says my Meet use to call me mom.

Manjari says then I’ll call you mom and says we will hit together you make designer clothes and I love to wear clothes, you will make for me. Babita says ofcourse I’ll make clothes for you Manjari.

Popat ask Hoshiyar are there any more people because I’ll charge 1000/- rs per person. Meet Ahlawat ask Hoshiyar to them to guest room and before meeting dad we have to make few prepration and ask Sunaina to help. Manjari and Popat leave. Meet Ahlawat thinks now your whole drama will come to end with this family.


Meet 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raj says to Manjari I like my daughter in law the way she use to look and he start coughing. Manjari get’s scared says Meet Ahlawat what are you doing give him water to drink.Meet Ahlawat in hall says to her now your drama is over, your real face is out which you were hiding behind the name Manjari, in reality you are the same cheater.

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