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Meet 3rd August 2022 Manjari with godess Lakshmi’s idol running to tell Meet Ahlawat everything. Ram, Barfi and Ragini chasing her. Ram catch her and they take idol from her. Barfi ask Ragini to bring a cloth and rope to tie her and ask Ram to trap her. Ram says we can put her in store room.

Manjari struggle but they tie her. Barf says don’t try to act smart I have handled many people like you. Everyone hear footsteps, Barfi says someone is coming hide yourself, they drag Manjari and she drops her phone.

Meet Ahlawat walks in and take the plate for marriage. Manjari shouting, they cover her with cloth and take her inside store room. Manjaris earrings drop out of storage room. Ragini ask Manjari to stop and beg her to leave them alone, she says keep quiet or it will be bad for you, I’ll take you back just don’t go anywhere.

Ragini walk away. Barfi hit her from vase on her head and ask them to put her in trunk. Ragini crying with Manjari in her hands. Barfi and Ram put her in trunk, they hide her with quilt and lock the trunk. Barfi says walk away she won’t die. Ram thinks nothing could have gone wrong if you have listened us, he close to door and leave.

Everyone in hall. Pandit ask for fruits. Barfi says uf there are no fruits so will they not marry, you start the ceremony. Raj ask where is Meet call her and tell her till the time she won’t come ae will not start.

Barfi thinks when she was leaving earlier that time he came down and stopped I’m worried something can go wrong today too. Pandit says good time is running away of marriage please bring the bride. Barfi ask Ragini to bring isha fast. Raj says to Barfi what is so hurry let Meet come first then we will start everything.

Barfi signal Ragini to say something. Ragini says Barfi believe in astrology a lot that’s why she want marriage should be done in good time and even Meet also wants that and I send Meet to bring goodwill silver coins for Isha and Deep. Raj says why did you sent Meet you could have send someone else.

Ram says you know how our Meet is she like to do work on her personal level don’t worry she will be here. Babita ask Raj to relax. Manushi thinks this Manjari is ediot who ask her to walk out.

Manjari in trunk struggling to get out.

Sunaina and Isha come downstairs. Meet Ahlawat and Tej walks to her. Ragini blesses her. Barfi ask Pandit to begin. Raj waiting for Meet to come. Deep and Isha sits together. Meet Ahlawat says Tej I feel like Isha is uncomfortable I’ll go and get stool for her from store room and he walk away.

Meet shouting inside trunk and kicking it from inside. Meet remembers how Meet Ahlawat taught her to calm down. Meet Ahlawat walk in. Meet see him from hole and try to get his attention by shouting. Meet Ahlawat looking for stool he finds it and walk outside.

Meet shouting and kicking. Meet Ahlawat hear the sound he turn look at trunk walks towards it. Ram walks to Meet Ahlawat and ask her what are you doing her you have to go to carry out further rituals and take him away. Ram remembers heai meet Ahlawat and Tej talking about stool.

Everyone enjoying marriage. Deep and Isha exchange garlands. Pandit ask Isha and Deep to follow some instructions, he chant and explain about to Rituals. Tej tie knot of Isha and Deep to eachother. Raj says Meet is missing everything. Barfi walks to Ragini says don’t worry look at your daughter she is happy this time don’t come daily just do what I asked. Ragini says okay and pray god for Manjari.

Manjari struggling thinks I have to get out to save Isha.

Pandit ask Isha and Deep to take phera. Raj says wait Panditji stop this marriage and says atleast let Meet see phera, she has supported for Deep and Isha most and now she is not here. Babita ask Raj to calm down. Raj start coughing badly because of smoke. Tej, Meet Ahlawat and Babita ask Raj to go in his room and rest.

Isha get up and says they are right Raj we will come in room to take your blessings. Barfi also ask him to rest. Raj says okay I’ll go but let me know as soon as Meet come. Barfi thinks I’ll decide when she will come and go and ask Pandit to start phera. Meet Ahlawat walk away and call Manjari he hear her phone’s ringtone says it is ringing somewhere near,

he walk and she her phone on floor says it’s her phone, if phone is here then where is she. Meet Ahlawat walk towards store room he step on accessory says this is if Manjaris dress. He hear the struggling voice of Manjari says this is same sound I heard when I was in store room.


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