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Meet 2nd November 2022 Laila dancing, everyone in bar cheering for her. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat this is Laila she never got justice for the crime her family threw her out, the place where you are not able to stay for a minute, she is staying here to survive and explain how everyone is not accepting her, you know difference between Laila and Neelu is that Neelu is not here everyone is protecting her in such a way that she is not able to say anything and won’t be able to tell the name of culprit, don’t know how many more girls will be his victim,

god has given us a power we get to know if someone is having bad eye on us, don’t know how many people have bad eye on her over here which reminds her of her bad time, I don’t want Neelu should be left alone and don’t have a strong support. Meet Ahlawat get’s up and shouts stop it. Music stop playing. Meet Ahlawat scolds people around for there behaviour towards a girl,

respect her the way you respect ladies at your home. Laila get’s impressed. Meet Ahlawat remove his coat and give to Laila. A man says we are not here for free we paid, let her do her job and threatens him to leave. Meet Ahlawat push him. A man take out his knife, everyone gets ready to beat him. Everyone hear police siren so they run away. Police enter the bar. Meet and Meet Ahlawat run behind Laila.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in corridor ask manager about Laila. Manager says she is in make-up room but she said on Meet Ahlawat can enter her room. They try to convince him. Manager says that’s not possible. Meet says yo Meet Ahlawat you go and meet I’ll wait outside.

Ragini bring dinner for Ishani in room. Ishani says what is the reason behind your hospitality, you know I never saw this much food together where I use to live. Ragini says I understand. Ishani says shutup you cannot understand how it feels to be unclaimed and will you understand you have servants and these servants have better life then me.

Ragini says I know you deserve everything and somewhere I’m the culprit you didn’t get anything. Ishani says stop this drama and you are responsible for everything happen in my life, apologies are for mistakes not for crime, I hate you and she throw the food. Ram walks in room ask what is this. Ragini says plate slipped out of my hands and ask him to come out.

Ram says to Ragini I know very well that thali was thrown and why are you tolerating her. Ragini says for some relation you have to be quite, I’ll explain you later.

Meet Ahlawat walks in Laila’s room. Laila waiting for him. Meet Ahlawat walks in her room introduce himself and tell about the crime committed to her and ask not to do your usual job and offer her job in his father’s company, he give his card says call me if you need anything. Laila take crad from his hand.

Meet Ahlawat walks out of her room. Laila feeling happy says I have challenged to make you mine till Diwali, this is your first step towards me, we will light diya together and remove Meet from between.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet in car. Meet appreciate Meet Ahlawat for his work says I respect you more now. Meet Ahlawat says thanks for opening my eyes now we need to the name of culprit who did wrong with Neelu. Meet says I believe she won’t forget you for you work you did and next time she will prapose you.

Laila says you promised me that I call you anytime I feel like meeting you right now, Laila will come to you and when we will meet eachother the thing between us will be love and I want to listen that you only love me.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet I’ll shout and tell everyone I only love my Meet and nobody can come between us.

Laila wrap herself with Meet Ahlawat’s coat.

Meet Ahlawat get up to help Meet bring out seat belt. Masum looking at them from distance and thinks as if they are kissing eachother.


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