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Meet 29th September 2022 Meet and Meet Ahlawat in romm with baby. Meet teasing Meet Ahlawat with baby. Meet Ahlawat take baby from her says his responsibility is our and ue sit with him. Meet tie kalawa in his hand says no need to worry whem I’m here.

Meet Ahlawat says we won’t let anything happen to him. Meet says thanks for supporting me. Meet Ahlawat says don’t bring wrong thoughts in you, I’m supporting you because of baby and I don’t his parents also feel the pain which we felt earlier.

Barfi walks to servant ask his about laundary. Barfi looks at clothes calls everyone. Everyone walks to her ask what happen. Barfi says whatever happened is shameful. Masum remembers stealing things, I have been caught now I’ll be out forever.

Sunaina says talk in private with that person. Barfi says no we will talk infront of everyone and shows a dress says we got this dress from laundry bag and it’s smell alcohol too. Neelu walks to them and see the dress. Barfi ask who was wearing this dress.

Babita says to Kamal and Pooja I’m on this pilgrimage just to pray everything gets fine between Raj and Meet Ahlawat. Kamal looks at medicine says is everything fine. Babita tell those injection and medicine are of Raj he had a heart transplant and it’s difficult to get them so we brought with us.

Pooja says don’t worry your wish will come true and ask Kamal to tell her about Babaji. Kamal says Babaji from our village have great power he will surely tell you a pooja so that your wish come true. Babita says your a very kind people, thanks for your help. Kamal says I’ll talk to Babaji and tell you. Kamal start coughing. Babita says I’ll get water for you.

Barfi walks to Isha says you use to roam around with your friends in these clothes. Sunaina says after marriage she molded herself like you want. Barfi start scolding her. Isha says I swear on Deep I didn’t wear these kind of clothes.

Masum says this is not my size. Barfi says then Sunaina. Sunaina says I know my boundaries. Barfi says then who could be, we have to solve this riddle, onw by one you will try this cloth and Neelu is also included in this so that nobody thinks it’s and injustice. Neelu get’s anxious.

Meet with baby remembers taking Barfi’s phone from her car and try to mimic Barfi so that she can talk like her when she wants. Meet send message from Barfi’s phone to Meet Ahlawat saying we should tell Neelu about the compulsion to calm down her anger.
Meet Ahlawat receive message from Barfi’s number. Babita calls Meet, both of then answer her.

Sunaina throw dress infront of Barfi says me, Masum and Isha tried this dress non of us were able to fit in it now this means it’s not our. Barfi says then who could be. Sunaina says still Neelu is left to try this dress. Barfi says it’s not her. Sunaina says this dress is of Neelu I’m sure because no one is left.

Masum walks to Neelu with dress says there are chances she would love to wear these kind of dress. Sunaina says there are chances she is hiding her true identity. Neelu say’s I’m not pretending anything this is how I’m. Masum says okay but first pass this test.

Kamal and Pooja outside Babita’s room. Meet walks to her. Babita show her medicine lying on floor. Meet ask how did this happen. Babita says I don’t know must have been air. Meet says that is quite heavy, don’t worry I’ll get it from chemist. Kamal remembers throwing injection and medicine on floor. Pooja ask her why did you do this. Kamal says just wait and watch.

Meet walks to Babita says chemist don’t have injection and online delivery is available for tomorrow. Meet Ahlawat walks to her ask what happen. Babita show her medicines on floor. Meet Ahlawat ask did he took today’s injection. Babita says no. Meet Ahlawat says we have to arrange something, I’ll go out look for injection you take care of baby. Meet says we know how to handle baby and if you are worried so look for baby I’ll go out and look for injection.

Pooja says Kamal so now I know why you break injection but this won’t solve our problem. Kamal says for that we have Babita and Meet Ahlawat is totally involved in baby, it will be easy for us to handle him.

Babita ask Meet Ahlawat to stay. Baby start crying. Meet Ahlawat take baby. Meet says I’ll go and bring injection you handle them. Babita says okay I’ll handle them.

Meet leave to bring injection. Kamal shows Pooja that he has cut petrol pipe and says Meet is very clever and now to fulfill our wish he she has to die and shares his plan with Pooja.
Device get’s heated and car blast.

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