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Meet 29th September 2021 Meet remember what Anubha said to Raj about she and Meet Ahlawat getting married. Meet Ahlawat thinking what Raj said about Manushi and breaks his jewelry. Meet Ahlawat thinks Manushi why did you do this you could just tell us now we are in big trouble.
Meet thinks I thought I can fight but today Manushi made me kneel down how will I handle the situation I cannot marry. Meet Ahlawat in anger shatters things pull curtain and sees Meet.

Masum says to Hosiyar what did you said. Hoshiyar says that Dad took Meet Ahlawat. Masum says couldn’t you tell me about it, there is no hope in you shut up and says there is something fishy. Raj come inside. Masum says tell me Dad what happen. Ram come and ask why are you carrying Meet Ahlawat pagdi, what happen. Hosiyar asks is everything all rights you look worried. Raj says Meet Ahlawat can’t marry Manushi that’s why bride didn’t come. Masum says oh my god bride ran away this is so sad you don’t take tension that’s why I was against this my judgement was right.

Ram says this is not place to talk. Masum says this is time and says to Raj I know what you and Meet Ahlawat is facing I won’t let Ahlawat family down, Meet Ahlawat will get married, I’ll call my sister in law Chavi here. Raj takes her phone no need of this, Meet Ahlawat will get married with Manushi’s sister. Masum says when was she born. Ram confused too. Ragini says when did Manu had a sister. Raj says its a long story will tell you later for now I want to talk to Meet Ahlawat and start looking for him.

Meet Ahlawat asks Meet what are you doing here, you came here to laugh at me his bride ran away so come to laugh at me. Meet says listen to me first. Meet Ahlawat says if you didn’t came to laugh then what you doing here, you came here to steal you thought everyone would be busy and shouts at her. Raj walks to them. Meet Ahlawat says she is thief and you know why she is here to steal everything. Raj says what are you saying. Meet Ahlawat says I’m right we are already ashamed, you should check your wallet and where’s your watch and asked Masum is your jewelry with you and everyone is okay, this girl is not right she is thief this whole colony is bad one.

Meet says now you know why I denied. Meet Ahlawat says what are you talking and syas dad don’t believe her. Raj shouts at Meet Ahlawat and says I can give all my wealth happily but on one condition that she yes to get married she is Meet Huddah Manushi Huddah younger sister. Masum says she is younger sister. Meet Ahlawat in shock. Raj says I know you all have lot of questions and the answer is Guruji he said yes for this wedding that Kundali wasn’t Manushi’s its Meet she tricked us. Meet Ahlawat says I can’t marry her and leave. Raj and Masum follows.

Meet Ahlawat remember time spent with Manushi. Meet Ahlawat calls driver no body comes. Raj walks to him. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not in state I want to leave. Raj says I want you to stay, this place is given you pain and this place will fix you, trust your father I won’t do anything without any reason and all is for your good. Meet Ahlawat says marriage is lifetime commitment, I hate her I told my wife would be like my mother now you tell me is she like mother, I beg you don’t do this, let me take this decision. Raj says you have always taken your own decisions your study, carriers I remember everything,

I gifted you this car but you never used it, you said I’ll drive dad’s care is said its fine, I’ll not force you to get married I’m requesting because I can see something you can’t, this is for your good you can’t get a wife like Meet even your Kundali says it Guruji told me. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t trust god and all these she is a thief she is com I cannot marry her. Raj says sometimes you have to understand a person and I have seen this world and if you think I’m wrong then here are car keys and go and if you fell your dad is wrong you have keys and if you trust me so come lets go in and wear this pagdi Raj leaves.

Meet says to Anubha I’m going to find Manushi, it can’t be mine and Raj decision Meet Ahlawat should also agree you saw he hates me thinks im thief and you want to marry someone who dislikes me. Aam stops Meet and says now I understood why your brother died and why are you alive, whatever happen that day is because god wanted you to save today’s day and only a girl can save families reputation, boy cannot.


Meet 30th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet and Meet Ahlawat get married

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Telecast Date:29th September 2021
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