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Meet 28th September 2022 Pooja show bed to Meet and a lady. Meet lie down with baby. Pooja and her husband look at them, her husband says in next 15 minutes I’ll come with all the arrangements and take the baby, nobody can stop us from having a boy.

Masum stealing items from her home she stop and says I think I should not take everything at once or else everyone will have doubt I’ll steal everything with time.

Kamal ask Goons to take bed out without any sound and give them money. Goons bring out the bed. Kamal remove blanket says it’s wrong bed baby is still inside, he walks in see Meet awake with baby. Pooja also walks in. Meet ask Pooja where is the aunty who was beside me, she was feeling cold.

Meet tells how she ask her to come to her bed as she was feeling cold, she tell them giving her tea. Kamal remembers mixing sleeping pills her tea. Pooja in shock ask are you sure. Meet says yes I remember keeping fast so I give her tea, by the way where she is. Kamal says she have gone out and workers must have taken bed. Meet hear announcement for jagrata and leave with baby.

Masum walks in Barfi’s room plan to steal something expensive from her room, she says is it against thief’s law from stealing something from a thief.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in police station with baby says to inspector, we find this baby in basket we had a feeling someone was having a bad on baby. Inspector ask lady officer to take baby to orphanage. Meet Ahlawat says what are you talking about orphanage go and look for thief. Inspector says but we have to handle this baby too. Meet says he was in basket for 2 days he must be not well.

Inspector says it will take time to look for parents and it will impossible for us to take care of baby try to understand. Meet Ahlawat says we can take care of baby. Inspector says it’s against law. Meet Ahlawat start arguing for the safety of baby and ask Meet to explain him in police language.

Inspector ask Meet about being in police she show her ID. Meet says we know you are doing your duty but think about baby how he will live there we request you to give baby to us I’ll take care of and can even sign anywhere for garantee.

Babita at temple looking for diya, she check her basket. Pooja and Kamal standing there. Pooja and Kamal remembers taking 2 diyas from Babita’s basket. Pooja and Kamal greet Babita says you are here for pooja. Babita says yes but I’m short of 2 diyas, I’ll go and get it from shopkeeper.

Pooja says don’t worry I have some extra and ask her about Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Babita says they went our for some work. Kamal says your grandchild is loud we can listen him crying in our room. Babita says he is not my grandchild, Meet found her in basket. Pooja say’s sorry we didn’t know,

the way she was handling we thought he is your family. Babita says Meet is always ready to help anyone but me and my husband suggested her to go and file a case so finally now baby is with police in other terms it’s good because my son was getting attached to baby, he already lost his child. Kamal say’s how can someone loose a child. Babita says because of my daughter in law’s fault we lost baby.

Pooja says to Kamal what if she give baby to police. Kamal says we have to find out where police keep baby, I don’t understand when our wish will come true. Meet and Meet Ahlawat come out of police station talking about what happen with inspector. Meet Ahlawat remembers Inspector asking Meet to sign papers for custody of baby. An old lady stumble and drops her vegetable.

Meet brings bag from car and keep her vegetable. Meet Ahlawat you have lot’s of stuff do you want us to drop you somewhere. Old lady says no and give them blessings to stay together forever with baby. Meet Ahlawat says this baby is jot our and we are not together, give blessings to baby so he meet his family soon. Lady says I’ll pray to to for you all and she walk away. Pooja and Kamal looking at them from distance. Kamal says we don’t have time Pooja.

Barfi looking for Neelu, she worried about her. Barfi see Neelu doing pooja, she joins her says you did great. Neelu says I thought if taking this diya in house on occasion of Navratri. Barfi says I believe you are not angry anymore on Meet Ahlawat. Neelu says I was upset but now I thought I should start controlling my feelings so that Meet Ahlawat come back to me.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat with baby come out of car. Meet checking her shopping bags. A man flashes headlight of his bike on meet Ahlawat and Baby. Meet Ahlawat get’s angry and ask him to switch off headlight. Man says it’s my bike what is your problem. Meet stops him says why are you fighting.

Meet Ahlawat says baby was having problem with light. Meet says I didn’t know that. Meet Ahlawat says yes you don’t know how big responsibility a baby is, if you would have known then our baby would be alive, till the time police don’t find the parents of baby he will be my responsibility because you are not worthy enough, he scolds and walk away. Meet says how much you will hurt me for one thing, even I didn’t do it.

Meet take shopping bags from car, she hear a phone ringing in backseat, she looks at phone say’s this phone is if Barfi says I’ll tell her afterwards about her phone. She scroll phones gallery says I can get to truth with help of this phone.

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