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Meet 27th September 2021 Meet give beautician money for her work and thanks her. Meet goes to Manu and says you look like heroine and hugs her says I’ll miss you. Manu says I’ll miss you too. Meet says come lets go everyone is waiting. Manu says to herself do something and says to Meet I have boiled water to make coffee. Meet says ok go have ut. Manu says do you want. Meet says no I’ll call mummy.

Meet says to herself what should I do to free myself from her. Meet calls mummy and says Manu is looking very beautiful and Meet Ahlawat will fall in love after seeing him, we will leave in 5 minutes don’t you worry we will be there. Manu sees naked wire and says now only there is one way to run and pour water on wire, electricity goes and Manu shouts my face burn. Meet come to her worried ask what happen and says wait I’ll bring. Manu hit Meet on her head with wood. Meet faints.

Babita guve Meet Ahlawat sword and hugs him. Ahlawat family start leaving house.

Manu says Meet please forgive and calls Kunal says I’m leaving eait for me I’m coming with all things I have send you new address come there, Manu packs everything and leave.

Ahlawat family come to door. Manu sees them and says my marriage is standing infront of my happiness, I need to go from here. Manu coutns people and say only seven people, he is so poor he brought so less people I’ll go to my rich Kunal who have everything money class. Manu try to sneak out in front of marriage covering herself but her cover gets exposed.

Ram Lakhan carrying carpet says, If a carpet is lying here, then what to do with this carpet, they both start discussing where to take this carpet in hall or porch area. Lakhan says lets call Meet and ask here where to take it. Ram says good idea. Lakhan calls her. Ram asks what happen she didn’t pick. Lakhan says yes wait I’ll try again. Meet doesn’t piccall again. Lakhan says its her family function and I cannot digest Meet not answering call. Ram says Meet is in Shakuntala aunty house lets go there and ask. Lakhan says you are right lets go and ask.

Manu gets hid herself in cloth and run away.

Ram Lakhan come and sees Meet on floor, throws water on her and ask her to wake up. Meet gets up. Ram Lakhan asks how you fell are you okay. Meet checks her head and sees blood and remember what Manu did to her and asks her friend not tell anyone what happen here go back and see everything is fine I’ll be back go from here. Ram Lakhan gets her up and go. Meet picks her phone and leave.

Manu in market takes Auto and leave. Meet goes to her bike, Manu passes by her in auto. Meet gets on her bike and look for Manu. Manu says to auto driver drive fast. Ahlawat family reaches the destination. Raj asks Meet Ahlawat to touch it with your sword and enter. Ram says to Meet Ahlawat never bow down or else you have to be slave of your wife. Everyone says don’t bow down. Meet Ahlawat lie down on horse and enter everyone applauds. Meet Ahlawat get down of horse and greets Anubha.

Hoshiyar says now walk tall like this always so that girl bow infront of you. Anubha do pooja of Meet Ahlawat. Amma tells Anubha to pinch his nose. Anubha pinch his nose, Amma says now ritual is complete. Meet Ahlawat says to Hosiyar you never told me about this. Isha says to Hosiyar you were reading yesterday about everything and you missed this. Meet Ahlawat says bo need to worry they just pinched me not cut my nose. Amma says what are you saying we will never do something to disrespect you, these are ritual need to be followed.

Meet reaches place and says to himself, Manu told me about this place when she told me when I was disguised as driver, I cannot see her here, what should I do and calls Manu. Manu gets call and after that she switched off her phone. Meet says what I’ll tell everyone, where should I go and find her, I cannot ask strangers it will be disrespect for my family and father’s name and prays god what should I do Ahlawat family will be at door what will I say to them.

Manu reaches destination. Kunal come in car to pick her up. Kunal gets down and hugs her. Manu says thank god you are here and who’s car is this. Kunal says this is my driver’s care, it will be a risk if we run from my car us this your luggage. Manu says yes take care uts heavy. Kunal says to himself now you are rich and keeps her bag in trunk and sees drug package.

Anubha calls Meet and says come fast Ahlawat family is here come fast and sees Meet beside her. Anubha asks you are here where is Manu. Meet says Amma is right I failed in protecting Manu, I can’t stop her from going in wrong direction breaks her rakhi and says I failed to protect her its all my fault I could not convince her that we will always think good for her, we love her and won’t do something that will hurt her. Anubha asks tell me what happen where is Manu. Meet says Manu love someone else she went with that guy and run away from this marriage. Meet sits on floor and crying.

Meet Ahlawat looking for Manushi. Everyone looking at Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says why you all are looking at me. Isha says have patience your wife will not run away. Deep says your are having arrange marriage but doing love marriage, you will get to know when marriage is done, husband always come down in friend list. Sunaina says why is it always people who are not engaged comments. Deep says look at my lines they are strong. Isha says you have to be careful, don’t know may your girl run away. Meet Ahlawat says stop your poor jokes let me wait for my wife.

Meet says to Amma, Manu ran away. Amma says Manushi cannot run she cannot do this, she got well to do family she cannot run. Amma grabs Meet and asks what you did with Manushi tell what is true and start beating Meet. Meet says I did nothing I was guardian her and shows them blood saying she hit me and ran. Amma says you are lying. Anubha says did you both had fight are you hurt.

Meet says yes she hurt us a lot in ohr hearts. Meet says forget that tell what we will say to them everyone is downstairs. Anubha says I don’t know what to say, there is only one thing I’ll go and tell everything to Raj. Amma says no Anubha don’t do this. Anubha says we don’t have any other way we have to follw whatever they say, we have no other option and Anubha leaves. Amma gets panicked and faints. Meet try to wake her up. Amma says Manu where are you.

Raj says Meet Ahlawat looks happy. Masum says because he doesn’t know his value, he doesn’t know he deserves a better girl then her that’s why he settled on her and is happy. Raj says can you stop your negative we came here because Meet Ahlawat loves her, what do you think about this please keep to yourself and we will not talk about this anymore. Hosiyar says to Masum do you wanna have ice cream they are having many different kind of flavour. Masum says I’ll would love to have avocado with almond flavour, how people could be happy with and average arrangements in average marriage.

Anubha calls Raj. Raj says I liked your arrangement. Anubha says I need to talk something important can you please come with me. Raj says okay and they both go. Masum asks where is dad. Hosiyar says its his son marriage might have gone for some work.
Anubha takes Raj in room with Amma inside. Raj asks Amma why are you so tensed. Anubha come and says we are sorry.

Raj says what are you saying, did my daughter said something I’m really very sorry don’t take her seriously we cane here to Manu, we will take her and leave. Meet enters room and sees Raj. Raj remember what he said to Meet about father figure says you here, you know girls family. Anubha says we were unable to tell you earlier she is Manushi younger sister Meet. Raj says my son’s name is also Meet what a coincidence I eet you many times but didn’t ask your name, so she is Manushi younger sister. Anubha says we are sorry it was our fault we hide something big from you we thought because of her appearance you will break this relation. Raj says because of her we will break this relation,

because of her our relation will grow strong, you saved diamond from us but I meet her already she, you are good parent that’s why you were tensed that we will change are mind because of Meet don’t think of it any more although I like Meet more then Manushi, Raj says don’t get me wrong I just meet Manushi but don’t know her yet, but I know Meet very well even I tested her, she is just like my son so remove your tension and bring Manushi for marriage. Anubha says we cannot do that. Raj asks what do you mean. Anubha grabs Manushi duppata. Raj says this is of Manushi,

she will wear this and come. Anubha gives her duppata. Raj asks why are you giving this to me. Anubha says we cannot bring Manushi because she ran away. Raj gets shocked and says what are you saying. Anubha says everyone is waiting my son is ready for his marriage and you are saying Manushi ran away, are you aware what you are saying, what I’ll tell to my son and his mom, this is the biggest bad omen that frooms family go away without marriage goes to Amma says my guruji told me to get married in given time, what’s happening I gave every happiness to my son but when time came for his biggest happiness I failed because of your daughter,

I did wrong choosing Manushi but my son have to face consequences. Anubha and Meet looks at Raj. Anubha remember what happen earlier with Meet bown in front of Raj and says I’m not worth saying anything. Raj asks Anubha to get up. Anubha says everyone will question my parenting, my daughter did bad for the respect of my family, I cannot do things good after bringing her but can request you there is one way which can help from happing something bad if in this time your son gets married to a girl you know and like, a girl who is good then Manushi. Raj ask who are you talking about. Anubha looks at Meet and send her forward my younger daughter Meet. Meet, Amma and Raj gets shocked. Anubha says yes you know her tested her and know very well if you don’t have any objection you can ask your son to get married to Meet. Anubha opens duppata in front of Raj.

Anubha niece come and asks her where is Meet she must be busy with work and where is Manushi I bet she must be looking beautiful I’m excited to see her.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet you here, must be here to steal something. Raj says she is Meet Huddah Manushi’s younger sister and I want Meet Ahlawat to marry her. Meet Ahlawat leave and says I cannot get married to her


Meet 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anubha niece come and asks her where is Meet she must be busyin work and where is Manushi I bet she must be looking beautiful I’m excited to see her.Meet Ahlawat says to Meet you here, must be here to steal something. Raj says she is Meet Huddah Manushi’s younger sister and I want Meet Ahlawat to marry her. Meet Ahlawat leave and says I cannot get married to her

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