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Meet 27th December 2021 Manushi walks in as assistant manager and carrying a bathing robe. Meet and Meet Ahlawat in bath tube sees Manushi. Meet Ahlawat sees flash of her and they both get out og bathtub. Manager says we are sorry and ask Manushi to gibe them clothes. Manager ask Meet Ahlawat to help him to wear. Meet put robe on him. Manager ask Manushi to give her towel.

Meet try to take but Manushi says I’ll do it. Meet Ahlawat says I want to forget her but she is not leaving us alone. Manager says I’ll send tea or coffee and he leaves. Manushi aslo about to leave but Meet hold her hand says Manu dee you. Manushi says to Meet ma’am I’ll get tea and coffee for you and leave. Meet Ahlawat sit down and remember what Manushi told him about running away from marriage. Manushi says this is plan and it will definately help to melt down his heart.

Ragini, Babita and Raj at dining table. Babita remember what Jaypratap said to Sunaina about Tej existence and Babita hear Tej calling him. Tej says to Babita look I worked out a lot today now I can pick you up with ease and he circle around with Babita in her hand. Babita says keep me down or I’ll fall and hurt myself. Babita hugs him says I knew you will vome back where were you didn’t you miss me. Tej says I will not leave you and go and a person will be ediot who will leave a beautiful mom like you now please I’m hungry I burnt a lot of calories give me sometime yo eat. Babita says come sit I’ll feed you with my hands, first bite on name of mother and turn to give him bite and se Ragini sitting beside her. Babita im shock takes Tej name, gets sad and leave table. Raj also get up and leave. Ragini says whenever it come to Tej, Raj and Babita gets upset don’t know when he will come.

Manushi says last night I already have created doubt in Meet’s mind. Meet walks in and ask her what is this. Manushi says go from here and don’t call me deedee or else it will be a great problem for me. Meet says one minute you never worked even a bit all your life and now you are doing job in a same hotel where I’m there so tell me everything, you didn’t like yo do job but still you sre doing job in same hotel where we are staying.

Manushi says when Preth left me I was helpless and stuck with no money so whatever I got I took it and afterall you took all the responsibilities after father’s death so I never thought if doing but now I have thought that I can also handle responsibilities like my younger sister, I can go and say sorry to mom and dadi and live in comfort, I know I’m bad but not that selfish now I also live with my self respect. Meet says to Manushi you should go back to mom I’ll talk to her she will accept you. Manushi says I hurt a lot I’ll not go back yill the time my life is on right track and you don’t interfere please, I just have this one job and I want to do it honestly, Meet hugs her and thinks I should not tell Mummy and let Manushi do how she wants to and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat thinking about Manushi, and she saying Meet is reason she ran away and then thinks of Meet’s trust and writes on mirror, Meet walks in and sees him says I have to divert him he looks so tensed.
Meet asks Meet Ahlawat did he fail a lot in school, Meet Ahlawat says never why, Meet says why we are here to roam right and I want to buy gifts for everyone and look at you not taking me to shop are you trying to save money, Meet Ahlawat says I’m doing no such things, Meet says you are so cheap, Meet Ahlawat says I’m not, lets go now shopping, Meet says look I’m very smart you are just trying to save money, Meet Ahlawat says I will freshen up and lets go right away, Meet says okay.

Meet asks manager to help with transport and shopping places list for them, he says okay. Manushi looks at them and says I won’t let you go out with my Meet Ahlawat and will stop you.
Manushi asks at reception did Meet and Meet Ahlawat car got booked, receptionist says yes they might be leaving soon.

Manushi sees Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave holding hands, Manager and staff hand them list, Manushi purposely dashes waiters to grab attention, staff scolds Manushi for breaking antique show piece, Manushi says sorry I got distracted, Manager scolds Manushi, Manushi starts crying, Meet thinks I wish I could help her, Meet Ahlawat about to go to Manushi, Meet stops him, Manushi thinks I know Meet Ahlawat all you want to do is come to me, because I have seen feelings for me in you, Meet Ahlawat says to Meet lets go and both leave.
Manager keeps scolding Manushi. Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave. Manager asks Manushi pick the destroyed showpiece, she hurts her finger and sees Meet Ahlawat looking at her, Meet standing aside.

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Meet 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet prays for Manushi.Manushi tries to talk Meet Ahlawat, he says you don’t matter to me and leaves. Manushi says you will walk back to me.

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Telecast Date:27th December 2021
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