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Meet 27th April 2022 Isha in her room. Tej says me and Meet Ahlawat everyone want to talk something important to you. Isha ask them is there any problem did I do something wrong. Tej says what is your favourite flavour in icecream. Isha says chocolate and Meet Ahlawat give her a tub of ice cream.

Isha asks who’s idea was this. Tej says it was our Idea and after sometime you will go so thought of making some sweet memories. Meet Ahlawat says we regret that we were unable to talk to you but remember one thing you are very important to us, we will miss you when you will be not here and we both won’t let you cry.

Tej says to Isha you know when we went to your school for the first time we have to sit there. Isha ask why. Meet Ahlawat says because you were not leaving our hands and our body was numb because of that seat and talk about her past. Tej says you know when he wrote best brother on our Tshirt that was best and I forgot her evry nonsense.

Meet Ahlawat says I didn’t wash that Tshirt and show her, Tej also show his T-shirt. Isha get’s emotional and hugs them. Meet at door seeing everything and says to Isha your brother are still best in world, write one more time.

Meet Ahlawat staring at Meet. Meet says what are you looking at your sister will be going tomorrow so make memories and Isha writes on there T-shirt. Meet says now come out and try your lehenga designer is waiting for you.

They both walk away. Isha sk now what we will do. Meet says we will try lehenga. Isha ask her again. Meet says you will get married today with Deep. Isha says you already know what happen. Meet says Shanty did that to ruin your reputation,

I know that I was unable to prove me true but I cannot ruin your life with him. Isha says you know Babita is angry on you and if she know about this she will get angry and I don’t want that. Meet says I’m ready to bear that, Dadi has done all the arrangements and I got this Idea from Raj’s talk, rest I’ll tell you later and do as I say.

Designer ask did Isha like dress and Babita like the design. Meet thinks I’m sorry God I don’t have any other option and says she like the dress and Babita want to see Gathbandhan Churni. Designer give her and walk away. Meet says to Isha come let’s go.

Meet and Isha sneaking out of house, they hide from Hoshiyar on stairs and see everyone dancing in hall. Masum gets call and give to Babita. Babita says I cannot hear you and walk near Meet and Isha. They both hide from her. Ram take phone from Babita and says to Mrs. Chadda come fast and take Babita with him. Meet and Isha pray to God. Meet thinks I don’t have any way to bring Shanty true face and I cannot ruin her life.

Meet and Isha reach to a temple. Deep standing there. Isha walks to him hugs him and says my family did wrong with you. Deep says I have no grudges for everyone, you haa trust in me is enough. Isha says I try to meet you but no one let me go out and they were getting me married. Deep says don’t worry Meet will help us and didn’t broke Meet Ahlawat’s trust. Isha says I know. Meet says before anyone know about us you two should het married.

Meet Ahlawat in his room looking at tshirt. Babita walks to him says did you see Meet she took Gathbandhan Chunri from my designer and lot’s of work is left to do, I don’t were she went, why she create problems on end moment. He says calm down I’ll call her and try to connect call to Meet.

Meet doing arrengements for marriage and ask Hari where is pandit ji. He says he will he here soon. Meet says to Deep I’m going against family and helping you promise me that you won’t leave her. Deep says promise I won’t trouble her.

Meet Ahlawat call Meet. Babita ask did she pick. He says she is not picking phone and they rush to Isha’s room and he try to connect the dots. Babita walks to him says Isha is not in bathroom. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll call police station and says I’m husband of SI Meet can you connect me to her. Man says madam didn’t come today.

He says I have a request can you gave me the number of jail where convict of medicine forgery is been kept. Man says Deep is not in jail, Meet madam gave him bail. Babita ask what happen. He says your daughter in law give bail to Deep.

Babita walks in hall and call everyone. Everyone scared ask what happen. Babita says to Raj your daughter in law with Gathbandhan duppata ran away with Isha. Ragini get’s scared. Ram ask Sunaina to get water. Tej says to Babita you are over reacting. Raj says don’t worry they must be talking in room.

Meet says to Hari ask pandit to come fast.

Meet Ahlawat says to Raj I looked everywhere but couldn’t find the. Tej says no clue of them. Meet Ahlawat call guard and ask about Meet and Isha. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj they went our of house without car. Raj says they must have gone for some work, why Meet will run with Isha.

Ram says you won’t support Meet because this issue is related to my daughter. Raj says what are you talking is Isha nothing to me. Babita says stop you both and do something find them where they are. Masum says call police they can trace location. Meet Ahlawat remembers he installed traking app in Meets phone and try to locate her and says I know hwre she is.

Meet looks at family photo says without your blessings Isha can’t get married, I know no body will accept this marriage but I know that when you will get to know the truth you will forgive everything.

Ahlawat’s in car reaching the location.

Meet ask Hari where is pandit ji. Hari says he vehicle is not working so he is dragging it. Meet takes his number and call Pandit says if your vehicle is not working then take rickshaw and come, we are waiting. Pandit says give me some time I’ll reach and disconnects call and Hari you know mantra for marriage he says no.

Pandit ji come and start the marriage. Isha and Deep make eachother wear garland. Babita, Ram, Meet Ahlawat reaches location. Pandit ask Meet to do gathbandhan. She tie the knot. Everyone reaches location and Ram ask Pandit to stop. Everyone separate them and remove the gathbandhan. Deep says I love her. Meet Ahlawat slaps Deep.


Meet 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet Ahlawat shouts at Meet and ask what are you doing. Babita says who are you asking and says to Meet tomorrow Isha is getting married tell that time you won’t step in house.

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