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Meet 26th April 2022 Shanty says to Meet, that good you come at the right time, and by the way I do lot of bad work but I do yoga and have control on myself and won’t you ask why I did this. (Shanty had seen Isha msg Meet).

Meet says to Shanty because of boys like you girls life gets ruined and after this I would never let this marriage happen and pushes Shanty and you know about Isha and Deep, then why did you agree for marriage and then called Isha here in name of Deep.

Shanty says you are so impulsive, let’s keep something for after marriage and I promise I will make hell of Isha’s life and it will all happen in front of your eyes and you can’t do anything. Meet slaps Shanty and says when I am here you can never go near Isha.

Meet Ahlawat walks in, and says what nonsense is this leave him, Meet tries to explain, Meet Ahlawat says shutup, because of your stubbornness, things between us are you to ruin now. Shanty says good you came, she is always behind me, Meet says don’t believe him he is lying but what are you doing here. Meet Ahlawat says Shanty called me saying he found Isha unconscious in hotel but you are just behind him. Isha wakes up.

Meet Ahlawat asks Isha, how did you come here. Isha thinks how can I tell him truth and says I came here to meet a friend and I felt unconscious. Shanty says I saw her unconscious and got her here. Meet Ahlawat says my sister is safe because of you. Shanty says I am her would be husband.

Meet Ahlawat says I apologise for my wife’s behaviour. Shanty says I am used to her behaviour, I just hope that she overcomes the hatered. Meet Ahlawat hugs him.
Meet Ahlawat says Isha lets go and leaves. Shanty says to Meet what a failure you are and now how will you save Isha from me.

Sunaina trips. Ram Lakhan save her. Sunaina scolds them and says stay away from me I am warning you and leaves.

Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat, she picks her necklace and thinks how Meet Ahlawat use to help her wear it and wears it on her own and asks Meet Ahlawat to help her with suitcase, he doesn’t respond so Meet steps herself on stool thinking Meet Ahlawat will come help her when he sees her in trouble,

Meet trips, Meet Ahlawat saves her and asks is she fine. Meet says no because I can see you love me but don’t trust me. Meet Ahlawat gets her suitcase and about to leave. Meet stops him, he leaves her hand and walks out. Meet says you will trust me back when you will see the truth, but for now I have to save Isha.

Ahlawat’s enjoying Isha’s Mehndi. Meet sees everyone dancing and enjoying. Isha hugs Ragini and starts crying. Babita smiles at Ragini and says don’t cry, every mother wishes for a happy family for her daughter and our Isha will rule there, this is happy moment. Ragini says I am happy but I am scared if Isha will adjust there, like I was scared when I came here, Babita says now look, we are incomplete without you,

you accepted you, Ram gave you all the love and you always supported him, I understand you have lot of questions but our Isha will be very with Shanty and with you even I have prayed for her. Babita hugs Ragini. Meet says I wish these people could see the truth, what do I do God, if I support Isha, family will be upset and if I don’t Isha’s life will be ruined.

Meet Ahlawat says lets change the atmosphere and hear everyone’s couple stories and ask Raj to share what he felt while getting married. Raj says I loved Babita since college but her family didn’t like me but I was sure she is my life. Isha remembers her and Deep’s moments.

Raj says I asked Babita does she love me, does she have trust on me, and I saw a yes in her eyes and ran away with her. Masum says but that must be rough. Raj says yes but slowly Babita’s family accepted me and out relationship and so if your love is true you can win the world, we didn’t do wrong by running away, always remember truth takes time to come out and when it does people agree with you.

Meet listens to it and says thank God and today I know Papaji is always with me and now I have only one way to save Isha and family will agree too, and God will listen to prayers for Isha, and she will have a good husband and its Deep

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Meet 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet says to Deep and Isha, before anyone finds us, get married soon.Meet Ahlawat says to Raj, he can’t find Meet and Isha.Isha and Deep get married.Babita panics on Isha not in home and says there must be some way to find them

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Telecast Date:26th April 2022
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