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Meet 25th April 2022 Everyone at function oh haldi, enjoying and dancing. Babita and Ragini take Isha for dancing. Meet walks in function. Meet Ahlawat see her wearing the dress gifted to her and says you look good. Meet says thanks for dress and compliment and says come let’s put Haldi to Isha.

Babita says to Meet I didn’t thought you will come, well you are here so go stand in corner, don’t you understand it was told you that you are not a part of any function. Meet walks away and thinks your anger is valid but if anyone talk about breaking relation it makes me angry but still I was unable to prove that he is bad person how will I expose him.

Neet sees everyone applying mehendi on Isha. Meet Ahlawat walks to her. Servant give a piece of paper to Isha. Isha read the jot saying Royal hotel room number 204 I’m waiting for you Deep. Isha in shock says he is out of jail, how will I go from this function. Meet Ahlawat take haldi in his hand to apply on Meet.

Meet says don’t you know the ritual husband and wife don’t see eachothers faces in haldi function. Meet Ahlawat says but what can I do of my heart it always bring close to you and they both start playing and have fun time, he apply mehendi on her face. Meet apply same mehendi on his face from hers. Meet Ahlawat wake her up from her dream and says I have some work so can I. She leaves his hand and he walk away.

Electricity goes, a lady says to Babita I called and asked my home there is no power cut. Babita says there must be issue of overload. Raj calls electrician says can you please come to our house there is no electricity and says to everyone he will atleast half an hour. Babita says do something. Meet says if you say can I check. Raj says yes please look.

Meet go to fuse board and check everything. Tej walks to her and ask do you need any help. Meet says please get me wire. Tej guve her wire and leave. Meet makes the connection and electricity comes back. Meet walks to Babita says I did it temporary when electrician will be here he will do it permanent.

A Lady praise Meet for her work and everyone should get a daughter in law like her. Raj says to Babita now even your friends praises Meet, now you should believe that every function is not complete without her. Babita says they don’t know the truth. Raj says you can’t see good in her. Isha thinks I have to meet Deep any how and she try acting says to Ragini I need to go in my room I’m not feeling good. Babita says okay.

Isha in her room get’s emotional after seeing note, she wipes her face and change her clothes. Isha in hall try to sneak out of house.

Isha at hotel looking for room number 204 and says I should I told Meet and message her. One of the staff member walks to Isha says you are here for Deep, she says yes. Staff member says come with me and she take her to room, says wait he will be here soon. Isha waiting for him.

Meet goes to Isha’s room with tea and says I have learnt how to make tea from internet, it will make you feel good, come wake-up and have tea.

Isha in room drinks juice.

Meet remove blanket to see Isha but it was a disguise.

Isha drinks juice and her head start spining and she sleeps on bed.

Meet looks for the clue in room and says where is she without telling anything and call her. Isha try to pick call but couldn’t. Meet get’s worried and try again. Shanty walks in room and lie down beside Isha says Meet is behind me so that your life don’t ruined but Isha’s life will be ruined now then she will get to know how it feel to mess with Shanty.

He gets close to Isha. Meet reads Isha’s message saying I’m going to meet Deep he messaged me, Meet get’s angry and calls Deep says how could you do that, why did you contacted Isha to meet. Deep says I swear I didn’t contacted her. Meet says are you sure and disconnects call and try to figure out and think of Shanty. Meet calls someone to trace Isha’s number.

Meet sit in car and ask driver to go to MG road. Meet on hotel and walks in room see Isha on bed and Shanty on phone talking to someone. Meet try to wake Isha and ask him what you did. Shanty says first of all you did good that you come that too on right time and says my intentions were wrong.

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