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Meet 24th November 2022 Everyone in hall. Doctor check Meet Ahlawat’s hand, he ask him to raise his hand. Meet Ahlawat facing problem to raise hand says I’m unable to do it. Babita ask what happen to him. Doctor says according to report a poision is been detected in his body. Babita ask hsr to start treatment.

Doctor says for that we need to know about the poision because many poision are available in market and after knowing the name we can start the treatment please do it fast or it may effect his nervous system. Babita scared says what we will do now. Meet remembers Laila saying you will come to me, Meet says Neelam know about poision that’s why she was saying I’ll come to take her.

Meet Ahlawat says how can you trust her. Meet says I know we can’t trust her but we need to find out the name of poision and we will do anything for that. Ram ask what do you mean by anything. Meet says we have to take our complaint back. Meet Ahlawat says she is dangerous I have seen her.

Meet says we don’t have anything and ask Ram to take complaint back. Raj ask him do as Meet says. Ram says I talked to DCP he told Neelam got a major fit so she is in hospital tomorrow morning we can bring her back. Meet says tomorrow first thing in the morning I’ll go to her and ask everyone to take rest.

Meet walks in her room with milk. Meet Ahlawat sitting lost. Meet says before punishing you should tell the cause now tell the reason why are you sitting here. Meet Ahlawat says it’s my mistake, I should have told you everything before then nothing could have gone wrong, I promised Deep that I’ll take care of his family but marrying Neelam was wrong decision. Meet says enough don’t think a lot just remember you can’t ruine your whole life for one thing, she make fun of him says now I’ll sleep alone on bed. Meet Ahlawat get’s up lie beside her says I’ll also sleep here. Meet Ahlawat try to his hand. Meet help him to move and gets cosy with him.

Nurse ask Neelam to have medicine. She shouts go away I don’t want to have medicine. Meet walks to her. Neelam says please go from here let me live alone. Meet says calm down everything will be fine.

Neelam says I’m unable to fight with Laila she hurt everyone who I love, I should be punished and start slapping herself. Doctor walks in and ask nurse to give injection. Doctor and Meet help her to lie down in bed. Meet says I need to talk something about Neelam. She says let’s go out and talk.

Raj helping Meet Ahlawat to eat food. Babita standing at door looks happy after seeing them together. Meet Ahlawat says enough I don’t want to drink soup now. Raj says keep quiet and have it he see Babita standing at door says to Meet Ahlawat see you mom is there with soup.

She walks to Meet Ahlawat and praise Raj for his care. Meet Ahlawat says enough mom, Dad already give me soup. Babita says you have drink this too. Meet Ahlawat says did anyone talk with Meet , did she call. They both say no. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll call her and try to move his hand. Babita says don’t worry I’m here and she connect her call.

Meet with Doctor says she is suffering with split personality disorder. Doctor says yes and when she knew about everything Laila did she is in pain and suffering. Meet says you mean she don’t know anything about Laila and Laila know everything. Doctor says yes and Laila is becoming dominating Neelam can’t control her.

Meet says I need information from Laila, it’s about death and life, I have to take her. Doctor says I already got information for releasing her but as a doctor I’ll suggest not to tske. Meet says I know but someone’s life is in danger. Doctor says okay decision is your I’ll sign the discharge papers.

Raj and Babita outside room looking at Meet Ahlawat. Babita says parents give anything for there kids happiness and I always come in between of my kid happiness. Raj says I wish I could says not to think but this time I want you to remember everything because whatever happen to our kid is just because of you, god help us to know the truth about Neelam or you will regretting a lot.

Babita crying says I pray to god everytime for Meet Ahlawat he is being punished because of me. Raj says like everytime Meet still won’t let happen anything to him, I have faith in her but this time you have to trust her.

Neelam says to Meet I can’t go home, how I’ll face everyone when they will look at me with questions. Meet says trust me. Neelu says okay I’ll go with you but I have one condition promise me to keep Meet Ahlawat away from me because I don’t want him to suffer because of me. Meet says don’t worry, she give her clothes and jewellery says get ready then we will leave. Neelam go to change clothes. Meet put micro camera in jewellery to spy on her.

Meet and Neelam outside hospital walking towards car.
Meet remember talking to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says you have decided to bring her so I want to warn you, you know how dangerous she is, she will try to manipulate you. Meet says I know don’t worry I won’t trust her and show her micro camera says I’ll install it in her jewellery so to keep an eye on her.

Meet thinks I have to know the name of poision so that we can start Meet Ahlawat treatment. Laila thinks you are taking me out so that you can know the name of poision but I won’t tell you name because I want to see him dying slowly.


Meet 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Babita ask Laila tell me the name of poision. Laila hit her with flower vase.Laila try to suffocate Meet Ahlawat with cushion. Meet see her actions on her watch and rush to save Meet Ahlawat.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2022
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