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Meet 24th December 2021 Meet Ahlawat being restless because of Manushi and remember what Manushi said to him for running away from marriage. Meet Ahlawat gets call from Meet but didn’t answer and find Manushi’s earing oh his shoulder and remember what he said to Meet while taking her swizz knife and shouts Manushi’s name. Meet Ahlawat looks for Manushi’s earing which he throw it earlier and walks away from fountain.

Meet says he must be angry on me because I didn’t reach on time and he is not picking up phone. Meet Ahlawat come from back and pick her up and says where are your shoes did you took any oath to walks without shoes, you will get hurt and gravel don’t know if legs are if Shahbadh or Rajasthan. Meet says put me down, I gave it to someone needy. Meet Ahlawat mocks her. Meet says are done, so put me down. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll take you yo bench and you can wear my shoes. Meet says then you will walk on gravel, no need. He says okay keep your legs on my legs then we can walk and they both start walking toward bench. Meet says let’s sit here for a while.

Manushi thinks what Meet Ahlawat said to her about her existence and not to say a word about Meet. Manushi says how dare you Meet Ahlawat you shut me up because of Meet Hooda, this mans Meet is more important to her then me.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat you are cool I was thinking you might be in anger because I didn’t come for boating. Meet Ahlawat gets flash of boat. Meet ask what happen. He says I want to say something, on boat. Meet ask what happen at boat. Meet Ahlawat says leave it lets talk something else. Meet says okay you know I meet someone and it felt like he is so close.

Meet Ahlawat says in real life it’s different if someone is unknown will be unknown to you ever cannot be with you whole time, it happens when you make connection with someone unknown and then they leave you burning. Meet ask what happen. Meet Ahlawat thinks should I tell her about Manushi or not, says you want to buy footwear and clothes too so vome lets go and pick her up, he thinks why did I stop from telling her about Manushi.

Manushi standing on top of fort near ledge with one foot out, she take it back and says this is not true no one can forget me once I’m in there mind and Meet Hooda cannot defeat me, it’s not possible Meet Ahlawat is mine and it will be with me, she take her other earing out and throws it down the fort and walk away.

Babita says Jaypratap parents find there happiness in there kids, I know that you love you daughter a lot but you need to understand that you being stubborn wont make your daughter happy, Sunaina is not ready for other marriage, feom the time you told her about second marriage she locked her inside and not coming out not letting anyone get inside. Servant walks to them says come fast Sunaina is trying to harm herself. Babita, Raj and Jaypratap run towards Sunaina.

Sunaina with knife in her hand. Ragini trying to stop her says we will do what you say. Sunaina says let me die I don’t want to live. Raj says to Sunaina what are you doing. Jaypratap ask her to keep knife down. Sunaina says let me die, for who I should be alive I don’t want to live. Raj says you are my strong daughter, this is wrong wont give you any benifit, what I’ll say to Tej when he will ask about you, Raj walks to her and grab knife, hugs her. Jaypratap walks to Sunaina hugs her. Sunaina says I’m stubborn like you and I know you and me both will not bow down and to end this there is only one thing to kill myself and cry.

Manager says to Meet and Meet Ahlawat many couples come here and make there honeymoon memorable so we did same for you that’s why we kept a compitition and will follow eye blinking task, looks into eachother eye with love so lets begin. Meet says it’s a game lets play and start staring in eachother eyes. Meet Ahlawat gets flash of Manushi take away his eyes from Meet. Meet says you loss I won and ask what happen do you need to order something else or looking for anybody is coming and she start eating.

Three man sitting beside there table comment on Meet and says I feel for boy he brought a girl like small kid with him, is there any shortage of girls something is wrong. Meet Ahlawat run towards him and says stop it and grab him, if you dare to say anything else I’ll not leave you. Man says what wrong did I said I was saying how she looks. Meet Ahlawat beat them and hold neck of person who was passing comments and says to him her character is of gold but this wont enter in your small brain. Meet try to stop him.

Meet Ahlawat says no Meet they need to learn lesson and says to Man if you say anything more about my wife them I’ll not spare you. Meet says you have my swear leave him. They both walk away from restaurant. Meet says why were you fighting with them what they said wrong my hair’s are short and not like other girls, things won’t change if you beat them. Meet Ahlawat says I cannot hear anything against you. Meet says that’s not the matter and I don’t care what someone says because it’s my choice to keep this look, tske my swear that you won’t get angry. Meet Ahlawat says you are good but I’m not that good like you I cannot hear anything against you.

Meet takes Meet Ahlawat to swimming pool and says you are angry so we will sit here with legs inside pool till the time you don’t calm yourself. Meet Ahlawat says are you feeling the temperature its cold. Meet says but you are hot and need to cool you down to set equilibrium so come now and sit. Meet Ahlawat sit down with legs inside water. Meet says you know one time my hair’s were till my waist and when my hair use to come in comb then I use to crib a lot, that time my father use to message my head and mom use to make potion for my hair then one day my father died. Meet Ahlawat wipes her tears. Meet says after my father’s death I started working and those hair use to trouble me so one day I cut down my hair short. Meet Ahlawat she is so pure always think about others I wish to be like her.


Meet 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet slips in bathroom and fall into tub with Meet Ahlawat. They both see Manushi disguised as servant inside there bathroom with bathing robe

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