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Meet 23rd September 2021 Meet dressed as Manu. Manu start laughing and ask why you’re wearing my clothes. Meet acts like Manu and stumble. Manu says wearing like me won’t make you Manushi for that you have to behave like me. Meet says what you thought this was my performance, just wait and watch and puts veil on Manu. Meet dances for her. Amma and Anubha joins her. Everyone joins her.

Amma gets emotional. Manu gets emotional too. Meet asks her friend to get water. Amma says I’ll miss you a lot. Manu says I’ll miss you too. Anubha says we will miss her a lot. Meet says she here with us for few days we will have lot of fun. Anubha says to Amma. Meet has proven and fulfilled all her promises so now give her the respect as Manu’s sister, I want Ahlawat family to know how much Meet has done for Manu. Manu also request I want everyone to know about my sister.

Amma says listen yo me for now we have to focus on her wedding and till that I don’t want any bad omen till time, we will tell them afterwards when Manu gets married and impresses her in-laws. Manu hugs dadi and think let me marry with Kunal and then you can do whatever you want. Meet says to Anubha I feel it so funny when Meet Ahlawat will know my relation with Manu.

Meet thinks about her conversation with Meet Ahlawat.Goons looking for Kunal. Kunal hiding in dustbin prays god finish this as soon as possible, when I marry Manushi and will go to her mansion on throw money on these goons.Meet in market waiting for Meet Ahlawat. Meet says to tea seller once I pay this money I’ll be free. Kunal hear about money and thinks about that he will require money to run away with Manushi and then can make excuses of being bankrupt but it will take one week but till that time I should have money,

Kunal calls a small boy and ask do you want 500 rupees, here 100 rupees your advance and whispers him his work. The boy act as he has fallen and hurt. Meet rushes to the small boy. Kunal slow steal the package but Meet catches his hand and realises its Kunal. Kunal pushes her and runs away. Meet chase’s him. Meet hits him with a stone and he falls. Meet fights with Kunal. Meet hits him hard and says this is for troubling my sister. Kunal surprised to know Meet is Manu’s sister. Meet takes her package back and says stay away from my sister. Meet Ahlawat stops near Meet by his car.

Meet ask Meet Ahlawat will you first have tea or shake hands as friends and puts her hand forward. Meet Ahlawat looks at her in anger and says I don’t feel like standing near you. Meet Ahlawat had seen Meet hit Kunal and leaves. Kunal tells him she ran with his money. Meet Ahlawat says are you sure. Kunal says she is a don uses kids to trouble others and she ran away with all my money, I’ll complaint against her.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet I was so wrong about you and you are shabadz don, you just want money and nothing else, people says girl are dad’s princess and I don’t even know your father story is true and wherever your father must be, he must be ashamed of you. Meet says enough and not a word against my father what’s my fault that you are cursing me.

Meet Ahlawat says maybe it is common for you so let me tell you what’s right, I’ll tell your truth all you do is you rob steal and fool innocent people, that’s why you became my friend to rob me too but don’t worry I know your true colours and don’t trust you even a bit snd I don’t want to see your face ever again. Meet says enough. Meet Ahlawat says hear me carefully I’m starting a new life and I don’t want people like you in it and snatches Meet package and leaves.

Meet thinks about Meet Ahlawat’s words and in tears. Meet at her father’s memorial says papa people says a lot about me but never felt so bad, what all nonsense he said to me, how can a police officer daughter be thief, what wrong did I do, I’m so lonely and miss you a lot, I don’t want to be anyone’s problem. Meet gets call from her boss for urgent delivery. Meet says its not possible. Boss says Chandan is delivered from Haridwar and you have to take it to Chandigarh which only you can do.

Meet Ahlawat thinking about Meet and in tears.


Meet 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meets and Manu’s haldi function. Meet falls on Haldi sent to Manu from Meet Ahlawat and it gets all over her face.Meet entering Ahlawat house following things arrange for Manu.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
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