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Meet 23rd May 2022 Babita suggesting everyone that they should plan for a vacation as they didn’t do it for long. Masoom says they can go to abroad, Babita tells Isha to choose a destination. Isha says she will choose destination but she won’t go with them, everyone insists her but she leaves.

Meet Ahlawat tells Ragini to give some time to Isha for moving on. Raj asks Meet to choose a destination but Masoom says Meet is taking transfer so telling her wont be right. Everyone gets shocked to hear that. Masoom says she found transfer papers on the dining table. She shows everyone and Babita questions Meet how could she do that? She didn’t even talk to them before applying for the transfer.

Did she talk to her husband even? She asks Meet Ahlawat that whether he will leave his family to stay with Meet. Masoom says obviously he will have idea as Meet convinced him to live her life on her own terms so that noone stops her from doing anything.

Meet Ahlawat reveals he only told Meet to take transfer , she didn’t tell him. Raj asks him but why he wants that? Meet Ahlawat replies he can’t ignore the fact how Meet broke his trust and they promised each other that pendrive wont be exposed to anybody but she sent it for lab testing.

Raj got arrested and everyone was tensed because of her decision. He can’t forget all those easily, he says Meet always thinks from law’s perspective and doesn’t consider herself as a responsible wife who has duties towards her in laws too. He only finds an inspector in her not a wife. He asks Raj to think from his perspective this time instead of taking Meet’s side.

Meet Ahlawat adds Meet will get full marks in terms of sub inspector’s position. But she failed to become his wife in true sense. So he feels they should get separated and Meet should take transfer wherever she wants. He gives Meet the papers and says he will be happy for her when she will achieve more success in her career.

She doesn’t need to sacrifice her career or dream for wife’s duties. She can leave. Meet gets emotional. Raj says Meet has a pure heart how can he forget that? Meet Ahlawat says Meet is a great person and he loves her, he can’t give her place to anyone but for now this is correct decision.

Raj gets worried and Ram tells him that they should reveal that how Meet saved them and how she favoured them. Meet Ahlawat will understand her worth then. Raj says but they promised Meet they won’t tell the truth to anybody so they can’t break their promise. Raj adds he has a plan by which he will unite Meet and Meet Ahlawat.

Meet looks into the mirror and Masoom taunts her saying she failed as a wife, she should just accept that she is not made for marriage and all. Meet wonders why can’t she become a wife if she is an inspector. Why her husband thinks she can’t fulfil a wife’s duty? She decides to talk to Meet but Raj stops her. Raj says he will talk to Meet and her husband so Meet won’t tell anything to her husband. He takes Meet to hall.

Tej gives tiffin boxes to Ram and Lakhan. They look upset and say that their teacher told them to bring their parents for guardian meeting. Tej says he is mother and father both for them so he will only attend the meeting. Ram and Lakhan think how to solve Sunaina and Tej’s issues so that they don’t argue.

Raj tells everyone that he has taken an important decision for Meet and her husband. Meet Ahlawat says he already cleared everything so he doesn’t want to hear anything from Raj regarding Meet. Raj says you have to obey me as I am the eldest member of the house. He says Meet and her husband will divorce each other, that is the only solution left now. Everyone gets shocked.

Babita asks Raj if he is sure, Raj says he thought about it a lot and realised his son married Meet just because he insisted him. Till now Meet Ahlawat doesn’t love his wife and will never love her in future it seems. Raj says he was wrong that Meet and Meet Ahlawat will stay happily together. So they should divorce each other.


Meet 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to take off his shirt. He asks why? She says, don’t you want to fix the button? Today, I will not only stitch the button, but also teach you as we are getting divorced. She’s showing him how to insert thread in the needle. They two come very close.

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