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Meet 22nd September 2021 Meet Ahlawat at Meet’s door to check if Manu has his name on her hand and if Manu is hiding something who did I put ring on. Amaji says to Meet that you must have created a mess and so people might be home, Anubha opens door and sees its Meet Ahlawat, Meet hides, Anubha opens door, Meet Ahlawat takes blessings and asks where is Manu, Meet things something is definitely wrong.

Meet Ahlawat says Manu’s ring was in my jacket I don’t know how so I came here, Meet runs away and hides, Amaji signs her to hide, Anubha welcomes Meet Ahlawat in, and says I will go call Manu. Meet goes wake Manu and says Jiju is here, Manu says what does he want, Meet says your ring is with him, Manu says he is mad in my love, Meet says something is wrong, Anubha comes in room and scolds Manu for ring and takes her downstairs.

Manu asks Meet Ahlawat says how come you here, Meet Ahlawat says like me even you must be worried for ring, Manu says I am so sorry I searched everywhere, Meet Ahlawat says calm down and how did it become loose. Manu remembers giving Meet’s ring and says I didn’t do anything may be shops mistake, Meet Ahlawat says no worries I get one more chance to put ring. Manu says sure. Meet Ahlawat puts ring and turns her hand. Meet had stopped Manu while going down with Anubha and writes Meet’s name with sketch pen and then lets her go.

Meet Ahlawat sees his name on Manu’s hand, Anubha looks at Meet and thanks her, Meet Ahlawat says let me click a picture of your hand, Manu says okay. Meet Ahlawat clicks a picture.

Meet Ahlawat shows everyone picture, and scolds Masoom, Babita supports Meet Ahlawat, Meet Ahlawat asks what is wrong why are you creating problems, your doubts and reservation are bigger than me, Masoom says I was just over protective I am sorry please forgive me, Babita says Meet Ahlawat look she is apologising, and it is good that all confusions are getting rid, Raj says Masoom says let me tell you all one thing I don’t have to hear a word against Manu anymore, I won’t bare this nonsense anymore and I have told Manushi family that there will be no big function and about our rich friends we will give them reception later and Masoom if you have problem with their standard you will only be part of reception then.

Meet praying to God and says dont think I am happy hiding things from Meet Ahlawat family but I had to save this relation and I have request please don’t punish Didi for a her mistake punish me and take care of everyone and its all for Papa.

Anubha makibg arrangements, Meet asks what all is this, Anubha says Manu will take it with her, Meet says instead we could give her money, Amaji scolds Meet and asks her to keep quiet and leaves. Anubha says Meet all this is because of you and tell me how did you understand about what Meet Ahlawat is thinking, Meet says I have met him many times and tells her a the instances, Anubha says its so weird.

Amaji walks to Anubha and Meet, and says there is pooja and where is Manu. Manu is asked to worship Meet’s bike pooja as a ritual to worship a wheel, Manu says I don’t want to do this stupid things, Anubha says you should so it happily because this wheel has always saved us. Manu does Pooja and then asks Meet to arrange her AC car, Meet says turn around says this is your personal car till marriage. Manu thinks she will run in this car with Kunal. Manu says I will go on a drive and come back.

Anubha says Meet, she looks si happy, Meet says lets make Hen party arrangements, Amaji sees arrangements and asks what all is this, Anubha says its party for Manu, its surprise party for her only girls, Amaji says how will you come then you are a boy, Meet says just wait and watch. Meet’s friend arrive with money.

Meet Ahlawat with Guddu, says you look handsome then me, should I find a girl for you, Guddu says ewww and leaves. Meet calls Meet Ahlawat, and asks how is arrangment going on,and asks him when can she pay him, Meet Ahlawat says you have more favor, Meet says tomorrow evening 4 we will meet at tea stall, bye.

Manu gets home and sees Meet dressed like her, Manu starts laughing.

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Meet 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, I was right you are a mad and worst girl, your father must be so disappointed in you.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
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