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Meet 21st September 2021 Manu sees Meet and pushes Kunal away, Kunal says what is this, Manu says my family has sent goons run away, Kunal sees Meet and runs away, Meet runs behind him to catch him.
Anubha goes aside and tries to call Manu, Manu doesn’t answer, she tries Meet, Meet doesn’t answer too.

Anubha comes downstairs and says Manu is ready, Raj insists on following time, Amaji and Anubha upset. Masoom decides to tell everyone. Meet Ahlawat sees Masoom and says don’t create a mess, Masoom says I will and says Manu isnt home all are lying here, ask Hoshiyar too, Hoshiyar says she is right, Meet Ahlawat says how is that possible, I was with Manu sometime back, Masoom says you never listen to me go call Manushi, Raj asks Anubha to get Manushi right away and if she doesn’t come we will cancel engagement, Anubha feels dizzy, Meet Ahlawat says I will go call Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat sees Manushi, Meet stops her near window hides and writes a message for her that go apologise to your father in law right away and here wear this ring, Manu says its loose, Meet says you gave size now go. Meet Ahlawat walks down with Manushi. All look at Masoom angry, Meet Ahlawat says she was in her room and Masoom di is there anything you want to say. Manu looks at Meet and falls in Raj’s feet and says sorry Dad, Babita asks Raj to forgive her, Manu says I just wanted to look beautiful and so took time won’t repeat it again, Meet sees Raj and gets very happy to find he is Manu’s father in law.
Raj asks to start engagement ceremony. Ram says Meet Ahlawat already gave her ring, Raj says his romance is important too, let Manu put ring on Meet now. Meet hiding and watching the ceremony, Amaji catches her and asks her not to come outside.
Meet prays to God and says Manu’s future is so nice, Meet Ahlawat as husband and Raj as father jn law, I will go and watch thw ceremony now, Meet disguises herself as waiter.

Isha gets ring to Manu, Manu puts it on Meet Ahlawat’s finger, Meet says wow such a great match, and this Meet Ahlawat took tips from me to impress her and Raj as her father in law so nice. Hoshiyar asks Meet Ahlawat and Manu to dance, both dance, all join them. Manu’s ring slips and falls in Meet Ahlawat’s pocket.

Manu in her room enjoying her necklace, she hears footsteps and hides it, Meet walks in with Kunal’s jacket and says look properly, I told mummy and Dadi you are in parlour, you said he was your friend why was he hugging you and what are you cooking, Manu says he called me and said he will commit suicide and what would I do if he would die, people fall in love with me what would I do, and you saw right I push him away, I didn’t do anything lets forget it because even I want to and want to enjoy my wedding, Meet says you always have answers ready why didn’t you tell me, and Meet Ahlawat’s family is so good and I won’t let you ruin both families reputation so you are under my watch now, Manu says fine, Meet notices Manu doesn’t have ring in her hand and asks where is her engagement ring, Manu says I don’t know must have fallen let me look for it.

Meet Ahlawat in his room, thinking about his engagement, and enjoying his moment, he falls on bed and ring comes off his pocket, he looks at it and is confused how did it come in jacket it was proper fit to Manushi. Masoom calls Meet Ahlawat down right away.
Meet Ahlawat walks down to everyone, Hoshiyar shows a video to Meet Ahlawat, and says look Manu doesn’t have ring in her finger, Meet Ahlawat says I know that her ring fell in my pocket while we were dancing, Babita asks how, you took measurements then how is it loose, Masoom says look at Manushi’s hand, Meet Ahlawat said he wrote his name on her hand and look at her hand, her family was nervous and she came late too, there is something fish, we are being fooled.

Meet washing her hand, Amaji and Anubha asks what is she doing, door bell rings, Meet goes to check, Meet Ahlawat at door to confirm about Mehndi and if Manushi wasn’t there who did he put ring on.

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