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Meet 21st November 2022 Laila leave hospital with Meet Ahlawat in car. Ishani and Meet following them. Meet ask her to speed up after seeing there car. Laila see the car and ask driver to drive fast. Meet shouts to stop the car.

Everyone at Ahlawat mansion praying.

Laila ask driver to loose them and reach airport quickly. Police checking for Meet and Meet Ahlawat at checkpost. Driver stop the car. Laila see poster in there hands. Ishani and Meet reach the checkpost. Meet says there car says let’s get out and catch them, she see her poster everywhere.

Meet says if I get out police will stop us and she will run away. Laila says if police will check our car they will recognise Meet Ahlawat. Meet says to Ishani it’s good now they will check her car and we will get out to catch them. Police ask driver to bring car forward. Laila wear duppata on her face. Police walks toward them. Laila cover his face with bandage. Inspector ask her to show his face. Ishani says to Meet what are they talking to her didn’t they see Meet Ahlawat inside.

Laila say to Inspector he meet with an horrible accident after lot of surgery he were able to get discharge please pray for him. Inspector says let them go and they start moving forward. Meet says how is that possible is Meet Ahlawat not in car. Ishani stop her says don’t get emotional see everywhere is your poster and if they recognise you then we won’t be able to catch them,

let us pass this them we will catch, we still have time think how we can evade them. Meet wear specks and duppata. Police stop there car. Constable ask them to show there face. Ishani get’s scared thinks what to do now it’s impossible for us.

Babita pray to god says please bring my son back to me safely.

Inspector walks to constable says you can go and check other car let me do this. He greet Meet says do you remember me we were together in police training, he says I know you can’t kidnap you husband now leave fast.

Laila see sign board for airport and ask him driver to take left. Meet and Ishani on the way. Ishani says both the road go to airport straight one is 8km long it’s main road and left one is short cut but not good, I don’t know where did they wnet. Meet says I know Neelam she won’t choose straight road, you should take left. Ishani take left.

Driver looses control. Laila shouts what happen. Driver says we got falt tyre. Laila says repair quick or else I’ll kill you. Laila see there car, she shouts to hurry up. Driver see there car and run away. Meet and Ishani walks to to car. Meet see him inside and try to open door. She check every door but it’s lock from inside. She brings a scale and try to unlock car. Ishani looking for Laila.

Laila walks to her from behind and hit her on her face. Ishani fall down. Meet trying to unlock car. Laila walks to her. Meet see her from rear view mirror. She try to hit her but Meet stop her. Laila bite her hand and start hurting her. Meet hit her hand on car multiple times for her behaviour. Laila start bleeding, she laugh and says I played game with you because I like Meet Ahlawat and whatever I like I take it,

I promised myself to celebrate diwali with Meet Ahlawat but you ruined everything, today is diwali it’s ritual to light diya and burn crackers now see how I’ll celebrate diwali with Meet Ahlawat, she opens front bonut of car and shoe her car engine covered with crackers. Meet in shock. Laila says if he is not mine then won’t be of any other, she light them on fire. Meet get’s scared she try to stop them from burning. Laila hit her from rod on his head. She tie her with rope. Meet Ahlawat wakes up and see Meet struggling. Laila tie her hands.

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
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