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Meet 20th September 2021Meet  Ahlawat says to Meet from now we are bonded to eachother. Meet Ahlawat gets call from Deep. Deep says your family will be there in 15minute so meet them outside your wife house. Meet Ahlawat says I need 20 to 30 minutes. Meet thinks, you should go or how will I go and find Manu.

Meet Ahlawat says this is perfect moment but only one thing is missing, you sang song in party do you remember, can you sing that song for me one time. Meet start singing song. Meet Ahlawat grabs Meet and says Manushi can you express your love to me, can you say Meet I love you, just one time. Meet says to herself cannot say this.

Meet Ahlawat close his eyes and Meet duppata comes off. Meet gets her duppata on and Meet Ahlawat gets call from his friend. Deep says me and tour family is standing outside Manu’s house so come fast and join. Meet Ahlawat says okay I’ll be there and says to Meet I’ll meet you after 5 minutes and would like to continue our conversation in person afterwards and leave.Anubha come and asks is everything alright. Meet says nothing is right Meet came to meet Manu, don’t know where she went this is wrong. Anubha says don’t know where is she.

Meet Ahlawat goes to his family and says I’m sorry I went to tailor because at last moment my suits fitting was giving me problem and says to Deep didn’t you told them. Raj being sarcastic says we came at wrong house I think so we should go to right house. Meet Ahlawat says this is Manishi’s house. Babita says you told us you went to tailors house so tell us is it tailors house or Manushi house and everyone start laughing.

Ram says to Meet your plan was successful but you chose wrong guy. Isha says we already knew you came 1 hour earlier to meet Manushi. Raj says don’t be scared if you love someone and gets romantic with Babita. Babita says dont forget where we are standing. Raj says that’s why I like you always tell me.

Meet trying to take off clothes says these are so wierd can’t able to remove how difficult it is to remove them. Anubha says to Meet don’t know where Manu is and Ahlawat family will be here soon, now what we will do. Meet says don’t worry you go look after them I’ll change and sneak out through window and look for Manu, don’t worry just make try to make them busy. Anubha says ok and go downstairs.

Amma and Anubha welcome Ahlawat family. Masum says to Hoshiyar why we need to move slowly and look at this tackey setup. Anubha and Amma serving water to everyone. Masum says to Anubha today also you are serving only one thing we requested you we are not taking anything but take care of your relative, today its okay because its only family member but do take care during marriage. Two man come with serving trolley says sorry ma’am we got flat tyre. Anubha says okay no worries start serving them.

Amma come to Anubha says you did great or something bad could have happen. Anubha says it wasn’t me, you can think who could have done this.Meet going out of her house through window and talking to her friends reach on time and trying finding Manushi in every parlour and tell me.

Raj says to Babita today is our son ring ceremony so can I eat these sweet. Babita says especially for this day nothing is ban for you and I’ll also eat everything and gives Raj sweet. Raj says this is good did Manushi made this. Babita asks Anubha where is Manushi. Anubha gives Raj samosa. Raj says this also looks good did Manushi made this can you call her would like to praise her in person.

CHACHA says to Anubha I think so you didn’t heard Raj he asked you two times where is Manushi call her. Amma says to Anubha call her and says don’t worry I’ll call her and shouts Manu come out if you are ready. Anubha says to Amma come listen I have some work and says something happen Manu is not in house, Meet went to find her I cannot understand you only figure out something. Amma says okay let’s attend our guest. Amma come and says to servent go get something else and offer snack to Masum. Masum says we need to meet Manushi can you call her. Babita gets up and says to Anubha and Amma what happen you two look so tensed is everything alright.

Anubha says Manushi would have come down but… Raj gets up and asks what. Anubha says she would have come down if Meet Ahlawat…. Meet Ahlawat gets up and says its all because of me Manu was getting ready but I came to meet her and disturbed her while she was getting ready it’s all my fault I’m sorry. Babita says to Meet Ahlawat why are you so scared of telling this and says to Anubha no worries we can wait more for Manushi.

Meet talking on phone says what are you talking you couldn’t fine her in any parlour and hungs up. Meet says to herself where she could have gone there is one place where she could be.

Manushi with Kunal. Kunal says what you want to run away. Manu says I tried to convince my family members but they are not ready to understand and after getting to know everything they brought a millionaire for me to get married look at my hands, but trust me I don’t love him if you want us to be together we have to run. Kunal says to himself she is ready to run away and marry this will also hide my poverty. Manu thinks till the time he finds about my poverty I’ll be married and then I’ll convince his parents. Kunal thinks I’ll tell her my parents are not accepting us and will settle in her house and live like a king.

Raj says to Anubha we follow our Panditji religiously so how long will Manu take to get ready. Anubha says she will be here soon but still I’ll go and check on her and whispers to Amma I’ll go and call Meet. Masum says to herself Anubhas action and expression do not match something is fishy, need to find out. Masum and Hosiyar goes to room and check says nobody is here and where is bride, looks at the dress says I think so bride is missing and will tell this news downstairs so that this marriage will break. Isha and Guddu listen everything.

Kunal says to Manu if this is the thing then why are we waiting lets go and get married. Manu says we cannot run today, we will do it afterwards. Kunal says if you and me are ready then why not today. Manu says I want to run dressed as bride and with the necklace which you gave me and says to herself I want to run with my father’s FD and the jeweler which Meet purchased for me.

Meet arrive on her bike. Manu says to Kunal okay now I’ll go home and will tell you how we will run and says buy to Kunal and sees Meet. Meet sees Manu hugging Kunal.


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