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Meet 18th September 2021 Meet gives Meet Ahlawat idea to impress his fiance, he likes idea and thanks her. Meet Ahlawat calls Deep and asks him to handle Babita ans Raj for sometime.

Manushi sees her phone and says Kunal’s desperation is on right track, and now I will ask him to run away with me so lets start the drama, Manushi calls Kunal, Kunal says I am going to die and video calls her and says I am committing suicide, I can’t live without you, if you don’t come to see me today at 4 I will kill myself. Manu says even I can’t live without you, tomorrow I will come to see my baby, Kunal says its today or never, Manu says relax dont do anything I will come to see you, I love you don’t do anything bye.

Manu says he will do as I say after marriage but how will I manage Meet, okay I will make Meet busy and go meet Kunal. Manu walks to Meet and asks her to apply Mehndi, Meet says who will work then, Manu says I know you arent allowed in functions and in house now but can’t you just participate by applying Mehndi, I love you so much, Anubha says she is right go apply Mehndim Meet says okay. Manu asks Meet to get pretty Mehndi and says I am going to get ready and no one will disturb me.

Amaji scolds Meet for laughing while applying Mehndi, Meet says its so ticklish. Anubha smilws sees Meet happy and thinks I will be so happy to see her get married. Meet leaves Mehndi half way, and starts working in arrangements. Anubha checks door and sees Meet Ahlawat, and asks how come he is herez Meet just hears Anubha talk, Ammaji pushes her to room, Meet requests her to see face atleast, Ammaji says shut up and stay in store.

Anibha welcomes Meet Ahlawat home, Meet Ahlawat says I wanted to talk to Manushi, Meet says I find this voice very familiar. Anubha asks Meet Ahlawat what is it, is he here to break engagement, Meet Ahlawat says calm down I just wanted to talk to her, Ammaji says is all good, Meet Ahlawat says calm down let me tell you, I am here to talk to Manushi, we rushed into ceremonies so quickly we couldn’t meet so I am here to surprise her. Meet tries to take a glimpse of what is is happening. Anubha says Manu will be happy to see you, let me get her.
Meet unable to see Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat asks Ammaji can he go and see her, Ammaji says okay go. Meet sees its Meet Ahlawat and smiles and remember all the incidents she met Meet Ahlawat and how she liked him for Manu, and gets happy and says this is si much fun, his Moonshine is Manu didi, I was helping him and he was helping me, he is perfect for Manu and he is here to use my idea. Anubha walks in and pulls her aside and says your Jijaji is here but your sister is missing. Meet says may be she went parlour,

Anubha says I didn’t tell your Dadi too, Meet tries to call Manu but she doesn’t receive. Meet says god why did I give him idea, Anubha asks what, Meet says go tell him, Manu is at tailors, Anubha says are you mad, Meet Ahlawat reaches upstairs and calls Manu, Meet says go tell him Manu is coming.

Anubha walks to Meet Ahlawat and says she is getting ready and she wont come infront of you like this, wait ti engagement, Meet Ahlawat says this will be life time memory and Manushi don’t worry, you are the most beautiful and pretty girl and if you feel awkward cover your face, Meet calls Anubha in and says we can cover face.

Meet gets ready and covers her face. Meet Ahlawat walks to her thinking its Manushi, Meet Ahlawat says Manushi can you give me your hand and Meet gives him hand and thinks this was all for Manu, why am I stuck here. Meet Ahlawat says your left hand, Meet gives him hand, he puts ring on her finger, Meet Ahlawat says you are mine forever now and its said if you have husbands name on your hand your relationship becomes strong, and writes his name on her hand, Meet thinks he is so good for Manu didi.

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