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Meet 18th May 2022 Meet Ahlawat at judges room with his lawyer says I just reached after I received your call tell me. Judge says take this. Meet Ahlawat see granted on paper, he thanks her for approving his bail. Judge says I looked into your case one more time so you can take your father from jail.

Meet Ahlawat call Babita and says I’ll bring dad back to you I asked you not to worry and walk away. Meet talking on phone with Sharma ji says yes your assistance made fake report so judge thought Papa was murderer, till now your clever assistant must have told Abhay Rana that we know everything about video, thanks for your help because of you Dad is coming out of jail and disconnects call says now it’s time to trap Abhay Rana before he reaches confirm, she call Balveer and ask him to bring Tej to sector-20. Balveer says okay.

Abhay car stops. Meet trying to wake up Tej. Meet walk to driver says please help me to go to hospital, please help me. Abhay seeing everything from his car. Meet acting, calls Meet Ahlawat says Tej got attack and I think this time he remembers everything, he was saying something about my father’s murder, I called senior inspector he will reach hospital and take his statement. Abhay Rana listen everything if Tej remembers everything then he will tell the truth I have to play safe now.

Meet says to himself you played a lot with your politics now I’ll give you taste of your game. Tej get’s call from Meet Ahlawat, Meet see his phone says I know you are excited to tell good news just wait for sometime more. Meet Ahlawat text Tej saying Dad got bail I’m out of police station. Meet reads the message and reply good job junior I’ll meet you home directly and ask driver to drive fast. Abhay Rana follow Meet and Tej.

Masum get’s excited after seeing car and says to Babita dad is here. Raj get’s out of vehicle. Ram hugs him. Raj come out of car and greet Saxena and Mr General and ask them how come you are here, is something important. Saxena says everyone is calling you murderer so all the committee member have decided to remove you from the post of President and also you no longer will be the member of committee.

Mr General we are sorry but because of you reputation of company is hampered so we are boycotting you and your family from company. Meet Ahlawat says what are you saying do you know meaning of association it is been made so that if in future someone has a problem this association can help that person, no one of you had thought that dad might be inside jail for wrong case, what do you think is the reason that he got bail. Saxena says your father is been accused of a murder.

Meet Ahlawat says he is not proven guilty till now, you believe in dad that’s why you made him president of association, correct and now without knowing anything you ruined his reputation and you all did wrong. Saxena give letter and walk away.

Babita hugs Raj and ask how are you. Everyone meet Raj and hugs him. Raj ask where is Meet, she must be at her job but I didn’t see her at police station did she tell when she will be back. Hoshiyar says how would anyone know, no body support her here. Raj says why no body wants to talk to her and why you want to be related to her.

Meet in hospital with Balveer. Balveer says everything is done according to plan. Meet says I believe Mamaji will be hear after listening my conversation, he try to be oversmart, you should go down and tell me whenever he come, she looks at her phone to know the location of her car, go down and tell me when he is here. Balveer go down. Meet says my doubt was right he cannot sit quiet just to save Ram, soon truth will come infront of everyone.

Babita says because Meet Ahlawat has decided to throw her out of house, our son give her chance to choose one thing be a cop or be a wife but as usual that girl is stubborn all these problems are because of that girl, the behaviour of association was also because of that girl. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat didn’t you feel ashamed with your behaviour, everyone back off don’t talk to me and walks inside mansion.

Meet see Abhay Rana in corridor thinks why is stopping there did he decided to go back. Abhay walks to reception and ask about Tej Ahlawat’s room. Receptionist says it’s room number 103 go straight and take left. Abhay Rana reaches Room number 103. Balveer call Meet says he went to some other place.

Meet says no need to scare he is clever person he will be back. Abhay Rana in compounder uniform talking to Shanty says I understand Shanty but I have only one evidence against me and his name is Tej, he saw me when I shot Ashok, I even give money for his assassination but he got lucky but today I’ll not leave him I got the chance to kill him,

I’m just waiting for Meet coming out of his room, don’t worry everything will be fine and disconnects call. Abhay wear mask, take tray in his hand and walks to room thinking first I neet to take Meet out of room and then I’ll kill Tej. Doctor stop him and ask where are you going. Abhay says I was going to give medicine to patient.

Doctor says I asked you to bring equipment for operation, we have to start operation soon so leave your work and come with me. Doctor call someone and ask him to come fast with all the equipment and leave. Abhay says you saved yourself doctor and start walking. Balveer calls and tell Meet about Abhay, he is coming. Meet on phone walks out of room and behaves like she is talking on phone and walk away. Abhay outside room says I’m so lucky and get inside room,

he walks to bed and says Tej please forgive your mama from today you won’t be able to tell that I killed Ashok Hooda and how because of me you lost your memory but today everything will be buried with you. Abhay Rana take pillow to kill him but Meet in bed kicks him. Abhay Rana in shock after seeing him. He try to attack her but she tackle him with cloth and tie his hands to bed.

Abhay scared after seeing Meet. Meet says Tej is going nowhere but you are, to the jail, now you will be punished for all your deed, what you thought that you are lucky while I was going out, it was a plan to trap you, I came inside room with other door and waited for you, it took me time but get to know the truth, you killed my father and start punching him, you ruined Tejs life, I won’t leave you.

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