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Meet 17th September 2021 Masoom insults Meet and says my servants have better standard then yours, Anubha asks whats wrong and sees Masoom, Babita walks to them and greets Manu and Anubha, Meet thinks god they are her in laws and remember argument with Babita, Masoom tells Manu that Meet is misbehaving with her and spoilt her dress, Anubha says she is not at fault,

Babita says why support a stranger, look at her, she is a brat and spoilt girl, she had made a traffic jam today because she wanted to dance and now she spoilt Masoom’s dress, Manu whisper to Anubha this is why Dadi keeps her away. Masoom says why do you support her, Anubha says because she is my daughter, Meet says like her daughter, Anubha shocked. Manu smiles. Anubha in tears. Meet says Anubha aunty don’t fight with others because of me and aunty saved me once and so she calls me daughter, don’t fight for me aunty, Manu says my Mom is very kind hearted. Meet asks Babita and Masoom how she can apologise, Babita says I don’t want to see you for now, Meet leaves.

Babita says Masoom we will buy you new dress and Anubha and Manu lets go together we will chat and shop and have good time, Anubha goes near Meet, Manu stops her and says to Meet, go pay the bill I want that dress, and drags Anubha.

Mest discussing with manager that she needs 2 hrs ro get money, he says pay right away or I am calling Police, Meet removes her chain which Anubha gave her on her win, Meet says keep it till I return you money, keep it safely this is my father’s last sign, Meet Ahlawat takes the chain, and says we always meet somewhere, Meet says and we are wearing same clothes. Meet says give me my chain, Meet Ahlawat says I am paying your money, Meet says I don’t want favour,

Meet Ahlawat says you already done so many on me, Meet asks what favours, Meet Ahlawat says my diamond necklace, you ran for help and also you gave me strength when I wanted to talk to my fiancee and be my friend and then it will be help and not favour, Meet says I make friends very carefully and its a commitment, Manager says Madam bill, Meet says why did you, Meet Ahlawat says my father always said keep ego away in friendship and I will take everything in return will take everything back don’t worry, here is your chain, and puts it in Meet’s neck.

Meet Ahlawat says Meet don’t let this chain away from you ever, bye. Meet says wait 6ft 2in, I had bad first impression but you are a very good man, Meet Ahlawat says I have a fiance and laughs, Meet says I was not flirting I wish my Didi had you, Meet Ahlawat says not possible, you are shahbad don, your sister must be worst than you. Meet says she is opposite to me, she is prettiest, Meet Ahlawat says not as pretty as my Moonshine, Meet says lets bet and show picture on count of 3. Meet Ahlawat says my phone is off, Meet says no no we will show photo and then beside on bet, Meet Ahlawat says done, both leave.

Kunal worried about loan people and says enough of Manushi drama, I have to play something big. Meet leaves, Kunal walks to Meet Ahlawat, both leave together.

Anubha in her room thinking about Babita’s harsh words and how Meet handled. Meet walks to her with food. Anubha says today I fell iny own eyes, you have done so much for us, I couldn’t accept you as my daughter, Meet says mummy why blame yourself, I changed the topic I called you aunty, and its for Didi’s future and we will tell them truth later, Anubha says but you will always be wrong for them and you are not to hide and why shouldn’t they know Manu has a sister like you, Meet says lets focus on wedding and I will meet them with good impression later, eat now.

Mehndi celebration at Hooda’s house, Meet asks Anubha to calm a little, Meet fixes the flickering light. All start celebrating and dancing. Manu behaves like she doesn’t care. Manu gets call, Meet says wait I will put your phone on speaker. Manu rushes quickly to Meet and disconnect the call, Meet asks why did you get up whoes call was it that you spoilt Mehndi, Manu says we can fix it and you will put your Jiju’s call on speaker its so bad and why are you starring at me, you have doubt, Meet says I trust you, dont break it, Manu says why will I and thanks for the dress now let me go. Meet says I have to thank someone too.

Meet calling Meet Ahlawat and he trying to call her, Meet Ahlawat’s call connect and he asks Meet where is she busy he is trying to call since so long, Meet says I was trying to reach you too, I wanted to thank you, Meet Ahlawat says we will do it later, I meed urgent help, you gave me proposal idea and it was awesome, so give me idea its for my engagement today, Meet says what a coincidence its my sister’s engagement too, Meet Ahlawat says first give me your mind blowing idea.
Meet says keep a mehndi cone in one pocket and ring in other, and reach early at your fiance house and write your name on her hand, Meet Ahlawat says wow this is best idea.

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